News: Leona Helmsley, Earthquakes, Gay TV, Larry Craig

road.jpg POLL: 55% in Idaho say Larry Craig should resign.

road.jpg 1955: The “homosexual underworld” of Boise, Idaho.

Drakeroad.jpg The Orlando “love triangle” deaths involving GOP consultant Ralph Gonzalez, may or may not be connected to the murder of gay porn producer Bryan Kocis. The possible connection? This man, ex-Marine Jason Drake, who allegedly killed the two Orlando-based consultants before killing himself.

road.jpg Cuban leader Fidel Castro tips Clinton-Obama ticket to win election: “The word today is that an apparently unbeatable ticket could be Hillary for president and Obama as her running mate.”

road.jpg The Beckhams hit the beach in Malibu.

road.jpg LROQ in Los Angeles spins “Lean Like a Homo”: ” The song is sung by an effeminate male, who raps about anal sex, poppers, and desiring actor Zac Efron’s penis. Some of the lyrics include ‘Asscheeks up, spread them wide… That’s how we live, party, and play, every single day for the gay.’ The song appears to be a takeoff on Latino performer Down AKA Kilo’s ‘Lean Like a Cholo.'”

road.jpg Katie Couric headed to Iraq and Syria to lift ratings of the CBS Evening News: “Anchor travel is expensive and in this case dangerous. News orgs do it to goose ratings, draw attention to the story or the newscaster, or secure higher-profile interviews than a correspondent could. But Couric herself was critical of the notion of traveling for the sake of travel before she started the CBS job last summer. Couric said in August ’06 that she would only undertake such trips, ‘if I feel strongly that my presence will advance a story, that I’m not just window dressing to show that I’m at a particular story, which I think does happen quite frankly in certain situations.'”

Leonaroad.jpg Rich bitch: Leona Helmsley leaves her dog $12 million in will. Two grandchildren get nothing for “reasons that they are aware of”.

road.jpg Los Angeles and the Mojave Desert seismically linked, say researchers: “This claim from a new study might come as a surprise to L.A. residents, who have been shaken by the 1994 Northridge quake, the Whittier quake in 1987 and numerous other temblors big and small. But even the Northridge quake, the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history at the time, was ‘a drop in the bucket’ compared with the massive jolts expected during high seismic activity, said researcher James Dolan of the University of Southern California.”

road.jpg BoiFromTroy lines up College Football’s hottest men.

road.jpg Hungarian radio station fired two employees after they published a photo on the station’s website depicting State Secretary Gabor Szetey, the first openly gay Hungarian politician, standing outside Auschwitz wearing a pink triangle.

road.jpg What’s gay on TV this season? AfterElton has a preview: “The bad news is that by our count, not a single new scripted network show features a gay character in a lead or supporting role. Several shows have hinted they may add a gay character at some point in the future, but as for now there are no new characters for gay viewers. There are, however, two transgender characters on new shows and one is played by a transgender actress.”


  1. tommy says

    So, if the dj’s in Los Angeles made a parody of, say, Lean Like A Ni**er, that would also be OK? And, I’m sure the AfroAmerican community would have no problem with this.Yeah. Right!

  2. JonE says

    This whole Kocis/Cuadra connection to the Florida deaths was made up from scratch by a blogger pseudonymously known as Damon Kreuzer. He delights in spinning untrue tall tales, and is best ignored.

    It’s a little sad that his fable is getting so much play.

  3. Ray says

    It’s unbelievable what KROQ has been doing over the past few years-the morning Deejays Kevin and Bean constantly make fun of gays..they call everything that is lame or annoying “That’s sooo GAY”..mock all the gay celebrities by calling them names…it’s almost as if they work hard to cater to the fratboy homophones who listen to their morning show. I’ve contacted the station several times and complained but nothing happens…they also become more insistent on their hate speech..saying that it’s not our job to please everyone..just become one gay is offended by the things we say or the hate speech we spread, we’re not going to cut our humor..In their Show Biz report segement this morning, they started by saying. “Do we have any news that might offend someone…because the Pink/lavender groups may be offended if we say anything.” It’s an awful new trend in media…they now claime to be free and stand for freedom of speech and not caving down to political correctness when they want to bash gays and lesbians..I wish our community leaders would take a tougher stand against these bastards.

  4. Shadd says

    I’ve listened to KROQ, and Kevin and Bean, for a long time. In the context of the bulk of the humorous bits done on the show, Lean Like a Homo is not any more–or less–offensive than how they parody any other group or individual. On the show gays are treated equally, just like we want. In any remotely serious topic relating to gays I’ve heard the Kevin and Bean Show discuss, they demonstrate an acceptance of GLBT people and issues. And if their brand of humor is distasteful, then you have the right to change the channel.

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