News: Pete Wilson, North Carolina, Tom Brady, Grace Paley

road.jpg Short story writer, poet, and activist Grace Paley has died after a battle with breast cancer, at 84: “A published writer since the 1950s, Paley released only a handful of books over the next half century, mostly short stories and poems. Writing was a passion, but not a compulsion: She never felt the need to put every experience into words. Her fiction, although highly praised, competed for time with work, activism, family and friends. ‘None of it happened, and yet every word of it is true,’ she once said of her fiction. ‘It’s truth embedded in the lie.'”

Petewilsonstatueroad.jpg Gays to protest unveiling of statue of former mayor, senator, and governor Pete Wilson on Saturday near Horton Plaza in San Diego because he “turned a cold shoulder to the gay community when it complained about police harassment.” Human Relations Commission chair: “We refer to the Wilson years as the Dark Ages.”

road.jpg Is nudity all Mariah Carey has left?

road.jpg Gays in Poland draw up list of political enemies: “There’s a parliamentary election coming. We want to enable the gay community to make a conscious choice and this is the reason for creating a list with the names of the people who have hindered us from achieving our goals.”

road.jpg One of the new Timbaland/Duran Duran songs, “Skin Diver”, has leaked.

Flynakedroad.jpg Reichen Lehmkuhl talks to the Windy City Times about his jewelry collection, Fly Naked: “The name actually came from a dare we had in pilot training; during a solo flight, you could take your clothes off while in the cockpit and you actually fly naked. So I ended up putting that on my license plate, and Udi Behr [ of ] saw it and said, ‘That’d be such a great name for a jewelry line.’ So over the next year, we developed the jewelry and came up with the pieces. It’s a very masculine line. The jewelry is made of titanium, which is what a lot of aircraft is made from—and the [ items ] are focused on aviation. For example, there are propellers and even dog tags [ in keeping with ] the military theme. Coming from the military myself and having to live in the closet under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, I really sympathize with those who are in the military who are living a lie, so I find it really important to do as much work as I can to lift the ban.”

road.jpg Chip Arndt talks about his new initiative, CPR to AAA.

road.jpg DNA held its “sexiest men alive” party which drew Big Brother contestants and cover models to Will & Toby’s in Taylor Square.

road.jpg Nick Lachey offers up an O-face.

Chuevroad.jpg Russian activist interrogated over outing of politician: “On June 21, gay activist Nikolai Alekseev took part in the NTV talk show ‘K baryeru!’ during which he called deputy of the State Duma Alexander Chuev, member of pro-Kremlin party Fair Russia, ‘gay, a coward and a hypocrite’ who is only using orthodoxy and fight against homosexuality to reach his political goals.”

road.jpg Renovated theater opens to host North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in Durham, beginning today.

road.jpg New England Patriot QB Tom Brady’s former girlfriend Bridget Moynahan had a baby boy yesterday. Brady, as you may know, is the daddy.

road.jpg Gay Catholics want the term “family” back.

road.jpg A look at Christiane Amanpour’s exploration of God’s Christian Warriors, which explores fundamentalism in America


  1. FizziekruntNT says

    UGH! What self-loathing homo shops at Horton Plaza anyway? That thing will be covered in pidgeon poo in no time anyway. Or it’ll make a great prank site for a variety of “dress-up” occasions.

  2. sissaficcayicarus says

    love every duran song off red carpet massacre i’ve heard so far. this one is great, so radio-friendly and hypnotic, a bit in the same vein as night runner. they’re still relevant! youtube search duran valley for a song that will tear the roof off, too.

  3. FizziekruntNT says

    OH, and just a sidenote, if you haven’t been watching Christiane Amanpour’s 3-part series, DO IT. She’s brilliant and the show is pretty impressive.

  4. notorious says

    Loves Duran Duran, and these two songs are pretty good. I still with they would have a comeback without having either Timberland or Timbertwat on their CD.

  5. Mike says

    Chip is fighting for HIV/AIDS funding and his ex, Reichen, is pushing “masculine” jewelry. The humor and the positioning of the stories is not lost on me Andy.

  6. says

    I admire Chip Arendt. He uses his fame to further important causes and do good work instead of trying to become a star.

    Lord knows Reichen is good looking, but for my money, Chip’s the hot one.

  7. Davey says

    God knows, I would rather walk on my lips than say something bad about someone but Reichen’s jewelry is some of the ugliest I’ve ever seen, and I walk through SOHO everyday.

  8. CLIFF says


  9. secretagentman says

    Ok Cliff, you don’t have to yell about it.
    ” That would make a great name for a jewelry line”? Who actually speaks like that?
    I wish I could have Tom Brady’s baby. *sigh*

  10. Bill Perdue says

    The bureaucrats’ that run today’s Russian Republic are steeped in the Stalinist politics of the former USSR. Their intransigent persecution of gays and lesbians is part of that nightmare legacy. Stalinism didn’t vanish when the debilitated USSR entered its death agony, it simply morphed into the bureaucratic leadership of the Russian Republic.

    The long suffering Russians are overdue for another Red Revolution, which based on a far more advanced economy than the last one, has a far better chance of prospering. When that happens they’ll likely resume the all out assault on superstition and bigotry of hristian groups and ultranationalist skinheads. Then gays, lesbians and national minorities in Russia can breathe safely.

    In the meantime we have to do what we can to scandalize the actions of these latter day Stalinist bureaucrats whose antigay policies and war on the Chechens’ threaten the return of the worst features of the USSR.

    There isn’t a Russian consulate or UN legation where I live but there are in NYC. So if anyone’s interested, knows where to get picket sign supplies and has a few friends and a little time, our Russian brothers and sisters would love the support…

  11. Leland Frances says

    Talk about living a lie, in the audio of an interview at the link below, Reichen, as he often does, nakedly leads his listeners to believe that he trained as a pilot at the Air Force Academy, which in other interviews he has admitted is not true but that he trained as a civilian AFTER he resigned from the Air Force.

    That doesn’t take away anything from any money the jewelry company NOT Reichen might donate to SLDN from its sales. But the whole, tacky needless association with soft porn nudity and sex only demeans and cheapens the many gay men and women who have fought for their country only to been shit-canned by the Pentagon, and the uphill battle to convince enough nongay Americans unimpressed with gay meat puppets that it’s important enough and serious enough for them to pressure Congress and the Pentagon to repeal DADT.

    As for his commitment to do “as much work as I can to lift the ban,” he might also stop exploiting people’s sincere interest in that by ceasing marketing his totally for profit cruise with the title “Lift the Ban” and absolutely no publicized intention of sharing a penny of the profits with SLDN or any other group. Quote: “Come show your support for America’s brave fighting men and women who are discriminated against for simply being gay.”

    – Leland Frances
    who still likes raindrops on roses and boys in white Speedos and cream-colored ponies but hates phonies.

  12. privatepilot says

    More crap from Reichen! This guy is one of the worlds greatest bs artists. He publishes photos of himself in flight suits when he never flew in the air force. Interestingly enough, NO airman certificates are shown for him on the FAA’s online database. By contrast the certificates, addresses, and ratings held are viewable for other famous folks like John Travolta, Harrison Ford, etc. Does he really hold any current certificates ?

    Furthermore, at any real flight school, nonsense like he describes would never be tolerated. The cockpit of any airplane, even a 172, is an extremely serious place. Shenanigans such as he describes, especially by one just in the solo phase of training, are quick way to end up in a smoking hole in the ground. What an idiot!

  13. Derek says

    It is amazing to me that some people here still love to go on and on, day after day, month after month, bitching about Reichen. I have to ask you…why do you care so much about someone who means so little? Why waste so much of your time and energy crafting your(un)witty responses after each of Andy’s posts about him?

    Why not, for all our sakes, get the
    F#%@ over him already and just accept the fact that maybe he just didn’t want that blow job from an old troll, on that chilly night so long ago……..

  14. Leland Frances says

    Wanting never to be accused of being unfair, let alone, god forbid, “an old troll,” I decided to check out what someone had mentioned to me some time back—that they’d seen Reichen say somewhere that he had regained his expired [?] pilot licenses. Thus, from his myspace shrine:

    “July 5, 2007 – Thursday
    This past month…I completed a program of pilot training that re-instated all of my pilot ratings with the FAA. ……. I’m now again a fully rated CFII, MEI…that’s a Certified Flight Instructor, Multi-Engine, Instrument.”

    Know nothing about how long it takes for such records to show up wherever, but…..

    On my path to that I ran across another blog entry by him: “As for money being raised for causes [by the ‘Lift the Ban’ cruise], we are working on this important aspect of the cruise and exploring everyone’s willingness to contribute. If you have ideas, let me know…we have a few months to make decisions on this.”

    Huh???? If the cruise is all about raising awareness about the need to repeal DADT [“I thought a cruise would be an interesting way to bring all of the supporters of Lifting the Ban together”], and that’s also why he’s taking bows for asking the jewelry company to share their profits from FLY NAKED with the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, then why does he need suggestions from anyone about where portions of the profits from the cruise should go?

  15. says

    the only way to fly naked is to not feature jewelry…
    except maybe a classic gay cockring, a surefire sales item of which Reichen overlooked in his unfortunate dimestore enterprise.

  16. Derek says

    Leland no one cares how much dirt you can find out about him or how well you can string it all together. No one cares period. Get over it/him already and move on hun, move on.

  17. Leland Frances says

    Ah, the pre-cumming Reichen Trolls storm the castle once again trying to rescue their hero’s reputation—from himself.

    Silly moi, I forgot the warning in his latest tattoo:

    “Only God Can Judge Me.”

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