1. says

    porn images? that’s kinda halfass… no guts.
    the portrait might have some gravity with images of amputated marines, tortured prisoners, and bombed families.
    porn just makes it slightly titillating and oh-so cheeky.

  2. Brian says

    Wasn’t there a widely-circulated collage of Bush not too long ago, made out of close-up photographs of assholes? Seems like this is a pretty clear ripoff, though I do kinda like it anyway. It’s a little more subtle than the asshole one… but the asshole one had a quasi-Surat quality that was hard to resist. Makes you think about “Sunday in the park with George” a little differently.

  3. soulbrotha says

    I agree with AJ. What impact does a “porn collage” have? Images of dead soldiers’ coffins and dead Iraqi women and children, etc. would have been more effective.

  4. jombi says

    It’s just meant as a slap in the face. It really doesn’t matter what pictures he chose. Maybe for some gays having a collage of your face done in porn would be more of an honor…but to main stream society it’s a SLAP!

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