Real Bitch Island, the World of Chris Crocker


You may have watched some of the videos I’ve posted of Chris Crocker. Crocker has, to say the least, a unique personality, and has developed a massive YouTube and MySpace following because of his often nonsensical, sometimes hilarious, spontaneous musings made before a video camera in his home.

What was not known before now was much about the person behind the videos. Eli Sanders at The Stranger was so intrigued he made a trip to Crocker’s hometown, a place Chris likes to call “Real Bitch Island”. It’s a small town in the rural south.

What Sanders found was less of an egomaniacal YouTube star with attitude, and more of a desperate but hopeful gay boy whose experiences in his home town illustrate the plight that many young gay people face in small towns across the country — loneliness, harassment, isolation.

Sanders writes of a trip to the local mall with Crocker: “As we walked around, past the Sunglass Hut, past the pushy smells of scented candles and baking cookies, people stared hatefully at us, and mostly at him. They stared hard, with the kind of presumed right to glare that people in more sophisticated places wouldn’t dare show. Chris ignored it all, checked out the cover of the latest W magazine at a bookstore, pronounced it boring, and then nonchalantly showed me the mall video arcade whose back room he’d hid in when, one day while shopping, he’d heard a girlfriend of his shout: ‘Run, Chris!’ He’d turned around, that day at the mall, to see a gang of boys chasing him down, coming at him over the beige tiles. He knew he couldn’t stand and fight and win. He knew that was only a fantasy, perhaps suitable for a web video but not for real life. He ran.”

The difference between some gay kids who are bullied in small towns is that Crocker has found his connection to the outside world in the form of the internet, which he hopes will be his ticket out. I hope it happens for him.

Before you read Sanders’ excellent piece, I’d urge you to familiarize yourself with some of Crocker’s videos, like the ones here. More can be found here as well.

Escape from Real Bitch Island [the stranger]
Chris Crocker


  1. says

    “an escape from the South”
    “marooned in a sea of rednecks”
    “I boarded a nonstop flight to a former Confederate state”

    Christ, was this article written in the 1950s? The south is not some scary warzone in a third-world country from which there is no escape. If he doesn’t like living there, he should pack his shit and leave. He’s 19! Really, it’s not that hard.

  2. xavier says

    Dear ChrisB: the South IS stuck in the 1950s, not in the big, shiny, quasy-gay-tolerant big cities but in the small, hellish, Payton-Place-like towns of the U.S. And he may come across as a richie rich 2.0 but half of the posters in this site wouldn’t have survived living where he is living now. He’ll get out, but when you’re 19 and living in a hellhole you just don’t whip your gold AmEx out and book a flight to friggin’ Boston. Meh.

  3. says

    I’m not the biggest fan, but this is who he is. He should be able to post whatever he wants. This is his only outlet to express himself and I’m a bit annoyed at the negativity dripping off of these comments.

    And really, it IS that hard to just pack up and move. Unless you’re going to college out of state, have a job offer somewhere else, or have family in a different area, you’re pretty stuck where you are until you save up a lot of money to move elsewhere. And Elsewhere in the minds of most young gay kids coming from SmallTown USA is the big city, which is hella expensive. So no, you can’t just pack up your shit and move. Move and do what? Live where? It’s a scary thought that takes a lot of planning.

    It’s taking me an entire 11-month plan to make the move up north and I already have a job when I get there. I can’t imagine what it must be like for him.

    And yes, the South can be a scary warzone. I live in this scary warzone, and coming from someone who, like Chris, can’t very well hide my sexuality the way some other guys can, every day is a different struggle against stares, comments, and harrassment.

  4. Tread says


    Did you ever come to the conclusion that maybe he can’t afford it?

    This kid reminds me of Jonathan Caouette who made the autobiographical film Tarnation.

  5. Dan E says

    I’m amazed at the classist assumptions people are making here: moving by yourself at 19 isn’t easy. Where’s he going to move? How’s he going to get an apartment in a big city with no money, no credit history, and no job?

    As for his videos: I think a lot of them are rather brilliant. He’s playing roles, and he’s doing it quite well indeed.

  6. dan says

    um, i don’t think the problem is so much that he’s gay, as that he’s a little narcissistic and immature and angry…in other words, he’s a teenager. he’d get the shit beaten out of him no matter where he lived…i grew up in the rural south, came out in the rural south as a teenager, and it’s not at all how its portrayed in this piece. at least not in my experience. i think a lot of people like to make sweeping generalizations about the area, based on nothing more than what they’ve been told. i think in this kid’s case, he blames his surroundings, but isn’t willing to look at his own behavior and attitudes towards the people around him and how that might contribute to his isolation. he seems like a nasty little baby mo, and probably thats why people don’t like him. in the end, i’m sure he’ll be okay. we all grow up, and look back on how we acted when we were teenagers and kind of groan and go “god i was such an asshole…” when he reaches that point and stops pointing the finger everywhere but at himself, he’ll no doubt find that he doesn’t have nearly as much to be angry and hurt about as he does now. god bless.

  7. says

    Actually, Xavier, the south is not stuck in the 1950s. I suspect you don’t live there and have never visited since you have no fucking clue what you’re talking about.

    This article (from a writer in Seattle, fyi) likes to paint a trite, outdated picture of the rural south. I suppose that’s how people sitting in Seattle coffe shops, reading the alternative weekly want to picture it.

    Chris Crocker’s town has its own gay bar for god’s sake! Clearly, it’s not as small or intolerant as he or the article would like you to believe.

  8. says

    Of course he can afford it! He obviously has a computer, high-speed internet, he regularly purchases expensive makeup, the article indicates that he has a rather large CD collection.

    He can easily afford a bus ticket.

  9. otto says

    I am very familiar with Chris, and the ‘real bitch island’ that he speaks of. It is a small southern town-yet much more cosmopolitan than most, with the highest income in the state, as well as one of the highest concentrations (per capita) of advanced degrees in the country. I don’t care where you live, if you walk the halls of a mall (as a man/boy) with eyeliner, lipstick and extensions-you will be looked at.

  10. says

    Because bad things never happen to kids who live in towns that have a gay bar….

    When I lived at home I had two computers, high speed internet, and I bought CDs every Tuesday. Because mommy and daddy gave me the money.

  11. Lee Gordon says

    Hello, Barbara Walters…… I think we can help you fill that vacant position, just for a bit. Have him on. See where it goes. Push it a little. Little Elizabeth H might flip her wig, or they will bond like crazy, Im not sure which!

  12. Rey says

    Anybody trying to paint an overly-Pollyannic view of “the South” in reaction to what they perceive as Sanders’ trite way of presenting a 50s-era throwback are equally wrong. There are definitely areas of the South that have progressed a lot; and others that have not and have actually seemed to regress.

    Anybody who has grown up gay in a smallish, rural area will recognize the pain and heartache that goes into living in such an intolerant world. For those of you who so callously say to Crocker, “MOVE ALREADY!” simply don’t recognize the love he has for his grandmother – the woman who raised him. Sure, it’s definitely a conditional love…sort of…but it’s apparent he’s tight with her.

    You have to be very strong psychologically to get up and move miles away to another part of America, but many of us have had to summon that strength and do it. However, I personally know more than just a handful of people who tried to do the same and ended up moving back at best. Others immersed themselves in a world of drugs and sex and ended up dying. Yet others broke down and ended up homeless.

    These kids don’t have Platinum cards to whip out and pay for their bus ticket – and then 1st and last month’s rent when they finally find a place to settle into.

    Any of you overly-cynical people who are so quick to point out how easy it is to just leave a place (formerly called home) to start anew only have it half right. It takes a lot of perseverence, faith, friends, and some money as well. And even with all of that, ‘escape’ isn’t guaranteed.

    The Crocker videos aren’t anything special to me, but they do give me a glimpse into a similar world that I once populated and it breaks my heart to see somebody use every tool at his disposal to try to deal with just staying alive in such an oppressive environment.

  13. Gregoire says

    These clips ARE retarded. Why should I care about this person? He’s a narcissistic attention whore. I was 19, gay and lived in the South and didnt feel the need to share my self-absorbed rantings with the world.

  14. says

    I wish I had, at the tender age of 19, all the courage and self-awareness Chris possesses. It’s so easy to hate from afar, but his story is just that; his own and to project your own privileged existence onto his, trivializes his tale.

  15. JPP says

    the negative comments on here seem to be coming from some people who are equally as bitter as crocker’s videos sometimes seem. This kid’s stuff isn’t about YOU, it’s about HIM. Get over yourselves.

  16. Brian says

    I came out very young in a conservative southern-ish town, and I’ll admit that once I accepted myself fully, the result of all that pressure being released was a full-on homo supernova that lasted for about 4 or 5 years. I suspect that many of us have similar experiences in our green youth, but mercifully the internet was not yet able to provide worldwide documentation of that period of my life.

    The kid’s a newly hatched homo who clearly hasn’t quite figured out how to balance the various parts of his personality. I’ll be interested to see what he’s like in 15 years.

    Oh… and yes, the conservative, hypocritical culture of the south can be annoying at times. But I’ll say that the most boring gay people I’ve ever met have been the well-adjusted upper midwesterners. Southern guys know how to have fun in spite of it all… the south (depending on where you live) isn’t all bad.

  17. vans30 says

    Aw, I think the vids are totally cute. His whole ‘I have to escape’ thing is totally overdone, but he’s only 19 and most 19 year olds are going nuts to get away from their parents (or grandparents, in this case).

    As poor white trash myself, I moved away from my parent’s home in rural Missouri when I was 16 and survived by mooching off friends, whoring a little, and getting into crazy amounts of debt.

    Sure, it got me out of my small town and to San Francisco and then New York. I don’t have any regrets, but I sure as hell can’t recommend it to other kids if they can figure out other options. This kid seems to be figuring out a pretty decent ‘other option.’ If only we would have had YouTube back in the ol’ days of the early ’90s.

  18. says

    Rey, by no means was I offering a Pollyannic view of the south. Sure, there are still intolerant places there. But growing up gay in the rural south is no more scarier than growing up gay in the midwest or any other non-urban area. This article’s overly hyperbolic descriptions of the sourth just really irritate me.

    And I totally disagree with your assertion that Chris Crocker has a psychological attachment to stay. He repeatedly states in the article that he wants to leave.

    The problem with Chris Crocker is that he only wants to leave if he can be a big star. He wants an easy way out. He doesn’t want to do it the hard way.

    This is not some kid. He is a 19-year-old young man. And he can easily leave his small southern town behind for more tolerant places if he truly wants to. I know. I did it.

  19. xavier says

    Oh, ChrisB I KNOW the South. I left it and will never, ever go back. But I did it with a scholarship. I don’t think Crocker will do it that way. But he’ll do it. And he’s trying now to escape the only way he can: using his internet connection. And hid problem is not about him being gay. It’s about him being gay and unapologetically, flamingly queeny. And that’s something some self-hating queens and much of the ‘mainstream’ world will never forgive.

  20. otto says

    Xavier, which ‘South are you speaking of? Mexico? Since you are stereotyping-I thought I might as well too.

    Btw, how did you get that superb education in the poor, redneck ignorant South to earn that edumacatshun to a bigun Northun city?

    I’m glad you left the South. I did as well with, but made sure I came back after med school. I just wished everyone believed the way you do-and stop moving to the South. Since we have the highest percentage of upper population growth in the country, I guess they don’t feel as you do.

  21. dcguy says

    ” he can easily leave his small southern town behind for more tolerant places ”
    What?? I grew up outside of DC (hardly small town or southern), but at 19 I didn’t have a CLUE about how to support myself. My father CHOSE my major at college as the only way he’d pay for it and I couldn’t even perceive of going against him. I didn’t come out until I was 27 and he immediately demanded that my entire family break off all ties with me…I was dead to him. I watched my nuclear family explode before my eyes at 27 and can’t even fathom what I’d have done if it occurred at 19 and I couldn’t support myself or hadn’t built up a support system of friends.

    I’m always amazed at younger people today having the guts to admit to themselves and the world that they’re gay and not hiding. I say more power to him and I hope, when he’s ready, he can leave these neanderthals in his dust.

  22. mark m says

    Is it Huntsville? Oh my. Here I was thinking it was some back water town like Gordo or Hanceville….but Huntsville?

    Huntsville claim to fame is it’s NASA facilities. Huntsville is NOT an uneducated, intolerant hell hole.

    Look, just about any small city is going to be hell to most teenagers who see greener pastures elsewhere. I don’t fault this kid for feeling that way because it’s quite common.

    But he is, after all, 19 and starved for attention. I admire him for his creativity and his spirit but some of the comments here (both negative AND positive) seem to be painting him as something he probably isn’t.

    Huntsville? Really?

  23. Marc says

    I have mixed feelings about his rant against “masculine” gay guys and those who tend to be attracted to them. On the one hand, I think he has a valid point that it takes true guts for feminine guys to be themselves, but I don’t think the answer is to uphold them as the model of the “True Homosexual,” or to vilify those gay males who *don’t* exhibit stereotypically gay mannerisms. Not every conventionally masculine gay male is adopting a macho pose to disguise his sexuality. And while it may be harder for “effeminate” gay males growing up, it’s arguably less difficult for them later on (when they get out and find other Queer people) because their visibility forms, as Crocker rightly puts it, the “backbone of the gay community.”

    Have you ever seen Carson Kressley’s and Harvey Fierstein’s children’s books? They’re geared toward “proto-gay” boys characterised by their “fabulousness,” who are isolated as children but grow up to find communities of similarly fabulous individuals. I don’t think we’ll be seeing any similar picture books designed to reassure non-“fabulous” young gay boys that they’re okay anytime soon. Growing up gay is a trying experience for anyone, whether you’re carrying a handbag or a football.

  24. otto says

    I’ll give everyone a hint. We have already established that it is in SC. It is neither a beach, or an island. Discuss. BTW-I am not Chris-so carefull on the emails.

  25. says

    Ugh, I don’t find him funny at all.. just annoying as all hell.

    I’d feel so much worse for him if he weren’t so freaking annoying. And I agree with other replies: he’s not helpless. He can leave the area, if he wants. I know how hard and difficult that is, but it’s not impossible to save a little starting-off money and to pack it up and leave. Heck, there are even fairly tolerant areas in the South if he wanted to stay in that region of the country.

  26. dcguy says

    Yes he’s annoying….He’s 19!! I don’t care how effiminate or masculine you were at that age, we were ALL annoying. It’s as natural as being gay.

  27. xavier says

    Oh, I do know the South, Otto. Allentown, GA. Which was even bigger than other towns around. And you may have mistaken my handle by my real name. My handle here is the name of my university. Oh, the stereotyping.
    And hopefully Crocker will be able to get his startup money and leave SC soon and post here to let us know how he’s doing…

  28. mark m says

    True DCGUy… But we didn’t have YouTube to document just how annoying we were… And THANK GOD. I shudder to think what images from my youth would still be floating out there for all the world to view.

  29. bp says

    hey chris crocker, want to leave the south? start making a big rock into small rocks. use some of the energy you make videos with to develop a plan and a timeline. if nyc, for example, is your goal, find out what the cost of living is, do you have the means to go to a smaller town (smaller/more affordable than ncy, but bigger and more gay friendly than your home town) and use that as a stepping stone to your dream town? is it possible to get a second job (if you don’t have a 1st job, get one), maybe 20hrs a week, and save that money for your move? breakdown your situation into smaller more doable steps, it may take some time, but if it is what you want go for it. best of luck.

  30. Aaron says

    Yikes. He spends half of one of those videos attacking every gay man that has ever used the words “flamer” or “queen” to describe an effeminate gay man because it’s discriminatory, but then spends the second half of the video viciously attacking more masculine gay men. What a queen.

  31. karashi says

    At 19, people are in radically different places in their lives depending on their situation. If this kid is finding his own inventive way through it, more power to him. I know at 19 I wouldn’t have been willing to try supporting myself, either, but many people do.

    I don’t really find his clips very entertaining, but hey, lots of people seem to enjoy them – so he’s certainly spreading more joy around America than I am.

  32. pacificoceanboy says

    Xavier hit it right on the head.

    unapologetically, flamingly queeny

    I wouldn’t be surprised to find out some of the guys who chased him down in the mall to bash him were gay themselves and were not reacting to his gayness but rather his queenyness. I admit my own aversion to nelliness and queenyness. It is something that I need to work on. I wonder how many on here are reacting the way they are becuase of this kids queenyness though they are trying to cover it up with defending the honor of the south crap.

    Oh, Alabama last election voted (the majority of the people) to not remove segregation from the state constitution though Fed law nullifies it. in other words epmty powerless words of ignorant ass red neck racism were voted to be kept in the state constitution. That is just one example of the problems of the south and how it has NOT progressed as far as some on here are trying to claim (yeah yeah, I know alabama is not the entire south, but all you need is 1 example to blow the South is Great hypothesis out of the water)

  33. mark m says


    It’s like when you come from a crazy family. You love them but some of them are clearly a problem. You are the first to admit your family has problems. But when someone who did not grow up in your family starts spouting off about how worthless they all are, you get defensive. It’s a natural instinct.

    I will be the first to admit that the south lives up to many of the negative stereotypes, but in many ways the south also surprises and continues to evolve. So unless you live here, don’t paint the entire region with the brush you were just about to…

    y’all have a good one now :)

  34. Brandon says

    I feel for any kid who feels alienated/alone. I guess my other thought is that I wish antidiscrimination laws for gays and lesbians had been the primary focus of the gay movement in the past few years– not “gay marriage.” It’s not just the symbolism of the being equal under the law, but also the fact that these laws provide people a means, however imperfect, to actually fight injustice. Once folks start knowing that it’s illegal to treat people differently, some of them (even those that hate us) might refrain from chasing a boy through the mall.

  35. says

    PacificOceanBoy: Chris Crocker’s story and the comments here have absolutely nothing to do with any legislation in Alabama. This is about real people’s reaction to another human being, no matter how different he may seem. You’d be surprised at how tolerant and friendly folks in the south can be if you’d just get past your outdated stereotype.

  36. dan says

    pacific ocean boy…don’t be so selective in your claims about assholedness…there have been anti-gay marriage and other ammendments in states like colorado, california, ohio, michigan, etc etc etc…you can’t write off one region in such a close-minded way. if you are going to make your case against the south by citing legislation, then you have to cite it all…sorry, but your case is weak.

  37. Evan L. says

    ChrisB – I can’t keep quiet anymore. “Tolerant and friendly the South can be…”

    Tolerance in the South is “I’m not racist, I have a black friend.” It’s “i’m not a homophobe, I just believe in what the Bible tells me.” Southerners have gotten smarter about how to hide their hate and their intolerance. They still don’t love and appreciate different races and cultures. Teens are still killed for being Gay. Parents are sending their kids to “DeGAYification Camps.”

    Alot of these comments are hateful and ignorant. There may even be some internalized oppression in this thread.

    And before I go, I wasn’t able to get out of the South until I was 22, only from a scholarship and middle-class privileges I was born into.

  38. Dono says

    Mark M is right. And damn, you Southerners are the most defensive people about your region of the country that I’ve ever encountered. I’m not saying that all areas of the country don’t have problems, they do, but when somebody shines a flashlight on areas you’d rather not discuss openly, you guys go get the gun to shoot out their eyes.

  39. says

    Ahhh Evan, I can’t decide if you’re a genius or a simpleton… somehow you managed to make a comment about other people’s hatred and intolerance by spewing your very own brand of hatred and intolerance. Brilliant!

    If I recall, Matthew Shepard was killed in Wyoming. Intolerance and bigotry exist everywhere in the good ol’ USA. Not just in the south. But thank god you escaped.

  40. Evan L. says

    Wow Chris. Are we already at name calling?

    And you are damn right I am intolerant to the South’s hateful ways. I do have some Southern Pride, but not when it comes to the South’s intolerant ways and I can only assume how far removed you must be to defend the South by saying how tolerant it can be.
    I wholeheartedly agree that bigotry exists everywhere in the US. Thanks for clearing that up.

  41. pacificoceanboy says

    Last night on Mind of Mencia

    He summed up the south perfectly in reference to civil war enactments, “They celebrate a war they lost…..”

    Sums it all up right there.


    To destroy a hypothesis all you need is one example. hypothesis = the south is progressing 1 example= Alabama voters continue to enshrine “seperate but equal” in state constitution.

    Hell chris B we all know the entire world is homophobic, but it is the south which likes to cling to the 17th century hatred of racism. The rest of america and the world has at least updated their hate just a bit.

    The south = red states = per the GAO Government Accountability Office (investigative arm of Congress) says red state south has higher rates of out of wedlock births, higher rates of abortion,
    higher rates of high school drop outs, higher rates of poverty, higher rates of welfare recipients, etc.

    That this is reported on the entire south, and that report came out when the GAO was controlled by a repub red stater congress (people who would want to color over the failings of their constituents)says a lot.

    Hell they voted Bush 2 times, that tells you a lot about the south.

    Then again my own cracker lint headed Gerorgia penal colony debtor ancestors did contribute to making crazy me so there are glimmers of coo coo coolness there.

    I still think much of the hate towards this kid is of the kind that likes to use the self hating word “straightacting”. The kid is queeny and nellie and that disturbs many. Though the “straightacting” guys (as vs Butch and Masculine words using guys) need to realize that sucking dick is not a straght action.

  42. mark m says

    Let’s see I’m Southern and I have never celebrated the Civil War, nor has anyone in my family (of about 100 strong) nor have any of my Southern friends, nor have any of my Southern classmates nor….

    Hmmmm, that Mind of Mencia quote isn’t winning you the argument POB. Reject stereotypes. It’s the path to enlightment.

  43. mark m says

    “To destroy a hypothesis all you need is one example. hypothesis = the south is progressing 1 example= Alabama voters continue to enshrine “seperate but equal” in state constitution.”

    Progress is not a hypothesis that can be proven or disproven with one example. Progress is won and lost in many battles over time. Progress is evaluated in years and sometimes decades.

    One of the more recent signs of progress in Alabama was the election of the first openly gay legislator, Patricia Todd.

    It’s absolutely pointless to get into a tit for tat debate about how many signs of racism or intolerance cancel out signs of change.

    It’s a strawman argument to even suggest such a thing. But POB, I see you doing quite a lot of this lately. You make a blanket statement, find one example that backs up your claim and then you say that speaks to the utter irrefutability of your position.

  44. pacificoceanboy says

    Mark M

    You and yours might also not fall into high rate of divorce, higher rate of abortions, higher rate of out of wedlock pregnancies, higer rate of poverty, higher rate of high school drop outs , higher rate of welfare, PER the GAO

    I am sure you and yours also do not have confederate flags hanging around.

    BUT, you and yours are not the majority of the south.

  45. pacificoceanboy says

    mark M

    GAO info on red state south isn’t just 1 example. It is an exhaustive study.

    Hypothesis being refuted by 1 thing is the scientific principal. Just a little something utilized for the very foundation of western science, logic, etc

    That said, I will give you this bone

    The Gov of Alabama just appologized for Alabama’s role in slavery.

    There is a sign of progress right there.

  46. Jason says

    Well, obviously a lot of people disagree with many of you regarding this “hellhole” because the South has been the fastest growing area of the country for quite some time.

  47. pacificoceanboy says

    Jason that is due to white flight. you know, too many brown folk in the cities and in the blue state areas so they flee to southern rural areas thinking they can save their lilly white daughters from the brown men.

    If you don’t like the GAO reports then contact your local repub rep since they were the GAO’s bosses when the reports were done

  48. dan says

    didn’t you guys hear chris…he wants you to stop talking about him because you are all stupid. so stop already or he’ll say “bitch please” and then won’t you be sorry…

  49. dan says

    POB — boy oh boy are you without the facts. The growth in the south is due to the fact that a crap load of companies, both American and international, have headquartered there. Companies like Alcoa and BMW and tons of others moved there in the late 80’s and early 90’s because it had an agressive pro business stance, an underemployed workforce, inexpensive land, and less union control. Not sure where you got your “white flight” idea, but um…have you ever been to the south? Because, I’m happy to report that there are quite a lot of black people living there. Not sure if you knew that.

  50. pacificoceanboy says

    Dan, take it up with the GAO

    Don’t be stupid.

    The 80’s influx of buisnesses to the south have fled out of the US to cheaper labor sources….or did you forget the whole “outsorcing” speaches the politicians all gave last year.

    Per the Government accountability office the red state south

    higher divorce rates, higher infant mortality rates, higher out of wedlock births, higher high school drop out rate with the carlonias having one of the highest at close to 50%!!!!!!!!!!, highest iletarcy rates, highest poverty rates, etc

    Dude, take it up with the GAO if you don’t like it. don’t debate me. Debate the government’s own statistics.

    Please don’t be stupid, because golly gee wilikers we northerners sure as hell never imagined black folks lived in the south. Come on now. The majority of African Americans in the south are concentrated in urban areas and not in the southern rural areas where white flight went to in flight from integration. Dude open a history book. Many white racists fled from all parts of the US to more rural southern areas because of the souths fight against integration and it hasn’t stopped. Hell, the newest flight is religionist flight With xtianistas from more liberal areas in the nation fleeing to rural southern hillbilly bible belt areas to “save their kids from the socialists and gays”

    Contact the GAO in washington DC and debate them on the poverty rate, out of wedlock births, illiteracy rate, high school drop out rate, and welfare rate.

    Anyway; per chris none of usunderstand him so it all a mute point.

    Before another person posts anything against what I have said

    CALL washington DC and DEBATE the GAO

  51. pacificoceanboy says

    PS One last point

    contact the US Census Burea

    The main statistic in judging the development of other nations when applied to the US

    infant mortality rate

    The highest rates in the US all belong to (drum roll please)in order from highest to lowest

    Mississippi 10.3
    Louisianna 10.3
    south carolina 9.3
    Tenn 9.4
    Alabama 9.1
    West Virginia 9.1
    georgia 8.9
    North Carolina 8.2
    Florida 7.5
    Virginia 7.4

    The rest of the nation goes down from there from 4.5 – 1.0

    The surrest sign of a state’s backasswardness is Infant Mortality rate. We in the US use that to judge the progression of 3rd world countries.

    All the highest infant mortality rates in the US are Southern states.

    If you don’t like it then contact the US census bureau and tell them how wrong they are and how right you are.

  52. dan says

    oh my god, you are beyond uninformed. drive through the south, look at the number of hi tech companies, manufacturing companies, service companies with headquarters or major centersthere. little backward companies like BMW, Cisco Systems, Credit Suisse, IBM. Take a drive through any small town, and count the black faces. Dude, I grew up there, I visit there several times a year, I’m going there tomorrow. You don’t have a clue. You googled some study and you keep tossing it out there like it proves something. I don’t care about your little GAO study. California has some of the lowest academic test scores in the country. Does that make it a backward swamp? Whatever. I know what I know because I’ve bothered to look around. You are completely wrong and completely ignorant of the facts.

  53. dan says

    and asshat, you forgot to mention on your study that the highest infant mortality rate is in washington dc, that delaware, ohio, and michigan also rank at the same level, and you also forgot to mention how it breaks down along ethnicities, kind of giving lie to your claim that there are no black people in the south anymore. stop cherry picking your facts to support your out of date, out of touch, uninformed viewpoint.

  54. pacificoceanboy says


    then contact the southern governors association

    2006 annual meeting of southern governors association

    “Southern graduation rate have declined faster than other regions of the country,” said Shelton. “Seven SGA states are in the bottom 10 for graduation rates.”

    per census Burea Highest infant mortality rates

    per southern governors association the 10 states with the highest high school drop out rates is dominated by the south = 7 of them being southern states.

    Dude. You do know the world is round, the earth orbits the sun, and there is no such thing as unicorns…right?

    Name a statistic (not your feelings about it or what you claim you see) or group that you will believe

    US census Burea
    Southern Governors association (YOUR own freaking governors!!!!!!)

    ALL show that the south is a failure when compared to the rest of the nation.

  55. pacificoceanboy says

    How about Population research council

    The states with the highest poverty rates

    All southern

    Arkansas 17.1%
    Mississippi 17.1%
    Louisiana 16.7%

    The states with the lowest poverty rates are all NON southern

    Minnesota 6.5%
    Maryland 7.3%
    Connecticut 7.5%
    Iowa 7.8%

    lets see

    Census Bureau
    Southern Governors association
    Population research Council

    But you know best Dan.

    All hail the great southern god queens of the universe for they know more than 4 profesional orgs whose job it is to know such things. Too bad for them wasting all that time researching and all that money because Dan and others all know better.

    Make way make way one and all and bow low before the great southern goddess queens of towleroad who never ever need facts

  56. pacificoceanboy says


    Knows best, all bow before Dan

    I never said there were no black people in the south numbnut

    Contact the GAO

    contact the census burea

    contact the southern governor’s association

    contact the population research council

    because great southern goddess queen dan knows best

  57. dan says

    ah, as i suspected, you are just another sissy queen with no facts, an out of date attitude and a weird little chip on your shoulder. oh well. you’re boring. and stupid. sucks to be you. done.

  58. pacificoceanboy says

    here is another one dan and all the southern queens who know best


    The Federal Bureau of Investigation found that Southern states have the highest murder rates.

    And experts believe the high Southern murder rate is a key factor behind America’s high homicide rate in comparison with other democratic, industrialized nations, according to an article in The New York Times.

    They note that much of the distinction in murder rates between the South and other sections of the country comes from a difference in the character of Southern homicide.

    It was found that many murders in the South are of a personal and traditional nature such as a barroom brawl, a quarrel between acquaintances or a fight between lovers. In other places, the newspaper reported, homicides usually begin with another crime like a botched robbery, and typically involve strangers.

    Add the FBI to the list of orgs that the southern queens must know burn to the ground because they present facts that show the south ain’t all that.

  59. whatever says

    the war is over. let it go. do you have some sort of grudge against the south? seriously now, you’re getting a little obsessive. just calm down and count to ten… hahahaha

  60. pacificoceanboy says

    -FBI southern states have highest murder rates which tarnishes the entire nations murder rate

    -census burea souther states top the list of infant mortality rates

    – Southern Governors association, southern states dominate the list of highest high school drop out rates

    -population research counsil southern states top the list of most impoverished states

    – GAO sums it all up with adding in out of wedlock births, divorces, welfare recipients, etc

    That is 5 orgs that you dan and others need to stomp all over in your best Scarlet ohara impressions and set right on how progressive the south really is.

    deal with the facts

  61. pacificoceanboy says



    No, actualy I enjoy the south. LOL A lot of my family is from the south and a lot of the nicest people are from the south.

    I just dislike being called out on my generalizations, which I admit I do. I condense stuff I have read before into sweeping generalizations (wink wink Mark M I know I do it kudos on poiting it out)and assume others are also aware of some of things I have read. When called out and forced to present facts to support my coo coo crazyness, I go overboard to drive the opposition into the ground. I was raised by a southern grandmother who taught the family that debating is fun and never surrender. So I go gung ho crazy and try to pound the opposition into the ground.

    Hell, half the time I will play devil’s advocate just because siding with the majority is boring.

    Being semi retired in my early 30’s provides just too much damn free time. I need a hoby away from the computer.

  62. pacificoceanboy says

    Dan you are the one waving your fists

    The south is great
    the south is progressive

    the south will rise again is the only part you are missing in your diatribe.

    Call the FBI and debate them on the southern murder rates

  63. dan says

    at least you admit it, you get props for that. there is a whole ugly issue behind the figures you bring up. you know it, and i know it, and it goes beyond regions. i’m being serious now. its right there in the data you are quoting. its a separate issue, one that people are dealing with, and one that is hopefully changing. i am choosing very specifically not to discuss it because it makes things volatile. the figures you are quoting tell a story, just not the one you are claiming. because you told the truth about what you’re about, i’ll respect that. i am on here because i’m bored with the screenplay i’m writing, and this is a fun distraction, but really it shouldn’t be. i’m sorry if i called you any bad names, because thats wrong. i’m sure you’re a nice guy, and you have your reasons for saying the things you are saying. but last year i spent the entire summer on the road, driving back highways through all the so called red states, and i’ll take that experience over reams of paper anyday. i would suggest it to anyone who really wants to know what this country is really like.

  64. anon says

    He’s trying to be a performance artist or become a one-man play on Broadway or something. Reminds me a little of Harvey F. I suggest regional theater in the South for mixed audiences.

  65. 2old4bigots says

    it continues to puzzle me that people will rise in shrill protests of perceived maltreatment by invoking bias and bigotry if they think it will help them acheive their objective. newsflash: being a young gay is never easy, regardless. that was the purpose of opening a school for gay students in nyc, that bounteous land of the enlightened. that the south remains the socially acceptable brunt of stereotype and bias reflects a terribly deep-seated anger and hatred that is so deeply held in the united states that it almost always provokes even more hatred and bellicose bleating to mention it. check those open-minded mavens of sensationalist success disguised as frank discussions of sex, em & lo, the aging hos. every spot in the nation was an adventure until they entered the south, which they felt required to insult after the only advice they could offer a gay teen was to run like hell from the south. i suppose it’s easier to avoid sound discussion when one can hide in the realms of acceptable stereotype, bigotry and hatred. y’all.

  66. says

    I read some of the comments before reading the article in The Stranger. The defensiveness here surprised me because I didn’t expect an Eli Sanders article to spew the kind of stereotypes that were complained about here.

    And it doesn’t. The region is an important part of the story because its subject talks a lot about his town. But that’s it. If he lived in Whitefish, Mont., the article wouldn’t have been all that much different.

    I’ll admit I’ve never been to the area, so I can’t judge if the characterizations are fair, but there’s not much there to prompt this kind of reaction.

    And then too, it’s an article for a local weekly newspaper. I imagine I’m not the only one in Seattle who picks up the paper that doesn’t know much about the South, but the article doesn’t even attempt to describe the region. It describes one resident’s reaction to his own home town.

  67. lu says

    I like the fact that he can say how he feels
    and who he is so openly. I used to live where Chris is from. It is a very intolerate small city. And it isnt Huntsville Alabama

  68. Jen says

    I see alot of people writing how unintelligent Chris is. You know what? I’ve talked to the guy, before he became “famous” for his youtube videos, and he’s an extremly intellectual person. He likes to complain because he feels like it’ll help change something in the world. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. Just let him be who he is.

  69. says

    first of all, he could afford to move out of his grandmas, get a plane ticket and get the fuck out if he just got off the damn computer and got a damn job. im 19 and ive already been halfway round the world with nothing but the money i worked my ass off for. second, i hate chris crocker, not because hes gay, then because he’s attention guzzling retard. his views are half-baked one sided stories where he is right no matter what. well let me tell you something! there is no black and white. its only gray

  70. Whogivesafuck says

    The problem with statistical data is that you can make it say whatever you want it to if you try hard enough. And people from more ‘urban, progressive’ areas don’t want to hear real undebatable statistics. Example? Most people w/HIV are gay or IV drug users. The chances of getting AIDS as a straight male non-drug user is far less likely than getting hit by lightning! Or how about how blacks in America account for 80-90% of all violent and drug related crimes, and yet comprise only 10-20% of the population. Oh, I can go on, but why bother. These are statistics that can’t be used to hurt the silly southern crackers that offend your delicate “urban, progressive’ sensibilities. No, these are ones that hit home. Food for thought, loves!

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