Jobs and Gates on Same Bill for First Time in 20 Years

Gates_jobsHighlights from the meeting of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at the All Things Digital conference last night. Gates doesn’t seem too convinced when Jobs tries to put a positive spin on “PC guy” from the “I’m a Mac” ads. Jobs: “PC guy is great. He’s got a big heart.”

The complete interview videos can be found here, and here’s a transcript.


  1. yoshi says

    Um … dude … you may want to correct the title of your blog entry.

    “Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Meet for First Time in 20 Years” is completely wrong. At the very most its only been 364 days as they had lunch with each other at last years D conference. Just look at last years pictures.

  2. Joshua says

    Where does this ***first time to ever speak*** and ***first time in 20 years*** stuff come from?
    They aren’t beer buddies or anything, but they do run into one another at conferences.
    They shared a table at a tech conference just a few months ago and engaged in animated conversation with one another and others at the table for several hours.

  3. says

    His extensive black turtleneck collection would seem to support that judgement. You’d think he could afford another shirt…perhaps just one?

  4. yoshi says

    much better title…

    and anyone who remotely keeps track of the computer industry knows Jobs is a tool to no one… and both jobs and gates are rich enough to not have to care about their wardrobe…

    (first computer: mac 128k)

  5. damien says

    “You and I have memories longer than the road that lies ahead,” Jobs says to Gates. That was so precious! Looked like Jobs was actually tearing up when he said that.

    I also love the look on Bill Gates’ face when they joked about being married to each other.

    Those two are too cute; I bet they went back to their hotels and snuggled.