Matt Damon Jokes That George Clooney is Gay


Even more Matt Damon for you. Though joking, Damon apparently spends a good amount of time thinking about man-on-man action. Monsters and Critics reports on his ongoing obsession with George Clooney’s sexuality: “George is gay. Everybody knows that. But honestly, I never realised he was gay – even when he was b***ing me off!”
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  1. Jonathan says

    Amusingly enough, George Clooney IS gay. My parents spend a lot of time in Lake Como where he lives and he most decidedly has a boyfriend who he lives with. and even more funny, the waiter at the restaurant where they eat often showed my parents a picture of George Clooney, his boyfriend and, you geussed it, Matt Damon, having dinner there. I guess the best defense is this kind of offense.

  2. Becks07 says

    I won’t get into a debate about whether the photo your parents saw is what it is or not. What I will say is that any service worker in Europe that isn’t a pre-verbal retard knows they could sell that picture to the tabloids and never have to work again. So, I guess I just don’t understand what’s going on there…

  3. Jonathon says

    Let’s face it, George Clooney could probably have anybody he wanted, male or female. I’ve been a fan since his days on “Roseanne” as “Booker”, mullet and all.

    Even if he’s not “family”, he certainly is a friend to the gay community and to progressives overall. That said, Clooney can put his loafers under my bed any time he’d like!

  4. BVC says

    *yawn* Another celebrity who may or may not be gay… Must be a slow news day.

    But seriously… these boys are notorious for torturing each other like drunk cigarette lighter wielding frat guys with unclad pledging freshman so this doesn’t even blip on my radar. Next!

  5. David says

    I’ve heard the same thing about George Clooney and the place in Italy where he lives. That he’s pretty much out there. And besides what does a picture of George Clooney, Matt Damon and someone else prove as far as selling it goes?

  6. liev says

    Jonathan, that waiter is my cousin and he’s a congenital liar. He also claims your parents said you were adopted.

  7. Becks07 says

    Well the mere mention of the photo (unseen) inspires a thread here so I’m thinking printing it in a tabloid (with obligatory sensational headline that walks *just* this side of libel) might engender a few people to buy the tab and, thus, make the purchase price worth it.

    I was probably overstating the financial benefit to the waiter, but the tabs will pay $1000 for a picture of a celebrity picking mud out of their shoe soles, so this would have to put a little money in the guy’s pocket…

  8. Jordan says

    One word…..BORING
    Sounds just like uptight straight guys who like to torture and play jokes on each other endlessly.

    If there were any truth whatsoever to George being gay, some tabloid would have sniffed out proof with a photo and ran with it long ago.

    It’s just them playing pranks and practical jokes, which they are notorious for. As much as we would LIKE certain guys to BE one of us, that doesn’t make them play for our team, fellas!

    Until I see evidence otherwise or he comes out, I’m just not that naive.

  9. digger_nyc says

    Anybody else think it a tad strange that there’s an Ann Coulter ad on the bottom on this page?

  10. anon ( says

    ..And Clooney was only joking when he referred to Damon as “beautiful, even in death” for being “outed”.

  11. Jonathan says

    George Clooney made some comment a few months ago about “dating a man to throw off the paparrazzi.” This has become a little too much of a daily theme/occurrence where he’s concerned. My mother’s not an idiot. She’s in Como 3 or 4 months out of the year. He has a boyfriend. I don’t give two sh*ts if anyone else believes it. I don’t even think he’s attractive so there’s no wishful thinking here. And I suppose Travolta was just being “affectionate” with his male nanny too. Give me a break.

  12. Becks07 says

    Hey if Ann Coulter is good enough for Andy, she’s good enough for me. I’m gonna buy that book — at the same time I subscribe to DNA and buy me a dildo at Sergeant Supply…

  13. Jordan says

    Well it would certainly explain many things…still being single, never being linked with a particular woman, etc., but I still think, “who cares?”

    He IS a star, granted, but is FAR from being that drop-dead gorgeous. There are many much better-looking men out there. And as for Travolta? PLEASE, what a joke. Who? He wasn’t even good-looking when he was young. He is bloated looking now and looks like he could stand to lose like 75 lbs.

    George or the studios might have an “agreement” worked out with the press not to spill a secret, since it would not only ruin his career, but destroy the fantasy of countless women, and thus lose the studios (& press) millions in revenue, but since the days of the “studio-ran career” of the stars are over, I doubt it.

    It’s all SO not even worth the time or effort to waste thinking about it, but what are we doing? Just that….

    They could all fuck John Travolta’s cows for all I care.

  14. Jonathan says

    Jordan. I agree wholeheartedly. It was just because Andy posted this that I wrote anything.

  15. anon ( says

    Generally speaking, having people in the public eye out, or at least not cowering in the closet is good for the gay community, in case you’ve all forgotten. If you are 30+ and out you’ve probably forgotten being a scared teenager worried about getting kicked out of your house and/or losing your friends.

  16. ggreen says

    I’ve noticed that this blog attracts a large group of celebrity worshipers. Say anything gay or even mildly derogatory about their celebrity or their celebrity’s work and you get flamed with their wrath. It seems like they are getting paid to defend their celebrities by a viral PR firm, one that specializes in denial of gay rumors and defending scientologists. Most of these posters only post once or maybe twice then they’re gone. Wise up folks these paid defenders are playing you.

  17. Oscar says

    I don’t know whether George is gay or not but for sure is that Matt has a great ass. Did anybody notice it in the pictures of Matt surfing in Hawaii with BFF Ben Affleck?. Gay or not, I’m sure that George will bang that ass given the opportunity and I’m sure the opportunity was given. Otherwise what are BFFs for?. We know that BFF Ben had it, he (Ben) said it at the opening of SNL when he refered to “the manly action” him and Matt had when they were aspiring actors in Hollywood and lived together. Nothing wrong on helping your friends in a time of NEED.

  18. Joe in the OC says

    The house in Lake Cuomo is staffed with beautiful Italian boys and “boy” parties with “in the know” friends are common. This is common knowledge among the local gay scene in Italy and elsewhere in Europe. I don’t know why people are so surprised about “actors” being bisexual. It is inherent to the job. Obviously they are people who have never worked with, hung out with, or met them regularly. Grow up!

  19. Crixi Van Cheek says

    YIKES! Towelroad accepts money from Coultergeists!!!
    Andy please don’t sell out to the Republicunts.

  20. Becks07 says

    @ JOE IN THE OC: “Lake Cuomo” — LOL Sounds like youi have some real common knowledge there, Buster.

  21. Damien says

    Andy sold out. I guess Blog ad revenues weren’t doing the trick. Next he’ll allow advertising for the GOP. Ay, yay yay…

  22. Mo mo mo says

    Folks, Clooney is a homo. The entire world has figured it out. Why does it takes homosexual men so long to?

  23. Joshua says

    Oscar….if anyone got their butt tapped in the Damon/Affleck pairing , it was Ben baby. A power bottom if I ever saw one……lol

    As for Cloony….who knows….I assumed he hit both sides of the hall when I was 16….to many signs there. As to the European Gay community knowing it all….bullshit, I spend 7 months a year in Europe and I’m part of the gay community in several countries and have heard no such thing.

  24. Jordan says

    Why do we all care so much? Why does it matter who fucks whom? It is all so utterly boring it makes me want to start drinking (even earlier in the day).

    And WHY is that ugly cunt’s picture at the bottom of the screen of all places? Shouldn’t it be on the wall of a Republican Propaganda Headquarters someplace?…(or a truckstop restroom?)…(or advertising a dog pound somewhere?)

  25. stephen says

    The only reason i would care whether George was gay was if he was getting sandwiched by Matt Damon and Brad Pitt!

    Other than that, i’m not concerned

  26. Jay says

    Jonathan is telling the truth about Clooney.

    As for Damon, he is more like a power bottom, at least he was while in Melbourne Australia back in 2005.

  27. BC says

    George Clooney isn’t gay. He’s my biological father and I wish all of you would just shut up already. The parties are for me. I’m twenty-two and I’m gay and out. But I don’t think it’s necessary to broadcast my sexuality to the entire world simply because my father is a recognized actor. If you think it’s a scandal to have a child out of wedlock twenty years ago then perhaps you have a story I guess.

  28. CHANCE says

    I think we have much more to concern ourselves than who is gay and who is not. Homosexuality is as old as time. Move on!!!