Civil Union Bill Introduced in Costa Rica

Lawmaker Ana Helena Chacon, of the Social Christian Unity Party, introduced a bill that would legalize civil unions in Costa Rica, a country steeped in Catholicism. There was no indication on how the bill might fare, according to Reuters:

Costarica“Under the proposal, same-sex couples would be granted marital-type rights like bereavement leave, inheritance and power over medical decisions. It stops short of recognizing same-sex marriage or allowing adoption by same-sex couples.”

Said Chacon: “This is a bill that guarantees the respect and tolerance for couples that are of the same sex.”

Costa Rican activist Abelardo Araya added: “We gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders already enjoy all the duties but not all of the rights of citizenship. The country has a system of homophobia that is almost institutionalized.”


  1. John says

    Bravo to Costa Rica. It deserves more support and more gay visitors. I have always liked the fact that it does not have an army and that money was spent on education and medical care instead.

  2. OZ says

    Congratulations to Ana Helena! I hope that your bill passes and becomes LAW in Costa Rica and spreads throughout the rest of the countries in your region. I applaud THINKING people that understand EQUALITY and FREEDOM are two things ALL people need as BASIC RIGHTS!

    Of course, the “editor” of AM Costa Rica might not agree; he’s little RIGHT WINGish.
    Drop him a line and tell him how much you like this idea and how much you love Michael Moores new movie!


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