Isaiah Washington Grateful for Second Chances

Isaiah Washington talked to the Associated Press about his upcoming extended guest star role on the new fall show Bionic Woman:

Isaiahw“I’m humbled by this opportunity. What I always wanted to put at the forefront is my creativity, that thing I want to do, which is act…If there are issues with other actors (he is referring to a tiff about cast tardiness with Patrick Dempsey that he says began the whole incident), it’s not my problem. I’m not a hero, babysitter, big brother. I’m the employee, too.”

And NBC’s Ben Silverman recalled his decision to hire the actor following his firing: “[I thought] ‘Gosh, it would great to get him, get a great actor on our air.’ It’s like A-Rod leaving the Yankees in midseason…I really thought about him as an actor. I feel like he’s a wonderful actor and everyone deserves a second chance.”