Police Plan Undercover Gay Sex Sting at Boston Area Park

The Enterprise reports that police in Brockton, Massachusetts are planning a “summer offensive” to rid the city’s D.W. Field Park of gay men who allegedly travel there for sex.

DwfieldSaid Brockton Police Chief William K. Conlon: “Word is out on the Internet that this is a great spot for men to meet. I want the park to have a family atmosphere, so we are going to have a police presence up there through the summer. This is a long time coming. It has been bad up there for too long. I have been trying to work with the police to have permanent patrols up there, but if they are going to only be there for the summer, I suppose it’s better than nothing. A tougher police presence is definitely needed. There were people there from Fall River, Revere and Sharon. I do not have a problem with people’s sexuality, but there are kids up there, mothers with strollers and families feeding the ducks. They don’t feel safe anymore, that is what really gets me going.”

The police department says it has been receiving complaints from area residents about “sex toys, condoms and drug-related items” littering the park.


  1. Jonathon says

    On the one hand, it is pretty nasty to find used condoms and other things in a park. I can agree with that part. Is it too much to ask that people don’t litter?

    But on the other hand, is there really a big problem? Does it really merit so much police attention? My gut feeling is that this has more to do with homophobia than wanting to improve the park’s atmosphere.

    I’m curious as to what the laws are in relation to sexual activity outdoors. Is there a curfew in the park, meaning that it “closes” at a certain time?

    I also wonder why, in the age of legal same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, there are gay men who still cruise parks for anonymous sex? I know that there are still closeted gays, gay men married to women, etc. but I always believed that with more acceptance and with removing legal discrimination that the old institutions of the bathhouses, the tea rooms, etc. would become a thing of the past because they would no longer be needed or would no longer be the only option that gay men had to meet one another.

    Anybody in Mass. have any ideas?

  2. Mike B. says

    Does it make me a self-hating homophobe if I’m okay with crackdowns on gay sex in parks? Because: (a) ew; and (b) really? Is anonymous sex in a park a good idea?

  3. CF says

    No Mike B, it doesn’t make you self-loathing.

    Actually, quite the contrary. A healthy self-esteem would see that sort of behavior as..unproductive.

  4. says

    >>I also wonder why, in the age of legal same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, there are gay men who still cruise parks for anonymous sex?

    Doesn’t surprise me at all. How many gay couples do you know that are actually monogamous?

  5. says

    I’m sure if they catch two straights fucking in the park they will arrest them too. I say bust it up…it’s tacky trashy and unfortunate in this day and age to have to get your rocks off with a stranger in the woods. And frankly who needs the pine needles stuck to their ass?

  6. Stephen says


    Why is your first inclination to fire the police chief? He’s doing his job — people shouldn’t be having sex in a public place.

    Use gay.com or pay a hooker. Seriously.

  7. peterparker says

    Jonathon…cruising for anonymous sex in public places is generally borne of the sort of shredding of self-esteem that happens from growing up in families and in a society that regards same-sex desire as unacceptable/disgusting/immoral/etc…So, to answer your question, this sort of activity will lessen as homophobia lessens. When every gay kid grows up believing he is okay being ‘different’ and that his adolescent desire to fall in love with another adolescent boy is something to be celebrated rather than ridiculed, then and only then, will you see this sort of behavior fade away.

  8. mark m says

    LOL, Gienpiero.

    I found the police chief’s comments quite reasonable.

    And Jonathan, don’t you think George Michael has plenty of options available to him for no-strings sex and yet he cruises in public. It ain’t about the options.

  9. Chris says

    It’s not so much homophobia as it is heterosexism. Why must breeders and their spawn control 100% of all public spaces? I remember reading about a park in a Spanish city where, on the borders of a particular area in the park where men cruise each other, authorities posted signs alerting park visitors what goes on there. The signs say that if you don’t like it, you should stay out of that area. Problem solved.

    Why do men still cruise for anonymous sex? Not everyone wants to be married or be in a relationship. It’s interesting how emulating a straight relationship/marriage is seen by a lot of gay people as the equivalent of being responsible, decent, mature and respectable. All this condemnation of men who cruise for sex – “eww, gross, who would do that, they must hate themselves, be self-loathing” etc. – it kind of reminds me of a story I read about upper middle class blacks and how having lighter-toned skin is considered more attractive in the african-american community. Internalized homophobia and internalized racism – neither are pretty.

  10. Mike B. says


    Speaking for myself — I’m not looking at this as some kind of gay/straight Sophie’s choice. I don’t think gays need to emulate straights for respectability.

    Having sex in public places seems to be primarily a health risk issue. I’m not saying that people having sex in public places aren’t using protection, or doing it with a monogamous partner. But I think it’s more likely that it’s a fast fuck with little protection and if you’re skulking around a park looking to bust a nut, chances are you’re not going to be upfront about your health status.

    And not just HIV. Syphillis et. al. are the new black, at least according to posts I’ve read on this site.

    As a gay non-breeder, I’d rather public parks weren’t littered with the detritus of nights of passion.

  11. says

    Chris, let me be the first one to say… that is the dumbest fucking analogy I have ever heard. Cruising for sex in public places is a behavior. Skin tone is a genetic feature determined by the amount of melanin in one’s skin.

    If monogamous relationships aren’t your thing, that’s fine. But go to a bar or use the internet to hookup. Don’t try to pass off people who have anonymous sex in public parks as victims of straight-washing.

  12. Dan says

    Public park sex is gross but I would love to watch a reality series about cops who get picked to trap guys in public parks. I’m sure they’re hotties and do a lot of questionable things to bait someone into grabbing for it.

  13. Chris says

    Mike B:

    Is the unsafeness of public sex a fact or a perception? I remember reading that men who meet for anonymous sex actually use protection more consistently than those who practice serially monogamy. Is anyone actually looking at the rates of STD transmission between men who have sex in parks? Medical issues are often a proverbial fig leaf behind which lurks prejudice and common presumptions are often wrong.

    I realize that Mass. is not the Netherlands and that I’ve probably been living in the SF bay area too long, but… if there was an area set aside for this activity, trash receptacles were provided and littering laws enforced, it would go a long way in taking care of the trash problem.

  14. anon (gmail.com) says

    Guys cruising parks and truck stops are almost always deeply closeted. However, too many times the police will entrap guys who simple solicit sex rather than perform any acts. There’s nothing wrong with taking a guy home from a park if you understand the risks, but the police will bust you for it all the same. The Palisades Park police are notorious for these “shame” arrests.

  15. beergoggles says

    Gah, folks, if you need to hook up anonymously, please use the internet. Stay out of public places – I don’t want to have to see you getting off in public whether you play safe or not (because inevitably, the people I want to see naked are never the ones who do get naked).

    You can make out in public places, just keep your clothes on and get a room somewhere – there are plenty of motels in the area you can hop into.

  16. Chris says

    Chris B:

    I disagree. I think it’s a very accurate analogy of how minority groups respond to majority group prejudice. I’ll explain:

    You’re right, skin color and sexual behavior are different – skin color is blameless and behavior a choice. The point I was trying to make – you have, in both case, a minority group and something that distinguishes the group from the majority (in general, men are more sexually active than women and gay men are the most sexually active group of all). Gay men are, on average, more sexually active and promiscuous than heterosexuals. This is not a judgment, just a statement of fact. You yourself, or any other individual, may not be, of course.

    So while skin tone and sexual behavior are very different attributes, they also qualify as distinguishing characteristics. Gay men are perceived by society as being promiscuous and promiscuity is seen as negative. Black people are considered inferior by a large segment of the white majority and skin color, along with other physical characteristics, are used to place people into racial categories.

    The theory is (and it’s debated still): black people with more caucasian features suffer less prejudice, which has lead to an internalization of that standard among blacks, leading to a preference for lighter skin (for example, studies regarding the preference of minority children for white dolls.) “Straight-acting” gay men suffer less prejudice and violence than effeminate gay men. In the same way that gay men have internalized a preference for straight-acting men – even outside of the selection of sexual or romantic partners – , it would be logical to suspect that gay men may have internalized other heterosexual standards.

    The point of my analogy was that I see the enshrining of monogamous relationships based on a heterosexual marriage as the best way gay men can be as a similar internalization of majority prejudice. This is just my opinion, of course.

    So what is the actual truth? Are men who have anonymous sex with other men self-loathing and maladjusted? Is anonymous sex really more dangerous? Are these presumptions actually supported by objective research?

    I was not saying that gay men who have anonymous sex in public parks are victims of “straight-washing”. I’m just pointing out how interesting it is that so many gay men on this site claim to have absolutely no idea how another gay man could possibly want to have sex with an anonymous stranger. Anonymous stranger sex is different from sex with a loving partner. There are good and bad things about both.

    You don’t like anonymous public hookups. That’s fine. But is that a sufficient argument for banning them? There’s a park near my apartment where the town has put in a frisbee golf course. I have no desire to play frisbee golf and on numerous occasions I’ve nearly been hit by a frisbee while jogging on an adjoining pedestrian path. But I believe that a park is for all residents and I understand that in order for some people to enjoy the park, others may need to avoid a certain portion of it. What I’m getting at: why is it so horrible that a certain segment of the taxpaying citizen population wants to use the park for anonymous sex?

    It’s going to go on, no matter what police activity occurs. So why not regulate it instead of banning it.

  17. Jonathon says

    Great answers, guys. And yeah, I wasn’t thinking about George Michael. He even went so far as to claim it was part of gay culture. I guess he has a point, but I had really hoped that such days were long behind us.

    And the whole “shame arrest” thing…. I don’t get it. Sodomy is no longer illegal in the United States, so why is it a crime for someone to propose/solicit sex to/from someone else? Why can someone be arrested for inviting another adult to have sex with them?

  18. Derrick from Philly says


    “Syphillis et. al. are the new black”

    Please tell me that I’m totally misunderstanding–haven’t got a clue– what the phrase “the new black” means, but I can’t figure out what the fu….

  19. zabadak says

    This park ain’t no different from a “Lovers Lane”. Next, those house-frau bitches shouldn’t be wandering thru the brush, at night, to begin with.

    Lastly, if they feel so damn “unsafe” in a park full o horny homos who ain’t bothering them, perhaps they need to take a stroll thru Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York one late night.

  20. Kamasutra Jones says

    Um, forgive me, but the reason they are cracking down on it is because it is against the law. There are public decency laws in most cities, towns, and states. Having sex in public is against those laws. Doesn’t matter if your gay or not, if you’re caught with your weiner in someone’s hole, and you’re in a park, you’re breaking the law. It drives me nuts when people go on and on about entrapment, homophobia, denial of rights, etc., when what they are doing is illegal.

  21. marty says

    sorry but I don’t buy the whole “there’s nothing inherently wrong with having anonymous sex in the park” blah blah. i don’t have a problem with gay anonymous sex, which is just some version of a one-night stand, (thanks and leave), but i have a problem with it in public parks. just because you pay taxes for the park does not mean you own it…you get to use it, but your use can’t infringe on everybody else’s. the park was not built for people to have sex. sex was not in the mind of the people who built it. frisbee, sure. just because you CAN have sex in the park does not mean you should or that everyone has to tolerate it. if you can point to some right that is being infringed then fine, otherwise take your sex somewhere else. period. it’s almost like they feel they have some “right” to public sex. you do not. straight or gay, makes no difference. some group may decide they “want” to go stand in the park buck naked and tap dance. guess what?! it ain’t happenin’. gays have to conform to societal standards too, and yes, it may be tough incorporating the gay into that system, but trying to argue for gay public sex is just…..stank. take your ass to the baths or a chat room. syphillis rates and other diseases are shooting up and yet people will argue to their deaths why they feel they should be able to “boot up” in the bushes. just stop.

  22. NOVO says


    Every time I see news on these crackdowns I get so fucking embarrassed. Fucking some random guy and/or in a public park is the epitome of tacky. And its always a bunch of gay/bi guys. At least have a lttle decency and use the internet.

  23. says

    Chris, you go ahead and continue having sex in public parks and patting yourself on the back for being so forward thinking. But when you’re getting warts burned off your dick or, worse, taking protease inhibitors every day for the rest of your life, I will not be shedding a tear for you.

  24. marty says

    “the new black” is used to refer to the latest trend in pop culture or the larger society but one which in fact will have more of a “permanent” place. black in fashion is alway “in”, so it’s really a “perma-trend” (a permanent trend). the trend in rising syphillis rates among gays may be a perma-trend. the rise is new and yet may be permanent.

  25. mark m says

    Novo, the reason it’s always gay or bi men is because straight men can’t find straight sex as easily. If straight guys could get laid as often and as accessibly, they sure as hell would.

    I’m no advocate for public sex but I don’t have a problem with public cruising if the sex takes place in private. When the police are targeting men who simply proposition other men, then YES, it’s homophobia.

    And sorry Kamasutra but according to your logic, we could all have been arrested just a few short years ago for simply giving/receiving a blowjob from our life partner. Sodomy was illegal in many states until the High Court struck it down.

    And what about interracial dating… that was against the law too… so according to your logic, anyone who engaged in those behaviors knowing that they were against the law DESERVED what they got.

    Again, I’m not advocating public sex. But when you make an argument against it, you have to use better reasoning.

  26. says

    There was a sting here in the Twin Cities I think a month ago. Most of the guys caught are married with kids. So … I really have no sympathy for that crap, to be honest w/ you!

  27. Mike B. says

    Derrick from Philly:

    Marty said what I would have said. My favorite alternative of that phrase is used by the Fug Girls at GoFugYourself.com:

    Fugly is the New Pretty

    I can see how, if you aren’t familiar with the phrase, it could look questionable.

  28. says

    if guys want to troll parks at night for sex… that’s their risk and their low standard… but during daylight hours when the parks are also in use by the general public is truly a gross uncivil act and should be treated as such.
    meanwhile, regardless littering of a park with condoms and sex paraphernalia at anytime of day is what’s most vile and indefensible.

  29. anon (gmail.com) says

    The idea behind arrests for “loitering” and “soliciting” is control “impulsive” behavior in public, so many cities will set up sting operations where they arrest men who sit too long on park benches, wander the streets aimlessly, or make more than fleeting eye contact with an undercover officer. In the past the police knew that most of the guys looking for sex would be shamed severely if caught, possibly losing their jobs and/or families, so the entrapments were tissue-thin. Merely being accused was enough to end a career and what judge or jury would side with a fag over a cop? I’m surprised people here are not more familiar as this was common not too long ago.

  30. Zlexar says

    Heck, I’ve enjoyed filthy, self-degrading, animalistic cruising in public parks before. It can be waaay fun, like most dumb, dangerous, and inconsiderate ideas.

    I also think getting busted by the cops is an occupational hazard of fucking around in a public park. No one should be shocked that it can be fun to cruise (“my goodness! I could never!”) and no one should be outraged that the cops are taking steps to keep guys from butt-fucking each other next to the bird-watcher pavillion (“it’s SO UNFAIR!”)

    We can be pigs yet accept responsibility, and we can be prudes yet accept reality. They’re both ok positions with me.

  31. Charles says

    Most major cities in area have gay bathhouses for anonymous sex; gay men who are caught in the park cruising for and/or participating in sex should be arrested, fined and/or have their names in the paper.

  32. Kamasutra Jones says

    Mark M, the difference is that having sex with someone in the privacy of one’s home should NOT be illegal. It infringes on no one’s rights and/or privileges, whatsoever. And thankfully, “sodomy” is no longer illegal. However, having sex with someone in public IS a violation of other’s rights and privileges. Therefore, laws against such acts are valid. Screaming fire in one’s own apartment or house is one thing, but screaming it in a crowded theatre is completely another. My logic stands solid, but thanks for the opportunity to clarify.

  33. rob adams says

    DW Field Park is located in a hugely minority and low-income city; It’s not exactly a city busting at the seems with free things to do. This park, a big chunk of open-space (in an otherwise urban-blight sprawl of abandoned hair-salons and dollar-stores) and has been largely avoided by the public due to the drugs, sex, and generally gross atmosphere. Unless you’re riding your bike through, it’s not exactly a place to sit or casually stroll about with your family or significant other. One speeds through DWF-Park for safety.

    That said…
    I can’t remember the last time a straight “parking” venue, replete with empty six-packs, condoms, and steamed up car windows was raided by cops and the names published in the paper, never mind any arrests.

    If this “sting” isn’t conducted properly, i betcha Brockton’s Police Chief and/or officers will find themselves up on civil-right infringement charges rather quickly — with video provided as proof.

    After all, this is a state with a highly organized gay population that’s both tech *and* legal savvy. Police Chief Conlon’s very public pronouncements (and attitude) has *already* made him a legal target when it comes to this operation. Just wait and see.


  34. johan says

    I once mistakenly wandered into Central Park’s gay cruising section with some children. It was a bit scary having those muscle men leering and telling the kids not to touch the “balloons” on the ground. Though they liked the view from the castle.

  35. says

    Actually, the problem is big enough to merit police attention. The fact of the matter is that it is a PUBLIC park. It isn’t meant to be some shady sexland for fags who can’t hookup on Craigslist or at a bar like everyone else.
    The Chiefs comments target gay people because gay men are the one’s out there hooking up in parks. If it were a bunch of lesbians or straight people, the comment would have mentioned them. The fact is that the secret is out, the actions are dirty, and it is a particular group of people acting this way. Instead of trying to shift blame and create havoc with semantics, how about pushing those within our community to be a little more fucking responsible and self-aware. Then, we all wouldn’t be viewed as dirty whores who society has to put out extra effort to deal with.

  36. gregg says

    In my nyc experience, when you have park sex, you look for cover from prying eyes. Maybe some people want to be seen- exhibitionists. Some people meet in the park, and then make arrangements to go to an apartment. In ny, they chopped all the bushes down a few years ago where people would go to have some privacy. This made the act more visible. Then the police began entrapment procedures and started arresting people. I have seen straight people do it in the park. They seem less afraid of consequences from the police. But then they don’t have pre-ordained cruising grounds like us homos. For them it is a spur of the moment thing or not. Most guys who cruise ny central park are there for the adventure/danger of the experience, or they are immigrants who don’t fit in with the bar scene, or “straight”, or elderly. Like it or not, it has been around for quite a while and shows no sign of abating soon. It also serves as evidence of oppression. You might say the people who cruise the parks are self-hating, but they might perceive of themselves as “hated”. For all the strides we have made over the years, baby gays often still are facing isolation in the early years of their awakening to their sexual nature and its place in society/culture. It’s a complex issue, and can be fascinating to learn from. Remove the lense of judgement and replace it with plain and simple observation. Maybe this tactic would better serve all, the park goers and the people who have sex in them, if an understanding of the causes surrounding the behaviors were better understood.

  37. Will says

    This is why I love to live in Europe, I don’t have to deal with any of this bullshit. God, how I hate the mindset of so many american gays. Just too fucking puritanical and victorian for me. God forbid someone is having fun, doing something I’m too afraid to do, it is dirty, ew., etc. God forbid that we are scaring the horses and that odd child out walking with his/her mother in a park at 1 am.

    As a gay man old enough to have had to avoid holding my bf’s hand in a park just 20 years ago because of all the homophobia, I have no problem with the sex-crazed boys out for a stroll around midnight. These are our parks too. With that said, it would be nice if people disposed of the condoms in a more appropriate manner.

    And for those of you too young or too stupid to make the connection, where do you think you’d go without the internet??

  38. says

    Ok. Now that we’ve trotted out all the usual sides of the persistent “public sex” dilemma, picture this: You stroll into the wooded area of this park at 1AM, and you come to a stockaded area with an entrance and maybe a nice rain shelter over part of it. It is attended by park personnel (a night shift guy, trained in safer sex tech) who maintains order and safety, enforces the park rules of cleanliness, tidiness, smoking/drug use and safer sex, distributes condoms etc. Any adult, gay, bi or straight, m or f, can enter and have sex and leave. (Look overhead. There’s a surveillance camera. Why not? They’re everywhere else in public places. ) Wouldn’t this solve the problem and wouldn’t this be a good use of taxpayer funds? Even the internet will not erase the desire for this type of plein-air recreation, and it won’t go away as long as men come with testosterone. (I once had a lesbian remind me that there are also some women who like this type of behavior, so I shouldn’t exclude them). As promiscuous as I have been throughout my picaresque and ribald life, I would vastly prefer this as an option. Gay men who seek and find sexual release in parks, off highways and near beaches and at the gym leave all sorts of DNA and disgusting debris as they beat their hasty and nervous retreat. Shame on them, but shame on a culture that refuses to recognize this side of human nature and make accomodation. A mature culture would not deny the market but address it with an appropriate venue. Regulate it, turnstyle it, tax it, whatever it, but accomodate it in a way that is superior to using public funds for police to strategize, entrap, arrest, incarcerate and process those who seek casual sex in this way.

  39. Xbox says

    First of all… I hope people realize that the VAST majority of this activity is at NIGHT at like 3am, mostly after bars and clubs let out.

    So all you preachers screaming “will someone think of the children” need to understand that NO CHILDREN AND FAMILIES ARE IN THESE PARKS AT MIDNIGHT to 5am…. If you think they are, then you are more stupid then you comments lead you to believe.

    So the Police chief’s excuse for “protecting the families” is BS. The only problem i really see, IS the used condoms and things (I HIGHLY doubt sex toys are left behind, that stuff is costly- I think he is putting on an extra spin to make people care) being left in the park. This is a bit nasty to have children come and find that stuff.

    But lets get the facts str8… Str8 people have public sex just as much at places like “lovers lane” and all that. The only difference is, usually they know each other. But thats not the point. Public sex is public sex regardless if the two people know each other. Anything beyond that is semantics.

    Whether you are ok with public sex or not is up to you. But those men in the park are hardly bothering anyone, and no “family” is unsafe or needs to be afraid, because it’s not happening when they are there. Why don’t they crack down on parks where str8 ppl do this stuff to??

    Also anoteh rthing to add. this police beef up will barely do much, because being deep in a park at 3am where no one is, is BARELY considered truly “public” enough for charges to fully stick. Which is why you barely see ppl in large numbers getting arrested, because its a waste of time. All you’ll do is embarrass the person but thats about it. Most cases are thrown out. The police have to venture deep within the park, and actively SEARCH behind bushes and trees that no normal person can see on any given path in these parks. THAT far out of public view is a perceived level of privacy since NO ONE can see it. THIS is why every single case in that mass sex sting in boston in a park were all thrown out. None of the charges stuck, and the judge threw out every case.

    So this is more to make families “feel safe” BECAUSE IT WON’T STOP A THING.

  40. Mike says

    Since I haven’t seen any comments from anyone in Brockton, MA (forgive me if there are) where the park is located, let someone from Brockton tell you like it is, from the viewpoint of someone that used to go there.

    First of all, the activity in this park not late at night. It goes on from the minute the park opens (10-11am or whenever the police decide to unlock the gates) until the minute the park closes (officially 9pm, but usually somewhat earlier). While the park is closed, all entrances are gated so that there cannot be any vehicular access to the park. The park also spans two towns, Brockton and Avon. The predominately “gay side” of the park is entirely in Brockton although stuff does happen on the Avon side but with much less frequency.

    Here’s the bottom line guys.

    The legal term here in MA is Lewd and Lascivous conduct.

    In MA, although the cops will bust you for having sex outdoors, if you can have prove that you reasonably expected not to be seen by the general public, then it is not illegal. The problem is the lengths that one must go to in order to meet the “resonable expectation.” In addition, one better hope that you get a lenient/liberal judge.

    The main problem with this public sex area, as with most, from my point of view, is the closeted gay/bisexual/curious man that can’t/won’t find more constructive ways of expressing his sexual identity in his everyday life. In addition, there are guys that find the “risk” aspect of public sex a “turn-on” and need it to be able to perform. The classic definition of addiction, in this case sexual addiction.

    Then, there are those that have no consideration for anyone other than themselves. These are the people that are causing the problem; guys walking down the road grabbing their crotches, guys wearing next to nothing or very revealing clothing, people leaving their “trash” in plain view for everyone to see (i.e. hanging used condoms from tree branches), guys having sex or jerking off in plain view of where the general public (i.e. right on the paths in the woods, in their cars in the parking areas, etc.), and finally, guys that just can’t take “no”, “not interested” or “I’m all set” for an answer and make a scene for everyone else to see and/or hear.

    As for everyone else that doesn’t fit any of the aforementioned categories, i.e.: those who just like it outdoors, I have generally found those people to be the most courteous, responsible and discreet.

    What does anyone expect the police chief to do?? He’s got to enforce the laws of this city; for straight and gay alike. Public areas such as these are for the enjoyment of all, not just the straight and not just the gay. The idea of creating a gay park or a straight park harkens back to the time of “white only” restrooms and “white only” drinking fountains. Do we really want to go back to those times?

    The problem here is that no one has personal responsibility anymore, just like other areas of our society. While there is no justification for committing an illegal act, the fact that someone does nothing to be discreet about it creates a problem for us all. Unless we as a community propose a solution to the problem (and yes, it is a problem no matter how liberal you may be), those who are in a position to solve the problem can and will solve it for us. Unfortunately, if that happens, there is no choice other than to accept it and move on.

    So instead of complaining about the police chief, the puritanical New England laws, the straight community, etc., why not accept a small dose of personal responsibility and be discreet, mindful of others, and clean. That way, everyone can have fun and I won’t have to sit here and write another diatribe like this again.

  41. says

    Sure, Father Tony, “regulate it, turnstyle it, tax it, whatever it, but accomodate it…” – and then it’s not exciting anymore. It’s the thrill of getting away with the nasty in a public place that’s the big draw. You know that.
    If it’s supervision and fee-structure we want, we go to a bathhouse.

  42. Xbox says

    If someone is desperate enough to do it in the middle of the day in the park ON the path then yes they deserve to be caught and arrested.

    But the ppl doinG THAt are in the minority compared to the rest who do it late at night. When no one is around.

    And like I said… str8 ppl do the same damn thing, an dare just as “dirty” leaving “trash” behind. So get off your high horse.

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