1. tony the tiger says

    Is that guy still running for president?

    He did such a lousy job on the debates he ought to be ashamed to run. It was like he wasn’t there. His whole “Campaign of Hope for America” appeears limited to him hoping to be the next president.

  2. thin mint says

    I like all his negatives — not being a beltway insider, not having bent over for the Republicans and supported the Iraq war.

    But it’s true he hasn’t really succeeded in defining a positive agenda for himself.

    It’s depressing to me that he won’t be the nominee because Hillary doesn’t have a prayer of winning the presidency — our best opportunity to win back the White House, and the nominee will probably be one of the few people in America more passionately hated than George Bush (not by me, but by many, many potential swing voters).

    It’s like the Dems have some kind of instinct for self-destruction — or as if the number two spot is comfortable enough that they don’t much want to leave it.

  3. says

    “He did such a lousy job on the debates he ought to be ashamed to run.”

    Oh please. If Dan Quayle, Bob Dornan, and Alan Keyes can run for the White House so can Obama. Did you ask them if they are ashamed of their campaigns? You are not required to vote for him but at least be fair in your criticism.

  4. tony the tiger says


    You are arguing that Obama should be entitled to run even though he is a crappy debater and has as much substance as a sheet of toilet paper just because Dan Quayle and Alan Keyes also were lousy debaters and got to run?

    That is a pretty lame argument (and I wasn’t saying Obama was plain dumb like Quayle or Keyes–he is just all show and no substance–he said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in the latest debate–it was all diabtribes and mumbling about HOPE this and HOPE that).

  5. says


    All I’m saying is this: US history is filled with people who thought they could be President. Obama has the right to join that list and should be no more ashamed than the others who ran for the office. That’s my only point.

  6. tony the tiger says


    Your argument that anyone can run for president has inspired ME to run for president as an independent! Don’t forget to vote for me in November!


  7. thin mint says

    As soon as we get out of primaries, every advantage Hillary has over Obama becomes a liability.

    Nominating her is the most self-destructive thing the Democrats could do.

  8. nic says

    if george “dubya” can be president, ANYONE (who was born in this country) can be president. and how in hell would oprah end up livivng in the white house? idiot.

  9. Tony the Tiger says

    I can’t be president because I am a foreign-born feline (born in Canada). You have to be born in the United States and human to be president. I guess that still doesn’t explain Bush.

  10. PC says

    Nice Terry Richardson pics. Except the photo on the right, with Obama checking his watch, is a bit contrived and wooden.

    But, wow, having a risqué photographer and author (“Terryworld”) shooting Obama, and Obama being cool about it? Sweet.

  11. Brandon says

    Obama has no substance? Yeah, he’s just an empty-headed Harvard Law graduate. Please! The issue isn’t that he has no substance. I think it’s really that Obama doesn’t speak in soundbites and give raw meat answers. That’s why I like him. His responses are measured and thoughtful.

  12. says

    Hes looks good and black their i said it that is why people want to vote for him.

    Its is such a well lets follow what we heard the same people who heard about darfur through george cloney and could not tell you if darfur is in the north or south or east or west of sudan if they get the country right and they dont know who tom de lay is have never been out the country and think you can go to france and order french fries i just got out of highschool my rant is backed up. So please do not put him on here. SUre hes smart and was probably on the honor roll so are the people i just described but come on


    Obama should have waited until the 2012 election so he could prove himself in the Senate.

    He got greedy and reached for the stars too soon. Even John Kennedy had more experience under his belt.

    I think what is going to bring him down is his relative lack of experience. I am MUCH better candidate because I pretty much ran the White House for my hubby for eight years.


  14. Brandon says

    Hill, glad to see you check out this blog. Listen, if you ran the White House for eight years, why didn’t you just tell Bill to come clean about Monica? You could have saved the country a lot of stress and the taxpayers a lot of money.

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