Big Brother 8‘s Nick: “I am definitely 100% straight”

I haven’t done a Big Brother 8 update in a while, but for those of you who don’t watch the show, its resident beefcake Nick Starcevic was sent packing by the other housemates last week.

NickstarcevicBuddy TV asked him about the fluid sexuality he seemed to demonstrate at certain moments during the show:

And one of the things on the internet, I just have to ask about this, there’s now a video, a lot of the rumors about playing up the homosexuality, just wondering if you would address those issues?

NICK: “Yeah, I’ve gotten asked that question a couple times today about homosexuality. I am definitely one hundred percent straight, I don’t know if something was taken out of context or anything like that. It was something with like Joe and I in the hot tub, somebody said. Definitely one hundred percent straight, had nothing to do with men ever. But I am a very comfortable guy with my sexuality, and I do find men attractive, and I can say that because I’m comfortable with my sexuality.”

So the story you told Joe then was false, because there’s a video of you online admitting to performing a homosexual act?

NICK: “Uh… yeah that’s what was told to me before, I never said anything about performing a sexual act before. I said that I kissed one of my buddies on the lips in a bar because of a bet, I don’t know if that’s what you’re talking about.”

Not exactly, but I’m certain you’ll go on the internet and read about it and find out and hopefully things will be clarified about that.

NICK: “Yeah, hopefully.”

Exclusive Interview: Nick Starcevic, 4th Evicted from ‘Big Brother 8′ [buddy tv]

And for those of you who can’t get enough Nick, two more post-game interviews: Nick on Housecalls and on the Early Show with Julie Chen.

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  1. Chris says

    Honey, you were on a tv show where they record everything you say, and play it over the use in denying that you said it now. You could have at least said “Maybe i said something when i was really drunk and dont remember”

  2. Gregg says

    Wow – what an idiot. He could have easily dismissed it by saying he was just playing a game. Now it looks like he’s in full denial – which only makes it look more true!

  3. anon says

    What about the snuggeling on the bed? It isn’t just the hot tub schtick that blew his cover.

    I have tons of straight guy friends who are completly comfortable with their sexuality ,and have even hung at gay bars with me before but NEVER EVER snuggled with me on a bed.

  4. mark m says

    It’s harder to recall a lie than a truth – especially when that truth is a sexual act you (allegedly) performed only once in your life.

    He was obviously having trouble remembering what lies he told to whom. I imagine that’s normal for anyone who tells as many lies as the Big Brother contestants.

  5. hoya86 says

    obviously this guy went to the Dick Cheney School of Communications and Management and graduated with honors.

    Say one thing one day and then totally deny ever having said it when it suits your purposes. Won’t matter if your previous comments were recorded, just deny it and if you have to blame it on liberal conspirators.

    he’s a tool.

  6. Randy says

    Serious what is wrong with you people on this blog? Big Brother if you haven’t noticed is a GAME SHOW with a PRIZE at the end. Its Survivor vaggguely masked as a reality show. If a someone kills a bear to intimidate his or her fellow contestants, he or she is attempting to get closer to the prize. If someone eats bull feces to show that fear is obviously not a factor, he or she is attempting to get closer to the prize. If a super hot guy or lady plays gay to stupefy and incite reaction from his fellow contestants (and apparently everyone on this website), he or she is attempting to get closer to the prize.

    He got kicked out. They ask him if he is gay. He says no. Why can’t you people realize that not everyone is gay, and the more vinegar you toss in peoples eyes the angrier they are going to get. God, is this always going to be the formula —

    Worship one of these guys from afar – Let them reveal who they really are – and go totally apeshit. Guess what, he is straight. He loves women. Move On.

    Who is the comedienne that always jokes….why do gay men always think the HOT ones are gay but never the UGLY ones? Exactly.


    Can each of you honestly remember EVERY SINGLE WORD that came outta your mouth for an entire 5 week period??!?! He’s not denying what was caught on tape, in fact, he’s not even sure exactly what the interview is referring to. WAKE THE FUCK UP.

  8. noah says


    Hooray!! I couldn’t agree with you anymore. I don’t understand all of this venom. The guy was on a game show where he could win $500K.

    Every other month or so, some guy on a TV show or movie or on stage appears. He’s handsome and gay-friendly. Next thing you know, he’s raised up high, gay rumors swirl, he denies it and then boom: the fangs and knives come out. Why?

  9. Cry Me a River says

    It is mindboggling how gay men will literally scratch each other’s eyes out to defend some straight dude’s right to titilate them with his “sexual ambiguity” and allow themselves to be pawns for them to use as they desire…but the minute he comes clean…bam…..”he’s a tool”…sorry but gays are the biggest tools for straight men around….the guy played the gay card (and gay men) like a flute….IT WAS A GAME…HE WAS TRYING TO WIN….HE LIED…(or he’s lying now, either way, you got used). and yes, it always the hot ones who are gay or rumored to be or your best friends’s cousin’s garderner had a fling with in the hallway of the building your janitor lived in….

  10. anon ( says

    Let’s just say that his antics will live in YouTube-Land for all to see. He’ll be answering these questions for a long time, particularly by all the women he’s going to ask out.

  11. SeattleDan says

    Interesting that some people are using such venom to denounce… well, somebody else’s venom.

    It’s beefcake, people, pure and simple. Don’t be taking this masturbatory material so seriously.

  12. JR says

    Yeah, maybe he was playing a game, blah blah blah… But seriously, “I am definitely one hundred percent straight”, who says that? Oh, I know, Ted Haggard says that. Please! “I’m straight” would do just fine. I’m not trying to say that makes him gay, it just makes him an ASS!

  13. veeru says

    Nick never really said for sure that he was gay or bisexual, so I don’t feel betrayed.

    Joe himself suggested that Nick was probably straight, when Joe was interviewed by after Joe’s eviction. “I think Nick’s sexuality is that he’s very comfortable with his own sexuality. He’s not worried about how he’s perceived. He’s an example for what all straight men should be — willing to flirt, willing to do that, because at the end of the day, you know if you’re straight or not. His ability to accept me, his ability to smile and wink at me just as he would anybody else, really shows that he’s got a lot of integrity. Maybe not honesty, because he screwed me over in the end, but he’s got a lot of integrity and he really stands up for what he believes in.”

    Joe also didn’t think that Nick was using his sexuality to play him. From the same interview: “I think that Nick is just friendly with everybody. I never saw it as anything more than playful flirting. I wasn’t hopelessly in love with him and, I swear to God, if they edited me that way I’m going to kill them! But no, I knew Nick was just flirting. He’s a really nice guy, he’s outgoing, and that’s great. I respect that aspect of his personality. I don’t think Dustin would be as receptive to it as I was, because Dustin is very much all about himself, and not so much interacting with others.”

    Nick’s straight, but he honestly liked Joe as a person. Nick’s said in interviews that Joe was his favorite person in the house, Joe is the one he will miss the most other than Daniele, it was hard to vote Joe out, and he looks forward to hanging out with Joe.

    At the time of the blow job thing, people were speculating whether he was joking anyway. I don’t think he was lying, becaue he was just joking — it was just his dry sense of humor. This doesn’t take away from the part of his conversation about his dad thinking Nick was gay until was 21.

    I still really like Nick and don’t feel that he deserves any of this bashing.

    Also, for him to say that he finds men attractive because he is comfortable with his sexuality, is still a bold step for a straight guy to make.

  14. veeru says

    One last thing:

    I think it’s almost neater for Nick to be straight but open to flirting and cuddling with Joe, and comfortable with saying that he finds men attractive — than for him to actually be gay or bisexual.

    It’s so wonderfully non-homophobic for a straight guy, and a straight athlete to boot.

  15. says

    Nick was a douche bag in the house, protrayed to be a saint on TV but watching him on the live feeds I could see clearly he was an asshole douche bag, the first to betray his alliance over a girl, wanting to drop kick Zach repeatedly, having no respect for Daniele’s boyfriend, telling a woman on TV to shut the fuck up [uncalled for], I’m telling you he USED the gay men in the house and they feel for it hook like and sinker.

    I’m glad he’s out of the house and I always knew his cock sucking story was bullshit, just a story to get the gay men on his good side. I’m sure he’s used gay men to his advantage his whole life.

    Say what you want about me but I know the Nick from the live CBS feeds, not the edited CBS show.

  16. michael says

    So glad he cleared that up for the numerous delusional gays out there. I never for one second thought he was gay. You’d have to be a fucking moron to not know he was playing up to the cameras, and the gays in the house. He said from day one he was gonna use his sexuality to charm everyone male and female.

    Like MR. GUYTVBLOG said, the live feeds said it all.

  17. JR says

    Veeru “I think it’s almost neater for Nick to be straight but open to flirting…”

    NEATER??? Ok, that completely invalidated anything you had to say.

    I’ll do you one better. “Anyone who thinks my show is ‘neat’ HAS TO GO!” Bet you’ll have no trouble figuring that one out.

  18. The Reality says

    I think straight guys (and hollywood) have figured out gay men so much so that they now realize they can easily manipulate the minds of gay men by simply acknowledging them and showing a modicum of attention…and gays will line up like lambs to the slaughter…..and tear each other to pieces in the process….it always goes back to the straight boys….

  19. says

    i think hes confident with his sexuality in fact hes addicted to it i would love for a lesbian to hit o n me i know im straight i might make out or somehting but i would not pursue a relationship on the onther hand my dad was on vacation with me and made me change my clothes (satple skinny jeans) to this ugly outfit and i was in the prada store and this gay man gave me a bad look and i wanted to die because it mattered in fact i am still scarred and i dont want to talk oabout it

  20. Woot says

    I’m sure he’s straight, yet its still nice when he tries to convince the interviewers that he indeed is “a big fan of” and “likes Dick.”

  21. Gregg says

    I don’t really care if he’s gay or not. It’s not like I’m gonna fuck him, and he certainly isn’t a shining example for the gay community.

    My point was simply that Nick could have easily said “I was playing a game and I don’t remember everything I said.” But instead he’s denying with a vengeance. That kind of denial never looks genuine.

  22. SC says

    Ookay, as a feed watcher, I can certainly tell you that he DID say he’s given a blow job before, that he would give JOE a blow job if he was wrong about who sang a song, that he can’t wait to go to a gay club with Joe, and he admitted that he kisses guys – all of this happened on different days.

    He very well may not be %100 gay, but that boy sure as hell ain’t %100 straight. I’m disappointed that he’s pushing himself further into a closet.

  23. Jonathon says


    Does it depress anyone else that people can know the specific and intimate details of Nick’s experience on Big Brother, yet are totally ignorant about things that really matter?

    Look, Nick can be whatever he wants – straight, bi, gay or otherwise – and everyone else can have their opinion about what he is or what he should be. What is clear to me, and makes any speculation about his true sexual orientation moot, is that he is smart enough to know that he can use his looks and the attention he gets from people to manipulate them. In this regard, Nick is really smarter than the average straight guy.

    Sure… he’ll cuddle and even confess to some cocksucking, so long as he gets what he wants. Nick was working Joe and others in the house – not to mention the many people watching the show. He was using his looks and perceived “sexyness” to get what he wanted. This is the same thing that many women have been doing for millions of years.

    So yeah… the 15 minutes are almost up. Next!

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