Summer Opens


Have a safe and peaceful Memorial Day Weekend everyone! Here’s this week’s wrap-up.

road.jpg The most amazing amateur wildlife video I’ve ever seen.
road.jpg It’s a boy: VP’s lesbian daughter Mary Cheney gives birth.
road.jpg FDA upholds ban on giving blood for gay men.
road.jpg Isaiah Washington anti-hate PSA debuts during Grey’s Anatomy reruns.
road.jpg Keith Olbermann: the government has failed us on Iraq.
road.jpg Mitt Romney claims he is not intolerant of gay people.
road.jpg Gay rugby icon Ian Roberts cleared of assaulting ex-boyfriend.
road.jpg Courage: Mother of SC hate crime victim Sean Kennedy speaks out.
road.jpg Gay rights march in Warsaw, Poland draws 5,000, plus protestors.
road.jpg Gay porn murder plot revealed in 21-page affadvit.
road.jpg On the Tube: Candidates confess, Ron Paul, baseball buddies, Rosie/Elizabeth battle.
road.jpg Dr. Laura’s son investigated for “repulsive” MySpace page.
road.jpg Pakistan same-sex couple jailed as sex change plans unravel.
road.jpg George Michael: Addicted to art, pills, or both at the same time.
road.jpg Florida Governor Charlie Crist grows a beard.
road.jpg Andy Roddick responds to doctored Men’s Fitness cover image.
road.jpg Anti-gay threats, vandalism against rural Tennessee gay man continue.
road.jpg Amateur paparazzo snaps Jake Gyllenhaal on the train from Paris to London.
road.jpg Violent hate assault on gay man reported in Missoula, Montana.
road.jpg PLUS: Beckham’s balls, gay flamingos, Cadillac, Josh Holloway.

Posted May 25, 2007 at 5:08pm ETC by Andy Towle
in New York, towleroad