Chad White: The Doll You Can Dress Up

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Haven’t done a Chad White post in a while, so here’s to filling that void. Like a Ken doll, Chad can be dressed up any way you want, and apparently the designers at Milan fashion week know that too.

From left to right, top to bottom – Sailor Chad from Jean-Paul Gaultier, Soldier Chad from John Galliano, 70’s track star Chad and Auto Racer Chad from DSquared2.

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And finally, Rock Star Chad from Gaultier and Hamptons Chad from Bottega Veneta.

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A few of these designers have really been popping their Village People pills.

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  1. says

    Harumph. You never show pictures of ME working the runways of Milan in Jean-Paul Gautlier. And by “runways of Milan” I mean “bus stops of Chicago” and by “Jean-Paul Gautlier” I mean “Old Navy.”

  2. anon ( says

    The villiage people was the first thing that popped into my head too. Frankly, it might be the camerawork but his legs are too thin. Somehow I doubt he read TR though.

  3. peterparker says

    His legs were the first thing I notice too, but not because I thought they were small. His legs are actually so large they are almost out of proportion to his stick-thin upper body. The legs, by contrast, are muscular and definied.

    If you guys don’t want him, I’ll take ten of him!

  4. says

    I’ve a theory that our consideration of what is attractive suddenly rise when that person is in the public eye. In real life I would have no chance with Chad White (not that I’m saying I’m hideous, of course) but I can look at these photos and go, ‘meh’. He just isn’t floating my boat.

    If he came into my place of work I’m sure I’d be flirting my eyes out.

  5. says

    chad has adonis bod, male-model numero uno…
    but somehow the designers never use him seriously on runway.
    he’s becoming abit novelty… kinda like ginch-gonch.
    it’s a shame because he’s a great guy.

  6. Bill says

    What a spectacular body; you guys who are complaining about certain parts of his body being too thin or too this, are daft. He’s all beautiful muscle.

  7. atheist says

    C’mon guys, the bod is slammin’. Remember, this is a pic of him in isolation so you don’t get a real sense of how big he is. If he was standing amid a crowd of ordinary mortals, you’d know just how ample those thighs are…

    On the other hand, his face doesn’t do it for me…

  8. CHAD WHITE says

    I DON’T APPRECIATE ALL THE NEGATIVE COMMENTS ABOUT ME ON THIS BLOG!!! I thought you guys were my biggest supporters because you are all a bunch of frivolous twerps.

    You have really hurt my feelings. I would appreciate an apology. And I am going to get my agent to sue Andy Towle if he posts any more licensed photos on this site.


  9. Tony the Tiger says

    I CANNOT believe that Chad White actually reads this blog!!! I thought I was the only hot guy who logged onto this website (judging from the other comments).

  10. el polacko says

    oh dear… galliano soldiers and gaultier sailors kind of make the case for keeping homos out of the military, don’t they ?
    . and what the hell kind of rock star is that ?! hahaha when they can make a hot man look that ridiculous these designers are doing something WRONG.

  11. says

    Hmm, Chad White, if that is your real name. You’ve got a great line in irony. And people thought you were just a pretty face – not here, though. Here they think you’ve got thick angles, thin legs and a kinda plasticky look.

  12. says

    Wow, the haterade must be flowing today. His legs are perfect, and his calf to ankle ratio is amazing. Gays can be critical, but seriously, insulting Chad White’s looks??? Take a paxil you nasties.

  13. Charles says

    Chad White is 22 years old simply put he is young and has nothing to do with his time but workout, eat right and look good…because he is a model and he is 22…I reserve attractive/handsome comments for men over 30 not boys just able to drink legally…he is simply cute no more no less…

  14. Joshua says

    He has a fantastic body. But those friggin outfits make him look like a drag queen on a bad day.

    Christ….I’m up on my basic fashion, but do real people actually wear that crap?

  15. Jaimie says

    I think he’s kind of gross looking. He’s like that poster of the human body with all the skin missing so you can see every muscle and tendon. I know he’s not ugly, but anyone who thinks he’s perfect has reached a scary new level of gay body worship.

  16. Br!on says

    Where’s the beef? I have never seen a picture of this man with even the slightest bulge, penis line, protrusion! :)

    Ken Doll indeed. I really want some proof that he is not Victoria Beckham.

  17. marty says

    i gotta go with brion, yes, he is really beautiful facially and the bod is hot, but you would think if he has that much muscle then the bulge would at least be noticeable…i’m not a size queen, mind you, but he looks kinda “penis-less”.

  18. says

    hes a certified buttahead

    Then again ilove nordic noses and pouty lipss like a bitch but ewwwwww he looks like the “boy next door” josh h artnett chsnnig tatnum or wtf. how about paolo nutini ian somerhalder jason lewis artem milevskiy

  19. marks says

    My comment “thick ankles” is not an insult, it is a joke, from a commercial where two ladies are sitting watching this absolutely gorgeous lady walk by and they solemnly look and each other and say “thick ankles” – get it?

    Geezz CHAD.WHITE, you need to get some thick skin, I used to model and the negative comments were endless…

    And, this is a “gay tendencies” blog – other that bitterness, what did you expect?

  20. YSOSERIOUS says

    He’s from Portland Oregon, and I used to see him at one of the local skate parks. He was a dream-boat then and he’s a demi-god now.

    There’s literally nothing wrong with him. He’s a sweet, kind, smart guy who happens to be residing in a body that quite frankly doesn’t quit.

    More power to him.

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