An Unidentified Christopher Ciccone Spices Up Top Chef


On Top Chef last night, two competing teams had to throw together a restaurant, decorations and all, in 24 hours.

What you may not have noticed, because he was never identified, was that one of the patrons was designer Christopher Ciccone (brother of Madonna, of course, who is incidentally celebrating her 49th birthday today).

We think Christopher Ciccone should appear as a judge on every episode, because, like Simon Cowell, Ciccone does not mince his words when it comes to judging what’s put before him.

First the decor:

Candle1_2 Candle2_2

CHRISTOPHER: The chef should know better than to put a scented candle on the table. (putting it on the floor and covering it) And it’s dead now. And I need a new napkin.

Then the food:

Dale_2CHRISTOPHER: It wasn’t the best lamb. The meat wasn’t cooked properly. I thought it tasted like metal.

DALE: Like metal?

CHRISTOPHER: And if that’s a vegetable medley, I’m a monkey.

DALE: I will let miss Sara know.

Top Chef needs to be shaken out of its stupor a little bit, and a biting, straightforward critic like Ciccone could be the perfect ingredient.


  1. Zeke says

    I feel sorry for Dale and Hung (what a great name for a gay guy, “Hi, I’m Hung…”).

    They have to go back home and face their friends after getting out decorated by straight people.

    The shame. The humiliation.

    And on national TV! :)

  2. Michael W. says

    Maybe someone should have suggested to Christopher that after removing the candle perhaps he could remove his elbows from the table as well…

  3. says

    Not knowing who he is, would one really find his critique interesting? I presumed he was just a patron completely exagerating his complaints for camera time. Knowing who he is now only makes him seem more pathetic to me. None of the other judges made comments of the meat tasting like metal. So where’s the credibility? The show already has really blunt guest judges from time to time. Having a Simon Cowell type of a judge each week would be a different show. I want to see a show about real cooking, not too much drama and certainly not a clown acting for the camera each week.

  4. Desideratum says

    I thought he was kind of being an asshole. I sure as hell didn’t recognize him. So, now I KNOW he was being an asshole, and I know who he is. I guess that’s progress.

  5. scott says

    What happened to him — he used to be cute now he looks like he’s halfway on his way to looking like Larry Flynt. And his rudeness made him even uglier. There’s a fine although very visible line between being critical and just being an asshole.

  6. MikeJ says

    I wish you would do more stuff on Dale. He is my favorite openly gay reality star of all time – OK that’s an exaggeration. He is my favorite openly gay reality star at this very moment!!!

  7. zack says

    I’m agreeing with Bryce and Desi. This guy, semi-famous celebrity brother or not, was posturing for the camera a little bit. There is a difference between being biting and straightforward–and borishly mean.

    This guy is Michael Carl with less hair: stout, hackneyed, and childish. Please don’t make Top Chef into another Shear Genius.

  8. says

    Gary, there was no spoiler in the headline. Nothing relevant to the episode was revealed here that wasn’t mentioned in the commercials for this week’s show. Unless you consider revealing that someone who was on screen for five seconds was Christopher Ciccone a spoiler. It was never even mentioned on the show, which suggests that even the show didn’t know who he was.

    Scott, what happened to him? He’s 49 years old. Life happened to him.

    Desideratum, I agree with you completely.

  9. Troy says

    Ciccone actually used to own and run a pretty successful restaurant in West Hollywood a few years back…I can’t recall the name right now – it was on Beverly Blvd, I believe. Higher end, very much a hto spot for awhile…so he does have the background to be an experienced, valid critic of restaurants or food. Probably a perfect type for Top Chef. I feel they all play for the camera though, so it’s really probably a matter of opinion whether you think he’s bein g an asshole or not. It’s TV and a competition of apparently highly experienced chefs — they should be able to take the criticism.

  10. stevo says

    The name of his restaurant on Beverly was called Atlantic (I believe).

    I thought it was weird that they didn’t identify him. I though it was even weirder (is that a word?) that they kept quoting that chick’s blog. Who cares?! I want to know what the judges think, not some headless bitchy blog. And then they give them a do-over! All in all a very starnge episode.

  11. Eric says

    Mr. C’s sister could possible get away with the Diva routine but, he looked like a prick.
    Simon Cowell actually knows of what he speaks so while blunt it’s coming from a place of knowledge. As far as I know Mr. C has never opened a restaurant or cooked a meal for public consumption. His 15 min was up with the end of the Blonde Ambition tour.

  12. shane says

    Was the flattery in this post meant as a joke? Top Chef started out as a great show, but it’s slid down the razor blade of quality (like so many Bravo shows) and is now attempting to get the Simon Cowells of the world to judge. If Ciccone wasn’t an asshole they would never have asked him to appear on the show.

  13. says

    Troy, the contestants should be able to take the criticism, but the challenge is ridiculous (24 hours to open a restaurant? 30 minutes to train clueless waiters?). So even if Mr. Madonna’s Brother has restaurant experience, he was still a dick. And being a dick to get more airtime so they show you being a dick makes no sense.

    And those judges complain about everything. At one point they cried “The sorbet is SO cold!” Um, it’s sorbet. It’s supposed to be cold.

    It was a strange episode.

  14. peterparker says

    Oh, who cares about Christopher Ciccone?! I want to know more about that mohwaked hottie…who is he?

  15. David says

    I used to love Top Chef, but it’s definitely not what is used to be. I’ll admit I am more or less a reality show junkie, especially since I can’t seem to get into any nonreality television lately.

    But like Gawker mentioned earlier, I really can’t stand when they DON’T eliminate someone. Project Runway did that for the finale last season, if you remember, and I went postal. They HAVE to eliminate someone! Otherwise, I feel like I’ve wasted an hour of my life (or, more appropriately, admit I’ve wasted an hour of my life).

  16. ggreen says

    I can remember a time in the not too distant past when I didn’t know a single gay person the regularly watched television (or who would admit it). Now days I hear homos talk and blog about TV shows and their characters as if they are best friends with the characters or the shows writers/producers. They know what all the characters are thinking and of course which one is a “bitch”, who is “stuck up” and in general putting the un-reality of TV in to real life. This was once the domain of addlepated housewives and the mobile home hillbilly. Gays get a life turn off the TV.

  17. Brian says

    It’s a travesty that you don’t report more on Dale… Like the earlier poster, he’s my favorite gay on reality T.V. today. I also have to say that Christopher Ciccone was a nightmare… I tuned out about halfway through his studiedly snotty commentary.

    Is Hung really gay? I had no idea…

  18. Bryant says

    When this new “critic” turned up last night, my first (and only) thought was, “Who does that bitch think he is?” – now I guess I know.

  19. stan says

    I thought CC was fine. You know who was the real bitch? That diner who complained about Tre’s potatoes. What a whore with her nasty critique!

  20. Jordan says

    Christopher has always had an attitude problem (like I’m one to talk), but his bitchiness has matured into a caustic bitterness, some of this probably has to do with the fact that his sister has distanced herself from him & many of her gay posse when she became Mrs. Ritchie (if you believe Rupert’s book).

    It would be hard to go from living in that kind of spotlight & megafame to just being referred to as “her brother”. And really, no matter what he accomplishes on his own, he can never crawl out from HER spotlight, or from being HER brother.

  21. jjv says

    I’m a waiter and what you didn’t see after Madonna’s obnoxious jerk-off brother bitched like a 4 year old with a skinned knee goes something like this:

    Dale goes back to the kitchen, muttering to himself, lips tightly pursed, eyes rolling in sockets in a pattern vaguely reminiscent of a dashboard-mounted bobbin’ head doll in hill country. He shoots a look at the line, says, “Sara, we got a complaint about the dish, but the guy is a complete douchebag f**ktard so whatever.”

    Then he wonders why they guy figures taking it on him is in any way productive. He also is probably hoping that when the asteroid finally collides with planet Earth that it lands on the f**ktard’s head.

  22. says

    I agree with what Brian wrote above about how it is a travesty that we don’t have more posts about Dale. He is probably the most postive gay male to appear on one of these reality shows so far and many people think he’s sexy to boot.

  23. Ann says

    I actually thought he messed up and was supposed to show up at Hell’s Kitchen because he was such a DONKEY.

  24. designer_man says

    I watched the show earlier. I thought he was a boorish asshole. Criticism is fine – no one gets better without feedback – but he came off as a nasty, humorless man.

    It’s an act that wears thin real fast.

  25. designer_man says

    One more thng…I’d be angry too if I wore an outfit like that. A bleech colored stripe short sleeve shirt open over a navy t shirt? I don’t think so.

  26. Steven says

    Not every show needs be about rudeness. Let Gordon Ramsey do his thing. Top Chef needn’t go there.

  27. says

    He’s probably a friend of Andy Cohen. Who probably worships the Madonna. Top Chef could DEFINATELY use a similarly honest guest Judge, however! And the should bitch-slap TOM to. That guy has totally lost it.

    “Italians don’t cook with truffles”.


  28. says

    Peterparker you and I always share the same experience. One of the main reasons I am watching Top Chef is Dale. He is so cute to me. He’s from Chicago though now that the show is “over” I have no idea if he went back to the same place or not.

    I am kinda in love.

    And I will say shame as well that this blog no any other has covered him at all.

  29. Gregg says

    If you read Andy Cohen’s blog, he is indeed very into the divas. He’s also adorable and openly gay, so it would be nice to see more about him here (hint hint)

  30. Jill says

    This loud mouthed moron is no food critic.
    He’s just a fool as is the person who compared him to Simon Cowell. At least Simon has a background in entertainment.
    Madonna’s fat faced baby brother has no culinary background.
    If he’s a food critic, then I’m a monkey.