Transgender Italian Politician Joins Moscow Gay Pride

Transgender Italian politician Vladimir Luxuria landed in Moscow to join activists and supporters at Moscow Gay Pride on Sunday and was granted a visa by authorities at the airport.

Luxuria told UK Gay News she accepted the invitation after meeting Russian gay activist Nikolai Alekseev at Turin Pride last June.

Vladimir_luxuriaShe said she felt her presence was important “I know what it means to be beaten up. I experienced it during my adolescence just because I decided to be sincere and not to hide myself in the deep south of Italy. I had to pay of myself up to my blood. I think that such an important city where there are so many gays and lesbians should not be ashamed of having a pride. It’s one day where some people can say that they are tired of hiding themselves. They want to show their faces, their body and their rights to be respected in the centre of this capital, which seems to imitate western country just in the consumerism …they are anxious to have new technology. Western culture is also civil rights for our community and not only consumerism.”

Given the violent history of the gay pride events in Moscow (German MP Volcker Beck was hit with a brick by protestors last year), Luxuria said that yes, she was a bit afraid: “Of course I am. I would be hypocrite not to say that. I just had my nose remade and I hope there won’t be someone to ruin the result! Seriously, I think that when I was 16, when I decided to come out and to win the fears, I thought the price of freedom is always worth the trouble. I think the Russian authorities should be more open about this issue.”

Protestors have again threatened gay pride events in Moscow this year. Earlier this month they interrupted a press conference of organizers, yelling “Moscow will drown in gay blood.” Mayor Yuri Luzhkov has branded the parades “satanic”.

She Promises, She Delivers – Vladimir Luxuria in Moscow for Gay Pride [uk gay news]

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  1. ShawnSF says

    If even one of our elected officials had the courage of their convictions,the level of personal integrity and the ability to articulate themselves such as this person the world would be a much,much happier place. Bravo.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Many gay men (and gay women, I suppose) don’t like transgendered people. Well, without transgendered people there would be no such idea/thing/concept called “gay”. There’d be a lot of homosexuals, bisexuals, closeted homos, down low guys, etc., but there would be no “gay”.

    Even those homosexual men and women who led the early gay civil rights movement seemed to have the view, “I’m just like any ordinary heterosexual person, it’s just my sex life that’s different–and that’s just a small compartment of my life…of who I am as a human being.” Well, that’s cute(and it might have been a necessary tactic at the time), but transgendered people turned it into something bigger than a small compartment in their lives–they turned it gay.