New Jersey Governor Corzine Asks UPS to Observe Civil Union Laws

Following statements by the United Parcel Service that it would not be offering same-sex couples registered in civil unions in New Jersey the same benefits as married couples because the company’s policies follow federal (and not state) law, Governor Jon Corzine has asked UPS to change its policies.

UpsCorzine said, in a letter: “Surely, as a company with a long-standing commitment to its employees and the community, UPS would not want to make its employees and their families face these difficult choices based on the subtleties of the interaction of federal and state law.”

The governor’s efforts were praised by Lambda Legal. Said attorney David Buckel: “It’s quite a governor who reaches out to help a couple families like this. We don’t know if we’ll get a letter from the governor for each family and each company.”

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  1. Bill says

    I’m thinking (hoping) UPS is actually purposely doing this as a favor to us. It illustrates how separate is not equal. I’ve had a lot of people say to me over the past few years, “why do you need the name marriage, why not civil unions?” I explain to them that everything would have to be re-written to include civil unions and they just poo-poo me away. Well here it is in the real world, “you’re not married, you can’t have it”. I hope more companies do it so the law can be changed to allow for marriage.

  2. MikEM says

    Lets all stop using UPS as a service. While being gay may not be a choice, the delivery service we use is a choice.

    As we say in the USMC: F… em and the horse they rode in on…!

  3. Zeke says

    It’s actually Corzine that people should be directing their anger toward.

    He and the rest of the wimps who foisted this separate and unequal law onto the people of New Jersey are to blame for this issue, not UPS.

    And as a person who negotiated union contracts for six years I can assure you that what UPS is saying is absolutely true. They do offer the spousal benefits to non-union employees but CAN’T offer them to union employees unilaterally until the union contract is amended to allow it. That is an inconvenient truth that we cannot overlook.

    Corzine needs to stop writing letters to UPS and start standing up for FULL equality for ALL New Jersey citizens! That would be the first step in fixing the mess that he helped to make.

  4. anon ( says

    What Corzine is worried about is that the NJSC has ruled that if the implementation of the NJ marriage law was not de facto equal, then they would be open to a new suit by aggrieved parties to declare the law themselves. That is, if the state legislature fails to make gay marriage equal to str8 marriage then the NJSC will make it equal should a new suit arise. Corzine knows that this would not only make him look bad but would be an unpopular ruling given the polls.

  5. Stephen says

    It seems the NJ legislature will have to re-write the law so that civil unions are tantamount to marriage. If they don’t, the NJSC would probably step in and force their hand or overrle them.
    Civil unions should provide the same benefits that married people currently are provided.

  6. Zeke says

    Oh, surprise, surprise, it’s shoulda, coulda, woulda Stephen. Just a couple of months ago he was here trumpeting that Civil Unions were the SAME as marriage and would provide ALL the same rights.

    Of course he also claims that domestic partnerships and private contracts and “I love you do you love me? Check (X)YES or ( )NO” love notes are official contracts that provide the same rights and responsibilities as marriage without letting the dirty homosexuals tarnish the REAL, hetero only, properly aligned inny-outy breedy parts institution of GEN-U-WINE sacred marriage.

    Sorry Stephen ole boy; wrong again.

  7. Stephen says

    IF Congress or any state legislature wanted to, laws could be enacted for same sex couples under the title of civil unions or domestic partnerships that would afford the same benefits that maried couples enjoy.

    But a man and a man or a woman and a woman do NOT marry. It’s an affront to those who have made their vows before God.

  8. Zeke says

    I made my vows before God and it is FULLY supported by my Christian church, the United Church of Christ. You’ve already told everyone here that my son is basically a bastard; are you now also saying that my marriage is affront to REAL citizens and REAL children of God.

    You don’t speak for me Stephen; you don’t speak for all straight people; you don’t speak for all Christians and you sure as HELL don’t speak for God.

    It tickles me to the bone to see that America is moving in the direction of marriage equality and much faster than ANYONE would have imagined. The world is passing you by Stephen, and I for one couldn’t be more pleased to see it.


  9. Theodore says

    I just sent this to UPS via their website:

    “Based on UPS’ decision to withhold from same-sex domestic partners benefits and rights identical to those offered to married couples, I resolve to:

    -do everything in my power to discourage my company from using UPS. This includes, in lieu of using UPS: faxing and emailing all documents, using snail mail, and asking vendors not to send samples, or other materials via UPS

    Personally, I resolve to
    – choose other options for delivery when making purchases via catalog, online store, direct TV, etc. This means using regular mail, FexEx or other carrier, or actually visiting a store.

    This personal embargo against UPS will remain in effect until UPS rescinds its decision not to accord its workers in same-sex domestic partnerships the same rights and respect as their married colleagues.

    Yours Truly,

    Theodore ———“

  10. Stephen says

    So be it Zeke, if I choose to hold onto my beliefs and faith while so many people subject themselves to whatever way the wind seems to be blowing.
    True Christianity does not support homosexuality. How then, can it ever support marriage of the same sexes?
    When you can convince me of that, I will support marriage equality.

  11. Ibelievenluv says

    While you have the right to make statements that cast Gay Christians as immoral for wanting to be married you fail to realize that your religion does not own God.
    Gays are not the lesser children of God.
    Your idolization of the Bible is not acceptable in many other Christian faiths so please stop forcing it on everyone.

    If you want to continue to use the “facts” in the Bible to condemn others then I suggest you show the facts of 600 year old Noah building a huge boat for two of every animal. That would be two of a hundred thousand of animal species. Noah lived another 350 years after the flood and yet there is absolutely no proof that he ever existed. The Bible also list Noah’s descendents who also had life spans that extended for centuries and yet again there is absolutely no evidence to support that they ever existed. I could go on about many of the other Biblical stories but if Genesis with the story of Noah as well as Lott and Abram aren’t literally true stories then how is anything else in the Bible factual.

    If the Bible makes false statements then that would mean that your morality is false and that your judgment of others is nothing more than hatemongering.

    And since you enjoy using the Bible to judge your brothers then I suggested that you read Romans 14

    Peace be with you

  12. Zeke says


    I’ve been trying to get Stephen to admit that he wasn’t gay for months now. He refused to answer saying that it was irrelevant. I think it is COMPLETELY relevant to understanding his point of view.

    FINALLY he slips up and admits that we gays are condemned in the Bible.

    Keep this in mind every time you hear him blathering on and on about why the homos shouldn’t marry.

    Thank Stephen. It took a while but your true colors finally slipped through.

    You are a straight troll.

    Get a life and stop slumming with the queers.

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