Matt Damon Wary of Making “Gay” Move with Ben Affleck


Didn’t get to this item last week, but Matt Damon’s interview in the most recent issue of GQ contained this little nugget about what he and Ben Affleck did with their first big paycheck:

Mattdamongq“We both bought Jeep Grand Cherokees. It was funny, because Ben and I, we both always wanted a Jeep Grand Cherokee for some reason. That was the car. We always talked about it but never could afford one. So when we suddenly had the money, we each instantly started trying to convince each other to get a different car. We’d say, ‘Hey, have you seen the Explorer? The Ford Explorer is really cool.’ Because we knew it would just be so gay to get the same car.”

And a gay car at that.

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  1. nycredneck says

    Not really sure why this is interesting. It would be a little “gay” to get the same car. Just like it’s a little “gay” when couples, straight or gay, wear the same color or something.

  2. Sean R says

    I don’t like the ‘gay’ word being used to sell stuff. A bit tired of this faffy induendo from Hollywood stars. Mr Damon: you’re a great actor, and can’t wait for the next Bourne film, but whether you’re gay or not I don’t care, but please use “gay” as a joke term advisedly. We’re part of your fan base, not a joke. You wouldn’t use the N word to make such a casual joke….

    MT above is right, I shouldn’t get het up over this. Have some tea and calm down.

  3. Jordan says

    Matt really needs to get over himself. He is SO not hot and never has been. Ben, however, is hot in a way Matt could never be, but he and Jen make a perfect couple.

    I agree though now that Matt is a little TOO obsessed with all things gay than normal straight guys usually are. Wonder what’s going on there? Plus, that “wife” of his is just too damn ugly to be legit.

  4. gino says

    We all know that there is a subsection of the straight guy world, the frat guy, who tries to be so masculine that they do homoerotic things, and use the word gay like its going out of style.

    I’ve heard stories of straight guys doing things to each other gay guys would never dream of. Matt is just a frat boy, so of course he’s going to call George Clooney gay, not want to get the same car as Ben Affleck, and chug a beer then smash the can on his forehead.

    It’s textbook. It’s boring.

  5. says

    Agree with Jordan on Matt’s wifey, whoa! But Matt was hot, but several years back. He did W&G episodes and even Talented Mr. Ripley, but this GQ interview is pretty insulting. He even sneaks in the short ‘f-word’ slur.

  6. says

    Looks like Matt and Ben have changed their tune since then. They are now working to educate folks on energy independence and global warming and have just released a series of short videos called “Project Phin.” Quite amusing.

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