Tammy Faye Stops Cancer Treatments

Things aren’t sounding good for Tammy Faye Messner, who has been battling lung cancer. Yesterday she posted a letter on her website, which read, in part:

Tammy_faye“The doctors have stopped trying to treat the cancer and so now it’s up to God and my faith. And that’s enough! But please continue to pray for the pain and sick stomach. My precious daughter, Tammy Sue, and her wonderful friends are staying with me while Roe builds churches. They don’t want me falling down the stairs. I am down weight wise to 65 pounds, and look like a scarecrow. I need God’s miracle to swallow. To those of you who are suffering as I…..”don’t give up”!! Make up your mind you’re going to LIVE !! That is NOT EASY! The path gets so long. I look at young people and wish with all my heart for just one day of ‘feeling great’. You see, God gives out his promises, they do not lie, they do not fail. We do not have to BEG him for them, they are FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

We send our prayers to Tammy Faye, and salute her courage.

Letter from Tammy Faye [official site]

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