ABC’s Stephen McPherson Not Happy with NBC’s Washington Grab


ABC entertainment president Stephen McPherson questioned whether NBC’s Ben Silverman, who earlier this month hired embattled actor Isaiah Washington for a guest spot on Bionic Woman and reportedly offered him a development deal, “was living in a cave” when he said he didn’t understand the circumstances surrounding Washington’s getting the shaft from ABC.

According to TV Guide, Silverman told reporters that he and Washington had conversations “before he became available.” Said Silverman: “When he told me he was available I was like, ‘You are? Wait, I don’t understand. What do you mean? You’re a huge star on a star television show. I don’t quite understand what had gone on there.”

McPherson’s reportedly not happy with the disregard or ignorance shown to the ABC situation: “If (Silverman) was in fact talking to him before he was available, that’s inducement to breach. So I don’t know, he’s either clueless or stupid.”

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