Jeremy Piven Pulls a McSteamy


Jeremy Piven had an Eric Dane moment on Sunday night’s Entourage and we thought we’d give the actor, who’s “gayer than Liberace in 1972″ some equal airtime.

Said Piven recently, “I’m the pretty girl for the moment. I understand women now more than ever. Especially in LA, women will not look up if they feel male energy in a room. They won’t give you their eyes. And once you’ve been approached a lot you do get a little weary of strangers. So I kind of know a little bit what it’s like to be a woman. I used to think ‘Why would they do that?’, and now I understand why they are a little skittish about that stuff when you get a lot of attention all the time.”

Seems everyone understands women these days.

Jeremy_piven_shirtless_2 Jeremy_piven_shirtless_3

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  1. Chesnut says

    He was so much hotter on the “Ellen” sitcom when he was still natural (hairy chest). I remember one episode where he was in the bathtub. These days, there’s a real preening quality to him. Maybe it’s just the self-involved character he’s playing.

  2. Thad says

    He needs to get rid of the hair transplants or whatever … he’d look more manly and real then, and it would give me a boner. Of course, I’d have to stuff a rag in his mouth to shut him the fuck up.

  3. 000000 says

    I was trying to eat, and then I saw THAT. I hear there’s a vintage shot of Burt Reynolds topless on Evening Shade going around. Wanna post that too?

  4. Frank says

    Jeremy eye-balled my crotch and butt in a bookstore at the Toronto airport. I knew he was light on his heels ten years ago. It’s too bad we were “headed” in different directions. I should have asked him for his phone number.

  5. Devyn says

    Jeremy Piven is amazing when he’s hairless…it’s obvious he has the stiffest nips of anyone on Entourage…namely because he plays with them on camera…or cranks the air.

  6. Brad says

    chesnut wrote:

    “He was so much hotter on the “Ellen” sitcom when he was still natural (hairy chest). I remember one episode where he was in the bathtub.”

    you mean this?

    I agree, he ruined everything by shaving that pelt!

  7. Brad says

    Sorry folks I guess this site blocks URL links. I found the pic of Jeremy in the tub on ellen by googling images using “jeremy piven, hairy chest”
    Contrast and compare!

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