News: Gene Robinson, Criss Angel, Summer of Love, RuPaul

road.jpg Proposed constitutional amendment banning gay marriage volleys around the North Carolina House in effort to kill it: “The House Rules Committee moved the bill to the full House moments after the panel narrowly rejected an effort to send it to another committee, a tactic aimed at keeping the proposal from coming to a vote. Two Democrats joined the Republicans on the committee to keep the measure alive. But [House Speaker] Hackney, D-Orange, said later Tuesday he would use his power as speaker to refer the bill to another committee. Unless a vote is taken by the full House before Thursday’s so-called crossover deadline, the amendment will die for the remainder of the two-year session. ‘I said at the beginning of the session that we will control the agenda, and that’s what we will do,’ Hackney said. ‘The reference of bills to committee is always one of the ways the agenda is controlled.'”

Rupaulroad.jpg RuPaul back with new film Starrbooty: “Laughter is my most favorite spell to cast. It’s gotten me through the most difficult times and taught me to not take the illusion of the material world too seriously.”

road.jpg Dawson Creek‘s Kevin Williamson is also back, with Hidden Palms.

Beckhamvroad.jpg Victoria Beckham gets more plastic-looking every day.

road.jpg Inside the UK Big Brother house, where gay couple James Joell and Stephen Ireland may be pranking around.

road.jpg Rhode Island High Court takes on gay divorce case: “Cassandra Ormiston and Margaret Chambers wed in Massachusetts in 2004 after same-sex marriage became legal in that state. The couple last year filed for divorce in Rhode Island, where they live, citing irreconcilable differences. Lawyers for both parties say the divorce case won’t decide whether gay couples can get married in Rhode Island, where the law is silent on whether such unions are valid. But it does affect whether the state will recognize same-sex couples who are wed in Massachusetts.”

Criss_angelroad.jpg Watch your back David Blaine. Magician Criss Angel to encase himself in concrete cube over Times Square and must escape in 24 hours.

road.jpg Open Closet is a new greeting card company, when you care enough to send the very gayest.

road.jpg Former Dead or Alive frontman Pete Burns is looking for a personal assistant: “Would you love to work for a celebrity? This role is not for the faint hearted! Are you highly efficient, motivated, organised, flexible, and thick skinned?!”

road.jpg Summer of Love remembered, 40 years later.

road.jpg Gay Bishop Gene Robinson not invited to Anglican Lambeth confab: “Bishop Robinson said he was extremely disappointed at his exclusion and asked in a statement, ‘At a time when the Anglican Communion is calling for a ‘listening process’ on the issue of homosexuality, how does it make sense to exclude gay and lesbian people from the discussion?’ The archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev. Rowan Williams, who has expressed liberal views on homosexuality in the past, has been determined to keep the communion intact. In his invitation letter, Archbishop Williams wrote, ‘I have to reserve the right to withhold or withdraw invitations from bishops whose appointment, actions or manner of life have caused exceptionally serious division or scandal within the communion.'”


  1. Anita Woodward says

    Not to be too much of a troll, but those greeting cards are shiteous. Has anyone looked at them?

  2. marks says

    My own personal tangent for today:

    FTLOG, would someone please explain that ridiculous Aussiebum ad with the blue swimsuit/sock combo that’s always on the right hand side assautling my sensibility and intelligence – I mean come on, seriously, WTF…

    (apologies to those that own any – do you keep them in the same drawer as your butt-enhancers and self-esteem?)

  3. Norm says

    RuPaul is still around milking that 15 minutes of fame? Sheesh, no talent, well, he did with that one song that was good, but, since then, nothing worth while and still screeching for attention, just plain old pitiful.

  4. pacificoceanboy says

    Norm did you ever watch “But I’m a Cheerleader”? Not shakespear but a great satiracl look at those christian “cure” camps that are still around. Ru Paul also was part of the documentary about Tamy Fae Baker. I would venture to guess just those 2 things alone make his contribution to scoiety, the gay culture, and the future far more weighty than anything you have done. Those were just 2 examples

  5. says

    norm omg and that dude is so ugly

    i thought the cards were cute for a start you should be able to pick races though

  6. 000000 says

    It’s about time RuPaul released that cinematic equivalent of pungent excrement. I’d watch what I call “weighty,” ‘Oceanboy. Even with a couple of cute songs to his credit, his insistence on looking like a white woman and publicly defending the garbage that is Shirley Q. Liquor suggests to me a brain no heavier than a peanut. Has he ever used his position as the most prominent black gay man in the entertainment industry to address “down low” culture, disproportionate std rates, etc?

  7. pacificoceanboy says

    00000 weighty was not in reference to culture at large but rather in cpomparison to one individual in particular.

    I recomend rereading my post and doing so slowly. That is if being a bitch just to bitch isn’t too taxing on your mental facilties.

    :-) Have a nice day

    Oh and on the white girl thing. Oh yeah I think we need blame Ru-paul for that instead of our entire culture which dictates pretty balcks are ones that are “whiter”. Ru-paul did not start that horrible trend.

  8. Norm says

    Pacific, thanks for your input, but, boo, as you don’t know me, you don’t know what I’ve done with “society.” I realize that some of you are catty queens here because you think that’s the gay way, but, old timers see nothing special about a played out drag queen, and no need to diss someone you don’t know. I saw Ru at Rage in LA a few years ago, people were throwing coins on the stage, and he was picking them up, sorry, no respect for that sort of “act.” But, by all means, feel free to dance your butt off and laugh at his “work.”

    And, enjoy the upcoming weekend :)

  9. pacificoceanboy says

    Norm you hypocrite.


    With your own words you condemn yourself as a hypocrite and don’t realize it.

    Next time instead of being catty towards someone based on supposedly seeing them once on stage , LOOK in the mirror and see yourself.


    My “cattyness” towards you was in response towards your first being catty. LOL


    hypocricy thy name is norm

  10. pacificoceanboy says

    still around milking that 15 minutes of fame? Sheesh, no talent………….. nothing worth while and still screeching for attention, just plain old pitiful

    Norm, just reread your comments cut and pasted above. See your cattyness and thus your own hypocricy.

  11. Norm says

    LOL, umm Pacific, that would be spelled “cattiness,” spell check boo, sorry, not going to have to stoop to your level to defend RuPaul, a has been “singer/actress or whatever he/you are calling himself these days, he like you just ain’ worth it!

    Its just too funny that people actually say they are fans of him in 2007 as he pleads for attention! So, after his bashing of Ellen, now this, sorry, he is stil la lame drag queen of long ago that no one cares what he does, other than you it appears.

    So, like I said, enjoy the upcoming weekend, and who knows, maybe some played out DJ will throw on “Supermodel” for you! Posters defending RuPaul as the great gay American hero, amazing!

    Now, poof, this is as boring as his bald head!

  12. 000000 says

    Wow, is this Pacific twit a valley boy? You’d like to excuse everyone for contributing to problems just because they didn’t start them. Are you running Ru’s fan club or something? You don’t know if I’ve seen him on stage or not, you presumptuous motherfucker. Limit your assessment of me to my comments on the topic at hand. But you know about reading s-l-o-w-l-y for clarity, so it’s obvious that I did so without attacking you. Hypocrisy? Big word for a 3rd grader.

  13. pacificoceanboy says



    Get over it already.

    I’m crazy. Hell I fully embrace my crazy, but you are freaking nuts carrying on like this against a drag queen for crying out loud. Please enlighten me on how many drag queens quote shakespear

    He’s a drag queen.


    You are going to give your old man body a stroke or heart attack.

    Who knew Ru paul stirred up the old farts to having kiniption fits.

  14. Phil says

    Seriously, I sometimes get sick of these useless comment wars that happen on gay sites. What I am about to “say” is in no way meant as an attack on anyone:

    RuPaul is a very sweet and intelligent person. I have the good fortune to meet him, converse with him, and, well, be impressed by him. Though I could see how his shtick could be regarded as a one trick pony, I am looking forward to seeing what he comes out with next.

    Now, please stop the name-calling and the pointless attitude.

  15. 00000 says

    No, Pacific Twit. I’ve ended with Ru and begun with you. You are still too dense to pick up on that. And now you’ve perceived my age with your clairvoyance. Like I said, an assumptive motherfucker. People don’t attack me and go unanswered, Phil. I talk about topics and not other posters unless they offend me.

  16. wayne says

    I’ll try to keep it civil, and this is just my opinion, so take it for what it’s worth. RuPaul was one of the first openly gay artists to break into the mainstream media/culture. He never tried to hide his Gayness. He was always out and proud. Through his association with MAC he raised multiple millions (let me repeat that) multiple millions of dollars to fight HIV/AIDS. His early message of self love and acceptance helped many young gay men (myself included) to come out of the closet and live life with pride. Maybe, just maybe, that deserves just a miniscule amount of respect. (Just my opinion though)