GQ Recognizes Gay Dads for Father’s Day


GqThis is good stuff. In GQ‘s latest issue, they’ve done a spread called “a GQ Guide to Being a 21st Century Dad”, a sort of stylish guide to parenting for the modern man.

Hats off to GQ, for including without any preface or explanation, Vernon Scott and Martin Lofsnes, and their five-year-old son Demian Lofsnes-Scott in an eight-page fashion spread highlighting fathers and sons. At a time when diverse families are not only demonized by the right but often set apart as ‘special’ by the left as well, it’s refreshing to see this approach being taken to families with same-sex parents.

“Nine real fathers, joined by their kids, ditch the dad jeans and sport the season’s best new shorts.”

Check it out in the June issue.


  1. gregoire says

    Most GQ readers would not be bothered at all by seeing two daddies, especially two hot daddies.

  2. Dan says

    Yay GQ! Now I’d like to see Men’s Health magazine even acknowledge that gay men, who are a large proportion of their readers, exist. (Try doing a search for gay or homosexual on their site…. nothing!)

  3. Seann says

    While I applaud GQ for showcasing gay families, that guy on the left is hawt!

    It is a wonderful thing to live in a time where there is no need to explain the content of the picture.

  4. juliana says

    I agree completely. This is wonderful they’re doing this. It makes us real and normal, natural everyday people that are just next door. All you need to do is open your eyes and you’ll see the true world. I love how it doesn’t say “Queer dads” or something a gay magazine would do. It’s just – there. It’s truly a 21st century sight, this is not a 20th century picture. It’s a preview of things yet to come for our long-suffering people – domestic bliss and family values. In the 20th century, the homosexual was a pariah, a thing, something that needed to be crushed and dehumanized of all human feeling. In the 21st century, there is much more visibility of couples and less of the individual homosexual. More of the marriage of the two people – be they males or females – and more about family.
    Maybe the conservatives are getting what they wanted all along. Family and marriage winning the war against and a breakdown of the family. The family values lobby is winning – ironically this picture is what the future they’ve fought for looks like. It’s a whole new American family in a whole new century in a whole new world.

  5. juliana says

    Also notice the complexion of the family – dark… I think they are a Hispanic family. So this picture is America changing in many ways – America’s becoming more ethnic. The “good ol'” milky white days are numbered. Thank God. It’s time for more of a rainbow in the culture- more color!

  6. anon ( says

    It’s hard to tell everyone’s age in that photo, so my first thought was: okay, father and his two sons, which I think many readers will also conclude.

  7. says

    I had the same thought initially that the man on the left might be another older son. But in the margin along the opposite page where the clothing items are listed, it says very prominently the names of the couple and their son.

  8. soulbrotha says

    I cosign with Joseph. What the hell were they thinking with that horrendous name?!

  9. greg from says

    Here I am wondering how it’s possible to have a kid AND abs, and people are fragging the guy’s hairline. Sheesh.

    Just Google them, they’re both dancers. Martha Graham, Juliard, etc.

  10. ron Olivr says

    ugh. sweater gays. i love that GQ is doing this, but honestly can we not gush so much? if I hear one more story about how brave some gay couple is for adopting/finding under a dumpster/turkey baster-fostering some infant and how this is the ne plus ultra of the gay experience i am going to hurl!

  11. says

    I’m sorry, but they’re wearing capri pants.

    The gays set the fashion trends. We can’t have these two giving the world the impression that it’s OK to wear capri pants. It’s just not right.

  12. scientitian says

    GQ had a great article about two months ago in regards to gay men trying to escape from Iraq to reunite with their partners…definitely worth a read.

  13. bob says

    now if they could only do something about that hideous swimsuit jessica alba is wearing on the cover.

  14. joey says

    Ron Olivr,

    Why so bitter? Lighten up, man. That’s a cute pic, a cute kid and a cute family. I wish them nothing but the best; I’m sure you’re behind a rock somewhere hoping for their demise. Evil queen.

  15. Michael says

    If they have adopted the child then they can’t be held responsible for the name. You have to accept the name with the child these days.

  16. tjc says

    What’s wrong w/ the kid’s name? Seems fine w/ me. Demian’s a fine name, and as long as you’re not the anti-Christ, it shouldn’t matter a lick.

  17. secretagentman says

    Great pic, great guys. If I had calves like that I would wear ‘manpris’ too!
    And Ron Olivr, I’m not sure I understand what you object to? Of course, if you are the Ron Olivr I know, I can just imagine what you’d prefer to see pictured in GQ.

  18. mark m says

    Cute, goodlooking family met by some catty remarks here. It’s telling when someone’s kneejerk reaction to the sight of happy gay men is to say something unkind.

    Very telling.

  19. Zeke says

    Very telling indeed.

    Unfortunately some people, even gay people, are equally as catty with their comments to gay men and their families in person.