Apple: YouTube is iPhone Mystery Application


Keeping the salivating masses happy, Apple today announced that the heretofore unannounced “mystery app” that is to be part of the iPhone interface at launch will be one-touch accessibility to YouTube. So now you can watch skateboarding dogs to your heart’s content.

Although I am dying to get my hands on one of these, iPhone fatigue is beginning to set in. Next week should be the kicker. Expect pandemonium at AT&T stores and even more saturation across news media (if that’s possible).

An interesting note from Gizmodo today regarding the iPhone’s somewhat controversial $499 to $599 price tag:

“It was 2004 when the RAZR launched in the US as a high-end design clamshell. It was $600, with a $100 dollar rebate from Cingular. Reviewers complained about the price, but back then the phone was revolutionary enough that no one could pan it. It dialed, like any other phone, and did basic text messaging, and more. But it was just a thin, beautiful design ahead of it’s time. And it sold. Especially after it dropped in price, after launch, like all phones do. Within 2 years, it shipped its 50 millionth phone world wide.”


  1. says

    I want one of these as well, but the iPhone is entirely too expensive for my cheap ass. I believe it costs about $600 plus a two-year contract. I’m not paying that much for a phone, particularly not an unproven, version 1 product from a company just entering a new market for the first time.

    But you can expect to see me hanging out at the Apple store fiddling with the demos.

  2. says

    Furthermore, I find that few people are talking about the fact that ATT will probably charge about $100 a month for phone/data usage. Add that to the $600 price tag, which could be even more if you have to break your current contract in order to upgrade to the iPhone. Yikes!

  3. says

    Ugh, iphone saturation is right. I only hope I don’t have to make any emergency trips to a crowded cingular store in the next couple weeks, or some apple groupies will get to see my angry irrational side.
    That, and does anyone else feel like they need more AWAY time from technology? This looks like a fun gadget and all, but I spend enough time hunched in front of a computer screen at work.

  4. Dave says

    I have been waiting for this phone since Steve Jobs announced it last January. I am def not going to the Apple store in the city but looking into a small AT&T store in midtown to hit. I am a huge phone geek. The data plan with AT&T is rumored to be about $40 a month on top of what you pay now for talk time. It is a bit pricey but you have to remember it is a phone AND iPod. It is sooo sexy and I’m glad to hear about the youtube thing..if it had one touch for xtube then I’d be all set…

  5. damien says


    I am an Apple-user, too, but I’ve been completely over-saturated with iPhone news for the past month. It looks cool and all, but Wow! One week without iPhone news would be great!

  6. sean says

    $499 for 4GB and $599 for 8GB depending on whether you want to put 1000 or 2000 songs on the music feature on the phone. the exterior has been changed from plastic to glass to prevent scratching (and in the case of butterfingers, hopefully shattering). will this phone come with insurance considering its expense? i know when i got my razr from cingular back when it debuted, there was no insurance option to replace the phone if let’s say you accidentally dropped it in the john. no word on whether this iphone has the ability to capture video like some other phones. also, the biggest selling point for me on a phone like this would be to have the capability to synch a song from your itunes to a specific caller so that everytime he called, that particular song would play as the ringtone. i’ll wait for the second or third gen. of this phone to come out. i’ve already lived through the cabbage patch and beanie babies scenarios with detached bemusement as i will do the same on june 29th. good luck trend junkies come next friday!

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