Rugby Icon Ian Roberts Battled Slurs with Kisses


Gay rugby icon-turned-actor Ian Roberts is looking fantastic in the pages of the upcoming “Sex” issue of The Advocate, where he’s featured in a cover story.

Ianroberts2_2Roberts discusses the difficulties of breaking into Hollywood, and goes into great detail about his recently-wrapped up involvement in trials surrounding the murder of gay teen Arron Light, which I’ve posted about here extensively.

Roberts also discusses his coming out in 1995, which was prompted by a “degrading” article in an Australian tabloid:

“I enjoyed the actual moment. It was empowering to be out. All the confusion that had been part of my life suddenly vanished. When the whole world knew I was gay, I wasn’t angry anymore. It’s a whole clash about what it means to be a man, about masculinity. People would say, ‘You must be the exception to the rule [of what gay men are like]. You don’t swish around, you’re not a cross-dresser.'”

Also noted is the strategy he used when fans would shout “faggot” or “cocksucker” from the stands. He’d return the slurs with a wink, or something more direct:

“If anything, I took it as a compliment. If they were, by any chance, cute, I’d give them a cute kiss at some point during the game. It became a rugby league story—if you got kissed by me on the field, you weren’t half bad to look at.”

The issue hits newsstands on July 17th.

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  1. Becks07 says

    I just ran back to the alley to see if he was on that couch back there but, alas, it must be somewhere else…

    Holy fuck.

  2. anon ( says

    I wonder if it is more difficult for athletes to realize they are gay. Are they more delusional in this regard? (Mind over matter–like evangelicals claim to possess.)

  3. Xavier says

    Oh. My. God. Id really like to get the wink. And the kiss. Does rugby give you that body? Darn!

  4. mark m says

    “Faggot” and “Cocksucker” will get you a wink or a kiss? My god, what do I have to yell at him to get more??????

  5. cory says

    Mark M: LOL seriously…

    Does any one know if he has an official website or Myspace page?

  6. Rob (lrdarystar) says

    Forget making soccer the big thing in the USA…

    Let’s make Rugby the next big thing! Mr. Roberts, if you please…

  7. Leland says

    I’d like to ask everyone to please bow their heads a moment and send out a little prayer to Reichen who intimates [all 8,242] tell me he is deeply depressed because “The Advocate” failed to put him on their “sex” cover again. Here’s hoping you get everything you deserve, Ricky.

  8. Jaimie says

    Okay, seriously. This guy is so fugly. I’ve met him in person twice and CANNOT get past that busted face. I’m thinking of starting a rehab for gays who just luuuuv steroidy brutes. This whole strange need to absolutely smothered by a large mass.

  9. AudiJim says

    C’mon – if you cannot see some beauty in everything, it’s truly sad for you.

  10. Cory says

    Ms Jaimie F, get off my website, this is MY territory LOL. I didn’t know you read Andy’s blog. Small world. Miss you babe. If I come to San diego next weekend I’ll stop up and see you (so you can intro me to Ian lol).

  11. peterparker says

    I also think Ian Roberts is hot. But I see him from time to time in West Hollywood, and he is always with some disturbingly young looking guy. I’m talking I-just-graduated-from-high-school young. Besides, that whole story about that kid Aron Light just showing up on his doorstep in Australia and Roberts taking him into his home (even though Light was underage at the time) was just too weird.

  12. Gregoire says

    Actually, I dont care if he’s cute or not, his outlook is incredible. I cant even imagine how difficult it was being a man out of the closet and in the spotlight as a sports star in the 90s.

  13. Landis says

    His legs are not flabby – he’ll probably outrun you Tony.

    Ian does have a fugly face tho, but he is kind of hot at the same time. Its like staring at an bloody accident – can’t take your eyes off him.

    And yes PeterParker, the implication was was disconcerting, even if it was nice of him to take the kid in.

  14. anon ( says

    Not a pretty face, but there is a nude beach in Hawai’i he should visit.

  15. IAN ROBERTS says

    Thanks guys for all of your kind words! I greatly appreciate it!

    Now that I got away with that assault scot free I plan to visit the states sometime soon.

    Look out for me on the cover of the Advocate this month!!!


  16. tony the tiger says

    I CANNOT believe that Ian Roberts actually reads this site! That is SO cool. I thought this site was strictly for total geeks like me.

  17. JT says

    Tee, hee. That’s so funny.

    Actually, it’s this kind of shit that makes me want Mike to somehow verify that people are using valid email addresses.

  18. Ian Roberts says

    Hey!!! Whoever left that earlier post claiming to be Ian Roberts is an imposter!

    I am the real Ian Roberts. I would never have admitted to committing that assault on this site! What do you take me for?? Some meathead like the rest of you.

    Truly yours, the real Ian Roberts.

  19. tony the tiger says


    Why are you such a hater? Ian Roberts is a personal friend of mine and I can confirm to everyone here that is his real email address. (“Landis” is clearly not your real name judging from your email address.) Everyone on this site should use their real birth name like I do.

    Tony the Tiger.

  20. says

    As the author of the article, “Meet Ian Roberts,” which is currently being discussed on this site, I’m thrilled at the buzz it’s clearly already generating.

    While I’m delighted by the positive comments about Ian’s courage (and of course his terrific photographs), the negative ones are perplexing, if ultimately fairly typical of a certain type of bitchy queen who has been rejected, more than once, by big, strong, unattainable men, and who never pass up the chance to trash one when they can do it anonymously on a blog.

    Yes, girlfriend, it’s very sad that the captain of the captain of your highschool football team flushed your head in the toilet, or locked you in your locker in highschool. Here’s a Kleenex…come here and have a hug. And while I agree taking catty personal shots that the average 13 year old girl would be embarrassed to put on her MySpace page is cheaper than therapy, highschool was a long time ago, and it might be time to deal with unresolved issues—highschool was a long, long time ago.

    And as for this terrible need to impress us all by inserting yourselves in Ian Roberts’ story [ie: “I’ve met him in person twice and…blah, blah, blah” or “I see him from time to time in West Hollywood and…blah, blah, blah”], yes Mary, we get it. You’re so A-list and in-the-know it makes our eyes water. You’re a superstar, yes, that’s what you are! Now, run along and make sure you aren’t late for your shift at Cinnabon.

    It’s wonderful to read posts by people who have enough class and respect to recognize that Ian Roberts is a real person, and sites like this are read by him, his partner, his friends, and his family. As the first and only elite male athlete to come out while still playing his sport—arguably the toughest and most macho sport extant—and then keep playing it as an out gay man, I believe his courage might warrant more than sour, bitchy one-liners from people hiding behind untraceable screen names, people for whom courage is the one accessory they’ve never managed to master.

    I don’t imagine that the authors of the catty posts will bother to actually read the article (nothing about their posting style suggests that they read much of anything) but for the others, I hope that you do.

    Ian’s story is an extraordinary one, a story of courage, compassion, personal decency, and a relentless search for honesty in the face of a world, and a sport, that would have preferred him to keep his head down, and remain in the closet. In twenty years of interviewing, I’ve rarely encountered a story as powerful as his. It was a privilege to write. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

    And yes, he’s SMOKING hot. :-)

    Michael Rowe

  21. tony the tiger says


    If Ian Roberts is the wonderful person you describe in your post (which I am sure he is) he will be deeply offended by your attempt to characterize the people making these posts as freaks and geeks. Your post displays the kind of vapid snobbery which clearly Ian Roberts does not embrace. I think Ian would be ashamed to be associated with you after reading all the nasty things you put in your post (if that is really your post). GET A LIFE.

    Tony the Tiger

  22. Ron Oliver says

    hey you know what? I directed the movie he’s in and i can tell you a couple things – 1) he’s a helluva guy and one of the warmest, most real and most gracious human beings I know and 2) the earlier post with its rather sleazy suggestion of impropriety is the exact reason why we, as gay men, are never going to graduate beyond being considered 15 year old girls. Having said that, I don’t give a rat’s ass what you people babble about on this website (Tony I don’t know what you’re smoking but i hope you brought enough for the whole class) as long as you show up for the movie! Ron Oliver. PS – Michael Rowe MAY be a snob, but he is not a VAPID snob!!

  23. anon ( says

    Mike: where have you been the past ten years? Outer Mongolia?? There is nothing unusual about the posts here–it’s standard stuff for forums–I’m sure Ian’s heard much worse (speaking of Kleenex). You expect only fawning silliness? Great job selling your story. Stick with an editor, don’t fly solo.

  24. says

    I was the doctor who delivered him when he was born, and I can tell you he was a great baby. Hardly ever cried.

  25. Tony the Tiger says


    The last time I checked each issue of the Advocate was thinner than a patch of toilet paper with much less substance. Noone even advertises in it. (As most of you probably already know the Advocate’s parent company is almost bankrupt, thanks to mismanagement at OUT Magazine, and is taking the Advocate down with it.) Having Ian Roberts on the cover is pretty much a death knell I suppose. It used to be a political magazine with important news information but its association with Out Magazine has brought it down to Out Magazine’s level. (The Advocate turned itself into another fluff magazine and in the process destroyed itself.) Perhaps Ian Robert’s Cover on Advocate will be its last issue before Advocate goes belly up in which case it would be a nice collector’s item!!!

  26. Landis says

    Tony the Tiger.

    Not a hater. Just pointing out the facts.

    And by the way, Tony you claimed to be a doctor in a previous argument with me. Later on, you claim to be a lawyer. Who’s the fake now?

    Landis is OF COURSE an alias. Duh. I’m bored.

  27. Landis says

    btw, i tested out the iroberts@aol email address 0.5 hour ago (killing time after a big project), it does not exist.

  28. ron Oliver says

    chrisB — you are my hero. that’s the funniest thing i’ve read all day — and I’m reading comedy scripts! RO

  29. tony the tiger says

    I am changing the name I use to post to Landis.

    LANDIS (formerly tony the tiger)

  30. john mcarren says

    IS IAN ROBERTS STILL ONLINE? (He posted earlier.) I think he should settle this argument because it is of course all about him.

  31. LANDIS says

    Are we done with this post? I am not sure whether it is time to move on to the next one.

    LANDIS (formerly Tony the Tiger)*

    *former title for transition period only

  32. Laughing says

    you tragic bitter queens are beyond pathetic. Get out of your parents’ basement and stop jerking off to his pic while trying to tear him down at the same time.

  33. LANDIS says

    what is so tragic about being a “bitter queen”? I like quite content being a bitter queen. I would much rather be bitter than happy.

    LANDIS (formerly tony the tiger)

  34. atheist says

    I saw IR interviewed in the UK some years ago and I must say, he came across as a very nice, natural, unaffected, well- adjusted, honest and modest guy. It was those qualities that I found attractive rather then just the way he looked.

  35. mark m says

    Michael, I share your point of view regarding the knee jerk reaction of many gay men when confronted with the celebrity of a muscular, masculine gay role model.

    But I also have to agree with another comment that points out that the remarks here are typical of almost any forum on any subject: gay, straight, etc. Flames and trolls are just the collateral damage we have to put up with on the Internet. And the negative comments here were few compared to the positive ones and even the negative ones were tame compared to what I’ve seen on other threads.

    I’m sure Ian has a thick skin. He couldn’t have weathered the storm of coming out in a macho sport if he didn’t. Mean queens are probably the least difficult personalities he’s had to deal with.

  36. mark m says

    As for his looks… handsome and sexy don’t always go hand in hand. I’ve seen plenty of handsome men who had ZERO sexual charisma and quite a few men like Ian who weren’t conventionally handsome, but had tons of sex appeal.

    I’ll take the latter, thanks.

  37. carlos says

    Sure Ian was a hottie back in the day of the Blue magazine shoot, but now ?

    Anyone see him on Dancing with the stars ? What a shame … what an uncoordinated clumsy simpering crybaby …….long gone is the hot rugby playing man …sadly

  38. Marc says

    I hear about all this stuff about Ian wanting to act and his difficulty finding work in Hollywood????

    Can he actually act?

  39. Jaimie says

    God! The author of this Advocate piece was such a douche! (Should I be surprised?) All I was saying was I thought Ian was fug. But I’m sure the author and Ian are still BFFs. (If Ian remembers his name.)

  40. Jaimie says

    Oh, and Michael Rowe, PS: way to go on a tirade railing against catty fags and then write the bitchiest post on the planet. Take your “rugby is the manliest sport” drivel and ride it like your jumbo dildo.

  41. jmg says

    “Michael, I share your point of view regarding the knee jerk reaction of many gay men when confronted with the celebrity of a muscular, masculine gay role model.”

    girl. please. could we have a definition of “masculine”?

  42. Thundermussy says

    LOL. I gotta admit this thread is hysterial….first the rugby queen wants the world to stand at attention because he played the “most masculine” sport of THEM ALL..but his feelings are hurt by some people thinking he’s dog faced (sorry, the man was cute but now has steriod face)and then..his editor/writer/stalker jumps on the webiste calling for a cease and desist and to give Ian “the respect that he is entitled to” (cue thunder claps and lighting))…first, Ian you need to get a life it seems, if after all the mountains you’ve climbed and blah blah,,.you are upset because some people think you’re busted in the face…and to the writer…girl, this is a blog,,,not your mama’s house…we’ll write what we want, how we want, about who we want and under any name we want….we’re queer…with no fear….we’re over you….

  43. Thundermussy says

    ps. nobody said Ian wasn’t nice…i’m sure he is…he better be with that mug and those flabby thighs.

  44. Draigon says

    The cover shot was good… but I think the one on the couch thing makes his inner thighs look unconditioned, and doesn’t flatter his muscles. The blue shorts are supposed to draw the eye to his package, but in doing that… well, it also draws the eye to flaccid inner thighs. The lighting picks up the pale underside of his left arm, the shiny leather of the couch right next to his ass, and makes his inner thighs look more pudding like than they really are, especially with the shadow on the inside of his right knee. The light also washes out his cuts… as in the ‘muscle cuts’ or definition of muscle tone. Blame the photographer for that one.

    The photographer also stripped away his powerful masculinity and dominance when they had him pose his leg that’s touching the ground in a way that’s like a girl. If he had that foot planted firm on the ground, with the leg almost upright, it would have tightened the thigh, and it would have pushed his package up a little more, making it more prominent… and also would have been a visually dominant pose. You’d still be able tp see the small triangle, for those into the suggestive ‘ass’ shots. If only that leg had been moved, it would say ‘c’mere NOW’… but with the leg loose and at an angle, his upper body says ‘c’mere NOW’ and his lower body says ‘tee hee’. The stripes in the socks… almost visually on the same ‘line’ with each other, only make the ‘spread eagle like a chick’ pose stand out more. To get the shot right, the photographer would have stood more to the right, so the couch was at more a diagonal, and that would have allowed a better shot of gap between his legs, too. He would need to move the light away more, allowing for some shadow. Since Ian’s got a flat gut, and wearing a tight shirt… the pose would also have propped his torso more upright… more commanding… on the couch… and shown off the definition of his chest better.

    There’s nothing seductive, expensive, dark or mysterious about it. It’s unfair to Ian, unless he wanted that soft feminine look. I don’t like the pic, and I think they screwed it all up. It doesn’t seduce the eye, and the outfit is… well… cheap. I think they could have done better if they stripped him down to a bare chest and pair of dockers that were almost nearly unzipped, put him on the couch, with one arm behind his head, like he has it, and the other on his thigh, palm up, very close to his crotch… it would look like he was beckoning you to come over, kneel down, and take a peek inside the pants. Or, have the dockers nearly off, wearing something snug under ’em, and that would have shown off his ‘assets’… but the bright blue gym shorts and socks, just don’t cut it. They must be trying to appeal to the really young crowd with that outfit. It doesn’t look like a rugby outfit… because the pose doesn’t come across as a rugby player pose. If some of you bitchy queens had a trained eye, instead of just drooling over his crotch, you’d be able to tell that he still has a powerful body, and that the pose and lighting is what makes him look weak.

    Ian appears to be a very deep, very intelligent, and very compassionate person… you can see his sex appeal and beauty in the more candid photos they have linked on the page. He IS a man… he has the body of a man… and the strength of a man… and that kind of sex appeal is hard to come by in a world filled with pouting… well… you know. Dime a dozen.

    And speaking of that: the writer, Rowe, proved his point. Some of you ARE shallow, bitchy queens… it’s obvious in how you’ve phrased your opinions on this forum. I’ve read Rowe’s work in the Advocate before, and I’ve read some of his books. You’ve judged him based on a sampling taken from an article this month. What you should do is grow a set of balls, and wait until the full article comes out. But, go ahead, be quick to judge. Lord knows you’ve done that all your life, which is why you probably have nothing better to do than post bitchy comments on a second rate forum. Get back to me when you’re ready to make an INFORMED opinion, girls.

    Ta ta now. >snap<

  45. Draigon says

    And I will clarify… Ian is a handsome man. If you’ve seen him in a match, you’d be amazed at his grace and power on the field. His face is pleasing to look at, and I’m sure any one of you would love to have his lips pressed up to yours… so quit yer bitching already. Give the guy a break.

  46. Tony the Tiger says

    Why isn’t there a word limit on these posts.

    “Draigon”‘s post not only bore me to death but he could have made the same point in three sentences or less. Towleroad should offer a class on writing at the new school for all of its members. Ugh.

  47. peterparker says

    Dear Michael Rowe,

    I’m not clear how or why you think that writing “I see him from time to time in West Hollywood…” is tantamount to ‘inserting yourself into Ian Roberts’ story.’. Seeing a celebrity on the street certainly does *not* mean you are part of their life or their story. It does, however, mean that you have a first person account of who they were with at the time you saw them. I do not know Ian Roberts. I have never spoken to Ian Roberts. But I have seen Ian Roberts on the sidewalk in West Hollywood a couple of times. Each time he was either alone or in the company of some *extremely* young looking guy.

    In and of itself, an adult man in the company of a man much younger than himself would warrant no extra attention or suspicion. But when the man in question A) is someone who was accused of domestic violence by a former lover, an adult who is of slight build and has the appearance of a young boy and B) is someone who has previously admitted to Australian press that he took a homeless, underage, gay prostitute named Arron Light into his home and that Arron Light was later murdered and that the man was, for a short time, considered a suspect by the police, then I wonder what motivation that man has for continuing to be in the company of young men. Is he a saint? Or is he simply a guy who is attracted to extremely young men? After all, extremely handsome, multi-millionaire football stars don’t often go around asking homeless underage prostitutes to move in with them.

    Don’t get me wrong…I’m not accusing Ian Roberts of murder or any other wrongdoing. The Australian police cleared him as a suspect. And I don’t nor have I ever believed Ian Roberts is guilty of murder. But it does seem that Ian Roberts has a weakness for young men who do not appear to be of the age of consent. I find that creepy and unsettling. I’m entitled to find that creepy and unsettling just as you are entitled to defend Ian Roberts, as you have in your post here.

    Perhaps Mr. Roberts has had no ulterior motives when he’s been in the presence of men much younger than he is. Perhaps I’ve simply misunderstood the motivation for his kindnesses. Or perhaps, given the fact that I’ve worked with sex offenders, I see a few nuances in his past that raise my suspicions…however correct or incorrect.

    Michael please don’t project your own experience of high school onto the rest of us. For the record, I was never pushed around or abused by anyone on my high school football team. I played on my high school football team and have the formerly broken bones (and the letter jacket) to prove it.

    Finally, MIchael, I was under the impression that a journalist was, above all, objective. Your post here sounds less like someone who is objective and more like someone who is utterly obsessed with the subject of your article. I’m sure that makes for a fine, balanced story.


  48. Flame says

    Looks like the writer called u out on ur bs, Pete and now ur whining. No wonder ur feeling like a horses ass right now.

    FYI, according to every police report, Ian Roberts was NEVER considered a suspect by the police in Arron Lights disappearance, and he was completelt cleared of the domestic violence charge against his boyfriend. That means found innocent.
    So Rowe caught u in at least one lie. As for the rest, I agree with him. U wish u were part of this storey and when he called u ur bitchy “smear” posts, u started to whine like a little bitch who just got spanked.

    Rowe did his job as a journalist and came to his own colclusions, sounds like. He was PAID to investigate and report on Ian Roberts life. Are u being “paid” for ur own obsession with him? U follow him around West hollywood and make notes of who hes with then gossip about him on a blog to ur bitchy friends? Ha ha.

    I dont think Rowes projecting. Sounds like ur the one obsessed with “young men who do not appear to be of the age of consent” and projecting it on Roberts.


  49. Joey says

    You people are pathetic. The guy who interviewed Roberts and the director of his film both post responses to your bitchy posts and sleazy innuendos about Ian Roberts’ character, and you all start screeching like scalded cats. Way to make their point for them. Rowe had every right to make his post in response to your ugly ones. That doesn’t make him obsessed, it makes him a responsible person. Get over it and grow up. If you little bitches are too childish to deal with people calling you on shit, then stay off your Mom’s Internet.

    Finally, Peter? Flame is right, the creepy one here is you—stalking Roberts through West Hollywood. I’d rather read Rowe’s article than hear your version.

  50. Mark says

    Just picked up this magazine and Barnes and Nobles. What an amazing story! And on a hotness scale of one to ten Ian Roberts is an OH MY GOD! The pics are awesome!!!!!Kudos to the writer for a great job too.

  51. Tony the Tiger says

    What is everyone arguing over here?

    Ian Roberts is U*G*L*Y ugly plain and simple.

    There is enough ugliness in the world (and in Chelsea and West Hollywood and the South End in particular) without having to see it on the cover of the Advocate in the form of Ian Roberts in particular. I am cancelling my subscription to the Advocate immediately (if the Advocate doesn’t go bankrupt first).

    Tony the Tiger.

  52. RoidRage says

    I still don’t see the whole “man’s power” body thing…of course he’s built like that…he does steroids…we could all appear hyper masculine after a round of steroids…or does noone remember the 90’s?! inject testosterone=hyper masuculinity….noone watch professional wrestling?…when i look at older photos i see a normal sized athletic man…not particularly built…but athletic…now it’s a steroid body…how hard is that?

  53. RoidRage says

    and yes, a gay guy his age only dating guys that young should raise a red flag to anybody with two eyes…and then throw in the whole “murdered prostitute”?!…forget it…dark clouds over that one….seriously. it always comes out in the end…

  54. Jonesy McJones says

    Nice work spreading malicious gossip Peter. From a you to a dumb fuck like Roidrage and on and on. Do you know what “slander by innuendo” means? Maybe this is what the Advocate writer was talking about. Only assholes make posts about things they know nothing about. And Tony, you seem to be the definition of a loser. It repeatedly posting about how ugly Ian Roberts is what you do instead of working for a living?

  55. peterparker says

    Dear FLAME and JOEY,

    No, Flame, I’m not feeling like a horses ass. I’m feeling like one of the few people here with even a shred of intelligence…especially after you showed up.

    Flame, I never said Ian Roberts was guilty of domestic violence. I said he was accused of it. And he was. A jury found him innocent. Then again, the fact that a jury finds someone innocent doesn’t mean they truly are innocent. O.J. anyone?

    However, I must admit that I got one thing wrong: Ian Roberts was not a suspect in the disappearance of Arron Light. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the New South Wales police briefly had Roberts under surveillance as a suspect in a pedophilia case involving Arron Light. Unfortunately, the writer for the Sydney Morning Herald worded the sentence in such a way that a reader might, as I did, draw the conclusion that Roberts was a murder suspect. He was not. He was suspected by the police of being a pedophile. (Interesting that I’m being castigated here for having the same suspicions that the police in Australia had.) You can read the article in the Sydney Morning Herald here:

    And Flame, you are wrong when you imply that I’m ‘obsessed with young men who do not appear to be of the age of consent’. I’m rather partial to scruffy beards, chest hair and muscles…qualities I usually find on men in their late twenties to early thirties, the age group I favor.

    No, Joey, I’m not stalking Ian Roberts through West Hollywood. I live in West Hollywood. Every evening I walk my dog through the neighborhood. Occasionally, Ian Roberts is on the sidewalk in front of the bars at the same time my dog and I walk past. Simple as that.


  56. Joey says

    Umm, Peter? The news item you cited was from 2005. This is 2007. Try keeping up with the press, since you have no actual facts of your own to contribute besides your WeHo gossip.

    Since 2005, the NSW police have clarified that while Roberts HOME (which he shared with a female roommate and his boyfriend) was briefly under surveillance, at no time was Roberts HIMSELF suspected or investigated for being a pedophile. He was praised by the Sydney police for getting Light off the streets and into a safe place. That’s also available in the press.

    And as for the domestic assault case, as Flame said he was found innocent. The exact wording on the charges, from the judge, were that the charges were “without merit.” The fact that you need invoke a mutliple- murderer like OJ to make your point about Ian Roberts just shows how weak and confused your position is.

    Your misinformation and gossip twists facts just like Jonesy said in his post. You’re obviously just another gossipy West Hollywood burnoutInternet fag who posts crap about celebrities on websites anonymously, then whines when someone calls you on it.

  57. Cara Mia says

    This article is wonderful!!!! I just read it today. What a fascinating story about a brave and decent man! Michael Rowe is an AMAZING writer, and to a TS goddess like me, Ian Roberts is a piece of god! Yum! I just wish he was into t-girls.

    LOL—reading “Peter Parker” makes me wonder who the real pedo is. A grown man who names himself after a kids cartoon character in a movie played by an actor who looks about 17. LOL Peter, your jealous of Ian Roberts, girl, and you ain’t hiding it too well. “Scruffy beard, chest hair, muscles.” Yeah, just like Ian Roberts has! Dont be a saggy-ass WeHo hater because your no highschool football player no more. LMAO!!!!!!

  58. peterparker says

    Cara Mia…about ten years ago, when I first began to use the internet regularly, I christened myself ‘peterparker’…I liked the name because it struck me as funny…it seemed loaded with sexual innuendo…but I had no idea it was Spiderman’s ‘civilian’ name because I’ve never been a fan of comic books and the Spiderman movies had yet to be made/released…after a couple of people on the ‘net addressed me as ‘Spidey’ I asked one of them why he was calling me that…he informed me that it was Spiderman’s ‘civilian’ name…for me, the name has little to no connection to Spiderman…it’s simply a sexually suggestive play on words that could easily be someone’s actual name.

    As for being jealous of Ian Roberts…I’m more envious of his football career than I am of his looks…though I do find him attractive (something I stated in my first post in this thread).

  59. Cory says

    Wow, I don’t know why everyone is attacking each other. I’m in disbelief. If the gay community can’t even agree to disagree, or respectfully disagree, on such irrelevant and seemingly light hearted topics such as this, then there really is no hope for the gay civil rights movement to advance. The cattiness, disrespect and pure hatred towards someone plugging away on a keyboard thousands of miles away is baffling.

  60. Joey says

    I just re-read Pee Pee’s dishy post:

    “…Occasionally, Ian Roberts is on the sidewalk in front of the bars at the same time my dog and I walk past. Simple as that.”

    So, in other words you admit to basing your maliciously spread Internet gossip about his “creepy and unsettling” “weakness for young men who do not appear to be of the age of consent” on who you see him STANDING NEXT TO ON A SIDEWALK outside a GAY BAR on SANTA MONICA BLVD in WEST HOLLYWOOD when you walk past with Precious (or Muffin, or Peaches, or Ming-Toy or whatever your child-substitue on the glitter leash is named.)

    That, and out of date newsclippings you’ve trolled the Internet for?

    LOL—glad we finally got your “facts” out on the table here. Nice one, Pee Pee. Way to go.

  61. Joey says

    Cory, it’s about whether or not it’s right to seriously slander strangers on the Internet just because they’re celebrities, or whatever. Anonymously accusing another gay man of being a pedophile isn’t a “light hearted topic.”

    It looks to me like the guy who wrote the article called some of these jerks on their ugliness and they’ve been attacking and smearing him and Roberts since then (again anonymously)since then. That’s pretty disgusting, IMO.

  62. Bring It On...again says

    Don’t back tread now peter parker…tell those west hollywood mini-me’s and their pet tranimal JUST what you think of them….i got your back. (can’t you just picture a bunch of tiny queens with some trannie sitting around with ian roberts posters on the wall)LOL. this is prolly the best thread EVER.

  63. Jonesy McJones says

    That pretty much sums it up, Joey. Well put. This is how malicious gossip gets spread until dumb shits like the ones on this site believe its true based on reading enough misinformed posts by assholes like Peter Parker.

  64. peterparker says


    Interesting that you call me Pee Pee. That reminds me of a particularly vicious troll who has followed (stalked?) me around another queer related internet site. Apparently, he’s found me here and decided to post under the name JOEY. Nice.

    No, JOEY, I’m not basing my misgivings about Ian Roberts on young men I’ve seen him standing next to on a sidewalk. I’ve never seen him stand next to anyone on a sidewalk. Rather, my misgivings are based on A) the fact that Roberts, a multi-millionaire celebrity football player took an unrelated, underage, homeless prostitute into his home…a fact that he himself spoke about after it was revealed in the press, B) the fact that pictures of Robert’s former lover Ben Prideaux reveal that Prideaux resembles an undernourished fourteen year old and C) the fact that several times I have seen Ian Roberts walking down the sidewalk in front of the bars in West Hollywood in the company of another guy. Each time it appeared to be a different guy. And each time the guy looked *very* young. As in, if-you-didn’t-know-better-you-might-think-I-was-still-in-high-school young. And I’ve seen him entering clubs on Santa Monica Boulevard with the same sorts of guys. Maybe Mr. Roberts is simply being a mentor for gay youth. But I assumed they were dates.

    And finally, I’ve never slandered Ian Roberts or anyone else for that matter. Everything I’ve stated about Ian Roberts has either been written about in the press or witnessed by myself. And I’ve never made any allegations. I’ve merely said that he seems to like men who are so young that it creeps me out. And it does.


  65. Joey says

    Another shift for Pee Pee.

    Now it’s gone from seeing Roberts “from time to time in West Hollywood” to seeing him standing “on the sidewalk outside the bars” when you take Foo Foo out for her evening walkie, to “several times” you’ve “seen him walking on the sidewalk” outside the bars with “a different guy” each time. Then you say you’ve “never seen” him “stand next to anyone” on a sidewalk. Then where were these “disturbingly young” guys? Hanging in the air above his head? (Btw, you seem to spend a lot of time on sidewalks outside the bars watching for Ian Roberts, Pee Pee. Maybe you ARE a stalker as well as a slanderer.)

    And you DID slander Roberts. You called him a murder suspect. You called him a pedophile suspect. Neither of those things were true according to up to date press. You posted them online like they were facts. You’ve suggested sinister motivations behind seeing someone you don’t know with strangers on the street you’ve never met. At the very least you’re a gossipy WeHo fag, Pee Pee. I don’t blame you for being too gutless to use your real name for the slander.

  66. TONY THE TIGER says


    That was the famous line from the Supreme Court case in which Justice Stewart concluded that the material in front of him was pornography and therefore had a lower level of first amendment protection under the Constitution.

    That expression is now applied in a lot of different contexts. “I KNOW IT WHEN I SEE IT” also applies to steroid abuse. After living in various gay ghettos for my entire adult life I can recognize steroid use at first glance. Just one look at those pictures that are the subject of the post and in my opinion I know it when I see it.

    P.S. On another legal note in favor of Peter Parker, a simple statement of fact is not “slander”. You can’t sue someone for slander for stating the truth. That is why you will never see Anderson Cooper or Jodie Foster suing Out Magazine for putting them on the cover of the magazine…it is simply the truth. Peter Parker appeared to me to just be making a simple objective statement of fact in each of his posts. It was not slander as Joey would appear to believe.

  67. Cory says

    JOEY: I was referring to the INITIAL post, not what it has become. Initially, it was a light hearted post about Ian Roberts. My comment was WHERE the commentators have taken this post. I agree that anonymity can bring negative consequences. As someone who has studies social psych for years, the internet has brought a very perplexing issue to the forefront in psychology: that 99.9% of the time, when people are anonymous, they tend to act in horrible ways in which they would not had they been in a physical, face to face situation.

    I strongly believe that there is a more mature and appropriate fashion to address the “mud-slinging” and negative commentary. Either ignore it, and it will go away, or prove that you are above such disrespectful antics by not contributing to the fire and demanding respect. It seems everyone is more interested in insulting each other than truly addressing the “slandering” and “insults”. If anything, the above commentary has proven how INHUMANE everyone seems to be towards each other, and we are not proving ourselves any differently.

  68. Timmy says

    Woo-hoo!I just read this article. Its fantastic. Amazing job and incredible photos. GREAT cover.

    Now, this weird thread.

    Hmmm…on one hand we seem to have the writer of the article, Rowe, making a post objecting to crude posts about the interview subject, Roberts.

    Then we get a smarmy letter from “Peter Parker” accusing Rowe of being “obsessed” with his interview subject and not being “objective.”

    Why? Based on Rowe objecting to crude posts about the interview subject.

    During the smarmy letter, Parker brags about being a highschool football star (or wtf, as if we’re supposed to be impressed by how butch he is with his “formerly broken bones.” LOL)

    Then we have more ugly personal shit about the writer and Roberts by trolls and flamers like Tony The Tiger, and Thundermussy, and MichaelRowesMirror.

    Then we discover that Parker admits he’s “jealous of Roberts football career.” That he obsessively searches the net for clippings about Roberts going back to 2005. That he remembers what Roberts’ ex looks like, and his age seems to be (wtf? How creepy is that?)

    Also, that Parker watches for Roberts every night on the sidewalks in his west hollywood and checks out who he’s with, then rushes back to his computer to gossip about it, and accuse Roberts of being a pedophile and a murder suspect.

    (Don’t forget, according to Parker, it’s the WRITER who is “utterly obsessed.”)

    Holy crap. Who’s obsessed? Parker, chill man. Stalking isnt a real hobby. LOL

    Oh, and Tony…? Slander is when you post something that isn’t true, like that Roberts was a suspect in Arron Light’s murder, or that he was a suspected pedophile when in fact as seen here the Sydney police never considered him one. You should keep up with developments in Internet-related laws regarding slander. (Cooper and Foster had no basis for suing Out magazine because they didn’t put Cooper and Foster on the magazine. They put two models with clearly marked cutouts of their faces, and didn’t try to say it was the real deal.)


    PS: Tony, no one believes you have a subscription to The Advocate you could cancel. Glad you admitted you lived in gay ghettos your whole life. Believe me, it shows in your catty posts.

  69. Tony the Tiger says

    I can’t understand why Timmy (and various other geeks and freaks) think that I must be a troll or a bitter queen to recognize that Ian Roberts is fugly.

    I am certainly not a troll.

    When a troll or a freak or a geek approaches me at the gym or at a bar or in Fire Island I treat them with the utmost respect in declining their advances.

  70. ThunderMussy in the Flesh says

    lol. I love these silly queens who say “you shouldn’t do this, or post that and you should stop being mean”. bitch, I stand by what I said. Ian Roberts is fair game, honey, we will tear him to pieces if we deem it appropriate. The man runs around with young looking guys and he is on steroids and it shows in his face. and we will talk about it. as much as we like. this is a blog and if you or m rowe or whoever is offended. tough shit. scroll down and keep it moving. otherwise, buckle up hon, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  71. Flame says

    :::YAWN:::: Wow, what an original post, Thunderpussy. Glad ur not just another dumb bitchy tired boring trashy stereotype cum to life. LOL

  72. ThunderMussy says

    Ian is that you? i told you to only say that when we’re alone! naughty boy! ooops, that would be me….

  73. peterparker says


    Sweetheart, I recommend you take an introductory legal class to learn A) the difference between libel and slander (hint, libel is printed, slander is verbal) and B) why nothing I’ve posted here would ever be successfully argued in a court of law as constituting libel.

    True, I erred when I said that NSW police had considered Roberts a suspect in the disappearance of Arron LIght. It was a misunderstanding on my part based on a vaguely worded sentence printed in the Sydney Morning Herald. When I reallized my error, I corrected it and provided a link to that page to illustrate how it was I misunderstood the reason for the surveillance of Ian Roberts by New South Wales police.

    Timmy, you are wrong when you say police never suspected Roberts of being a pedophile. In fact, at the time this story broke a headline in the Sydney Morning Herald read: “Roberts was suspect in paedophile case”. The article that followed went on to say “…Ian Roberts became a suspect in a police investigation after he befriended a homeless boy who was caught up in a major paedophile ring…” and that “NSW police investigating the case quickly cleared him of any wrong-doing…”. Yes, Timmy, at one point NSW police thought Roberts might be a pedophile. The article, by the way, is the same one I read in which I misinterpreted the reason why NSW police surveilled Roberts. You can find the link to the article in one of my posts above.

    As for being jealous of Roberts’ football career…who wouldn’t be!? Hell man, Roberts not only earned millions and millions of dollars as an elite athlete, he also got to shower with the team after practice! What red-blooded gay guy wouldn’t be jealous of that?! It sounds like my idea of a dream job. That doesn’t mean I have an axe to grind.

    As for your assertion that I ‘obsessively search the net for clippings about Roberts going back to 2005…that (I remember) what Roberts’ ex looks like…that (I watch) for Roberts every night on the sidewalks…”, all I have to say is NOW look who is treading close to a libel charge! I don’t ‘obsessively search the net’ for information about Ian Roberts. If, as I did, you type “ian roberts” into a google search, it will take about 15 seconds to yield articles on Roberts’ various contacts with law enforcement as a result of the Arron Light investigation/murder and the unrelated charges of domestic violence against Ian Roberts. That’s hardly an ‘obsessive search of the net’. And the fact that, in two years, I’ve seen Ian Roberts a couple of times in West Hollywood hardly means I ‘…(watch) for Roberts every night…’. Puhleeze!

    And finally, I’ve never accused Roberts of being a pedophile. I’ve merely said that, based on what I’ve learned of him in the press and what I’ve witnessed personally, I harbor suspicions about Ian Roberts motivations to befriend those who are either below the age of consent or who appear to be below the age of consent. Saying I have suspicions is *hardly* an accusation of pedophilia.

    And finally, Timmy, one more hint about libel and slander: it’s easier to successfully sue someone for libel when you are not a public figure…and I’m not a public figure. You might want to be careful there, buddy.


  74. tony the tiger says

    I think “Peter Parker” should be sued by Spider Man for assuming his legal name without Spider Man’s permission!

  75. Timmy says

    Yeah, Pete, I’m shivering in terror. I think it’s time for you to take Poppet out for her evening stroll. Maybe Roberts is standing outside Rage. The blog needs another update and you need some more dish for your diary. LOL

  76. Joey says

    I’d have to be able to see it before I could do that, Pee Pee. Got a magnifying glass handy beside your bed?

  77. Tony the Tiger says

    Peter Parker,

    Don’t let these trolls get you down. This forum is their rare opportunity to come out of the shadows and converse with the rest of us.

  78. Wow says

    I’m surprised at the juvenile comments from Joey, Timmy and Thundermussy (hmmmm, those names do have a similarity, wonder if it’s the same person posting in different names in a sad attempt at appearing to have support?). Seems you kids have a little too much free time on your hands, flaming someone on a message board. I guess schools out and the summer reading list is a bit dull eh? Why don’t you all lay off of Peter Parker and let Mom have use of the computer for a while. I’m certain you can make use of your free time with a jar of vaseline and Mom’s Rabbit.

    Oh, and Joey, your humor dates you very much, calling people “Pee Pee” and attempting to insult their penis size with that magnifying joke were about as humorous as they were when I was in middle school. In other words, either you’re not a day over 14 or you have the I.Q. of a toaster (no, I take that back, that’s an insult to toasters).

    As for the rest of you who seem it necessary to gang up online, something tells me if you were face to face with “Peter Parker” you’d shit yourselves faster than Bush on a cocaine high. Now go to bed, it’s past your bed time and you don’t want to piss off the ‘rents.

  79. ron Oliver says

    geez, this thread gets better all the time! the amount of rage simmering beneath our lovely “gay” world is remarkable. And Miss Thundermussy, I’m not sure exactly why you feel Mr. Roberts is “fair game” – I guess because he’s a celebrity of sorts, but I’m not sure how that dehumanizes him to the point where a faceless jealous and clearly aging twink on a webpage can rag on him – but for the record, btw, he doesn’t do steroids. What you see on his face is the result of countless surgeries from the injuries sustained during his rugby career. You may have heard of rugby, Thunder? It’s that game where they used to pick you last….

  80. Jimbo says

    The freaky journo is as icky as all the ridiculous jealous/picky/obsessive queens here. The comment about him looking girly because his foot is on the ground takes the cake. But equally pathetic is the queen who tries to call him to account because of whom he may choose to date. MARY! So he’s got a face like a thug: cool. So has half the gay cartoon porn I see. And as for the steroid crap: I’ve seen the guy in real life, and he’s dinosaur boned: just naturally built big.

  81. Draigon says

    My my but aren’t we catty. I can’t understand what all the hatred is about… or should I call it ‘jealousy’????

    Ian Roberts does not do steroids. In his early pics, you can tell his muscle structure was for a rough sport. His physical shape now reflects time spent in a gym, building up muscle structure in a more rounded way. You can achieve excellent results with a lot of dedication and hard work. Study the human body and then look at Ian’s muscle attachment points… he has the frame and physiology to produce muscles of that size.

    I think what separates the bitchy queens from the regal ladies is that the ladies can make informed opinions without adding libel to their posts. First you attack the guy for stupid things, then you drag in his criminal record, then you accuse him of ‘roid abuse. What’s next? An attack on his eyebrows? Snide remarks about his big toe? It’s just an article… get over it.

    Ron, you ROCK! Your blog post was magnificent.

    Rowe, if you even read this, thanks for putting up with all the bs. Flame and Joey made a good point… you were ASSIGNED and PAID as a professional journalist to cover the story. Kudos to you for a job well done. You have every right to voice your opinion about it.

  82. Draigon says

    I shouldn’t have to clarify this, but given how stupid some of the posts are on this site, I won’t take the chance on the intelligence of some. Ian Roberts doesny not HAVE a “criminal record,” nor does he use steroids. It’s cheap to falsely accuse him of things anonymously, isn’t it?

  83. Eric Schwabel says

    Wow… Who knew blogging was such a serious sport? This is my virginal blog post, so forgive me for being too lengthy.

    I’ve never met Michael Rowe, I just spoke with him via eMail for the first time today (before I knew about all of this!), but I’d have to agree with his comments re: Mr. Robert’s character. The truth is, none of us really know Ian, no matter how often we’ve seen him or met him. Read the article, read the words that came out of his mouth and learn about his life and his experiences. There are certainly other sources available at your fingertips if you feel the need to cross-check any of the facts in the story. If you arrive at negative conclusions about his character, what can I tell you? Instinct tells me you just want to be negative and youthful experience tells me that’s a bit anti-productive.

    My impression after working with Ian on this shoot is that he is probably one of the most grounded, well-rounded individuals, gay or not, that the universe has ever produced, and the world would be worse-off without him.

    In American media, (and to be fair, most mainstream media throughout the world), the homosexual man is often portrayed as a mean-spirited, gossipy leech on society. Mr. Roberts is one of a very small handful of people breaking that god-awful stereotype. I was 15 when he publicly came out, and I would have loved to have known about it here in the US. I had no gay role models, every gay guy I saw on TV made me sick to my stomach (granted, I’ve gotten much more accepting of others in the past 12 years, but I still can’t watch Will and Grace without feeling a little bit of vomit coming up in the back of my throat).

    So, useless and self-serving as my and all posts here may be, and given that most likely none of you know a gosh darn thing about me, just try to trust and believe me when I tell you that my instincts tell me this man has made the world a better place.

    For anyone who’s going to accuse ANYONE of something as terrible as the accusations above — do a little volunteer work, perhaps with at-risk youth. When you see how f-ed up the systems are that are in place to help these kids, and how little attention most of the populous pays to the problems of others, you may find a more productive use of the written word.

    I can’t make conclusions for you, I’m just offering my 2 cents, and yes I’m TOTALLY promoting myself, lol because I f-in LOVE THESE PHOTOS of Ian and I’m delighted in the choices that the magazine made.

    Let’s leave his body out of it, if you can’t see the beauty in his face and in all the character and battle scars there, why don’t you swing by the studio and we’ll take some photos of you in the same wardrobe and location and post ’em on here? We can open up a little voting booth like American Idol, except we’ll donate the 5¢ messaging charges to charity.

    I’m also charging $100/min to sit on that chaise.

  84. Draigon says

    Eric, my hat’s off to you for what you said in your post above. Ian IS an excellent role model for these kids. His willingness to listen to them, to help them, and to encourage them is commendable.

    To be fair, and to ease any feelings of ill use… I’m sorry we don’t agree on the one pic. Yes, I was extremely harsh in my critique of it, and I have to stand by my initial feelings about it. However, the rest of your work is fabulous. My opinion of the pic is worth beans in the grand scheme of things, and in your career you’ll run across people who turn their nose up at a snapshot simply because they have different tastes, and different opinions than yours. Know what? That’s not important. What’s important is that you keep working in your field, and keep your creativity flowing.

    And sure, I’ll take ya up on your offer… but I’m keeping one foot planted firmly on the ground! >grin and wink<

  85. Eric Schwabel says

    Hey Draigon, I didn’t find your comments harsh at all — was responding to the peeps who don’t see any beauty in him or his character, I totally encourage criticism, how else am I going to continue to grow? Actually, your criticism was very well written.

    I do think the pic in question is super hot, but you are correct, were he positioned differently, his legs would have looked more cut.

    Part of what attracts me to this, and some of the other unused photos is that he’s not trying at all. He’s just there, pretty much un-posed, in wardrobe he most definitely didn’t pick out on his own, but he’s completely dominating every element of the photo. We could have put him in a pretty red dress and he’d still look masculine. Part of it I think is that he’s very comfortable in his own skin. I don’t completely recall but I have a feeling I didn’t pose him at all for this shot, I think I just saw him there and it was like “damn… click”

    I like what he says in the article about masculinity and what it really means to be a man, and I think the photo in it’s own way reinforces that. Check out the magazine if you can, they ran a few other shots that are pretty killer, all together I think they make a good story.

    Schwabel out!