Former Pop Idol contestant Gareth Gates: I’m Not Gay


Former Pop Idol star and fan of sunbeds and steroids Gareth Gates tells Star:

“I’m not gay, but George Michael is one of the best looking guys I’ve ever seen in my life!”

Gates, who became famous in 2002 after coming in second in Britain’s Pop Idol, has a new single “Changes” out in the UK and a new album, Pictures of the Other Side, coming out on June 25.


  1. Michael W. says

    I’d say finding present-day George Michael “one of the best looking guys I’ve ever seen…” is a pretty good reason to give up the steroids…

  2. Dan E says

    Eh, Creatine isn’t really what we think of when we hear talk of “steroids.” It’s completely legal, and a HUGE percentage of people who lift to gain muscle mass use it regularly.

  3. PC says

    Dude needs to change his name to something more pop-friendly if he wants to succeed. Gareth Gates is akin to having a name like Robert Allen Zimmerman.

  4. Oregon Student says

    Creatine isn’t even a steroid. Steroids are lipid based and slowly act within the nucleus of a cell. Creatine is a nitrogenous acid used as an immediate source to produce ATP in the cytoplasm.

  5. naprem says

    You should have pointed out that the guy he lost to in Pop Idol was Will Young, who is openly gay and hot and hung and yet still the darling of the UK pop scene, popular with teen boys and grannies alike.

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