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News: Clinton v. Obama, Gwyneth Paltrow, Hello Kitty, Levitation

road.jpg Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama entering cold war: "They work in the same building. They slog through the same rigorous travel schedule. Along the way, they often cross paths several times a day. But Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama have barely spoken to each other — at least in any meaningful way — for months. The tension between the two Democratic presidential hopefuls, which has spilled into public view in the last three weeks, has been intensifying since January. It is clear that the genteel decorum of the Senate has given way to the go-for-the-jugular instinct of the campaign trail."

Hellokittyarmbandroad.jpg Bangkok, Thailand police chiefs implement new method of punishment for officers who break the rules: a Hello Kitty armband. Official: "This is to help build discipline. We should not let small offences go unnoticed. Guilty officers will be made to wear the armbands in the office for a few days, with instructions not to disclose their offences. Let people guess what they have done."

road.jpg Lindsay Lohan attempts to pull her life back together in Utah, with little old ladies, apparently.

road.jpg Bourne investment: Matt Damon offers the best box-office return on his salary.

road.jpg Chris Rovzar on this Thursday's 'gay debate': "...what's important about the Human Rights Campaign-sponsored debate is its mere occurrence. If the Dems are confident enough to tackle gay issues head-on for a full hour, it means they're no longer worried that the Republicans will throw it back in their faces. They're not afraid, and more importantly, they're betting voters aren't afraid either."

road.jpg Hairspray producers Zadan and Meron developing Peter Pan for TV.

Flashlightroad.jpg Department of Homeland Security developing flashlight that causes you to vomit: "The flashes incapacitate a person in two different ways, says Robert Lieberman, CEO of Intelligent Optical Systems, based in Torrance, CA, which is making the device. The flashes temporarily blind a person, as any bright light would, and the light pulses, which quickly change both in color and duration, also cause what Lieberman calls psychophysical effects. These effects, whose effectiveness depends on the person, range from disorientation to vertigo to nausea, and they wear off in a few minutes."

road.jpg Big Brother 8 fans: Amber is a bigot.

Gwynethroad.jpg Gwyneth Paltrow or Romanian, twinkie, super-bottom, gay porn star?

road.jpg Physicists solve 'mystery' of levitation: "Their discovery could ultimately lead to frictionless micro-machines with moving parts that levitate But they say that, in principle at least, the same effect could be used to levitate bigger objects too, even a person."

road.jpg Apple delivers new iMacs, iLife...

road.jpg Arlington County, Virginia to allow 'ex-gay' groups to distribute material to students: "Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays, or P-FOX, sued school officials earlier this year in federal court, claiming that they improperly blocked their request to send out the fliers. School officials denied any discrimination. They said all outside groups are barred from distributing fliers at high schools, basically because students don't read them. A settlement, reached last week, states that P-FOX will have the same access given to other groups and can submit fliers for distribution to middle and elementary-school students if it wishes."

road.jpg Archives reveal that Winston Churchill's cabinet discussed gays.

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  1. Stop. Just stop linking to Lindsay Lohan stories. Stop linking to Pink is the new blog if they can't leave it alone. Stories done now ... everyone had their laugh. Now give the woman a chance to address her alcoholism. A little celebrity gossip? Fine. All in good fun, and often they ask for it in one way or another.
    Now we're over the line.
    I love Towerload, but please, enough.

    Posted by: John | Aug 7, 2007 3:11:17 PM

  2. If the Bangkok officers can't disclose what their offense was, how will others know how to not make the same mistakes? What's the point in "guessing" what the offense was?

    Posted by: Gino | Aug 7, 2007 3:13:33 PM

  3. The Hello Kitty armbands seem overly cruel. Isn't it some sort of human rights violation?

    Posted by: db | Aug 7, 2007 4:56:58 PM

  4. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????

    How can non school groups promote anything send anything to students??????
    this P-fox crap is ridiculous

    Posted by: anon | Aug 7, 2007 5:26:01 PM

  5. Any reasonably informed speculation about when a new iPod will come out? Mine is beyond full (I've had to unsync some really great stuff!), but I don't wanna buy right before a great new upgrade.

    Posted by: Michael | Aug 7, 2007 6:11:52 PM

  6. imac, iphone, ipod . . . iscared.

    Posted by: Br!on | Aug 7, 2007 7:02:06 PM

  7. Hello Kitty armbands?! I'd rather be flogged!

    (Oh, and new iPods come out in October always.)

    Posted by: damien | Aug 7, 2007 7:44:20 PM

  8. That is a horrible picture of Gwyneth! She looks worse than a drag queen. I am SO over her. Kathy Griffin was so right on about her in her act lampooning her & her attitude. She is just as bad as Charlotte in "Sex & the City", who made me want to slap her or throw dog shit on her by being so prissy. (but then again, I'm probably just as bad)

    And what is with Winston Churchill's cabinet being such hypocrites? Since everyone knows what goes on in boarding schools (and any same-sex institutions). And what is true now was true then. There were even prominent members of the Royal Family who were gay or at the very least bisexual (Duke of Kent), and as worshipful of the Royals as Winston was, he would never have had that attitude with them. Just shows you that what you can do depends on WHO you are. Please...like any of those guys never sucked dick. Whatever.

    Posted by: Jordan | Aug 7, 2007 8:59:02 PM

  9. A similar law-enforcement device, referred to as a "sick stick" was posited in the Steven Speilberg movie, "Minority Report," starring the "not gay" Tom Cruise.

    Posted by: Brian | Aug 7, 2007 10:22:21 PM

  10. P-FOX can go fuck themselves. How can be allowed to distribute hate literature? Okay kids, what a great thing to teach them: just pray the gay away!

    Give me a fucking break. These losers are disgusting once again trying to force their religion on everyone.

    Where's the ACLU when we need them?

    Posted by: lou | Aug 7, 2007 11:00:04 PM

  11. Amber's not a bigot... she's totally, like, a good person. Honestly. And, like, God wants her to win the game. Cause she's a good person. And she only likes good people.

    And if you don't believe her, she'll squish her eyelids together until she "cries," complete with fake lower lip quiver.

    Posted by: theo | Aug 8, 2007 1:25:05 AM

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