Jesse Metcalfe’s Dark Knight Fantasies


Jesse Metcalfe envisioned himself as the Dark Knight yesterday at a party celebrating the LG VX9400, a new mobile phone reportedly capable of delivering TV shows to your phone (watch out Apple), but he’ll have to start thinking a lot differently to catch up with the real Batman.

The new bat vehicle, which will be driven by Christian Bale in the new film scheduled to open on July 18, 2008, was shown off yesterday by Warner Bros.


It’s called the Batpod. No word on whether its dashboard has a YouTube hook-up.


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  1. zabadak says

    The blogs were awash in Jakey last week but were there any mentions on Towleroad?
    Has Jakey been forsaken,or did Andy deliberately not include it to stifle a “which gym does he work out at” thread?

  2. Sheba Baby says

    I’m afraid Jacob is a bit ovah, even with Andy to a point. Those blogs that were awash with him last week wandering around NY with his Mom and PA were mostly posted on fangirl sites like IHJ and ONTD. Even he looked bored, I hope he does that rumored play or sign up for a movie or open a resturaunt as rumored, anything. Poor guy.

  3. TS says

    Sheba Baby, Jake isn’t ovah. Please. Not every picture of him has to be on every single blog. Even if they were really sexy pics of him coming back from a workout in NYC. 😉

    Andy covered the big news of Jake with Rufus and Jake possibly going to Broadway.

  4. zabadak says

    Since Andy is keeping Towleroad as the one-stop shopping for the gay blog consumer, I’d have expected even a lil’bit o that Jake…oops I first typed “Kake”. Prolly not too far off was I?

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