Carol Channing Wants Her Dress Back

More breaking news on the Hollywood heist of Carol Channing’s “diamond dress”.

Channing told TMZ: “He must be awfully hungry to do such a thing. They have a suspect … I won’t say his name, because we want the dress back, we don’t want him. … The Smithsonian is sad. I am not sad.”

Channing to Thief: I Want My Dress Back! [tmz]

Carol Channing’s “Diamond Dress” in Hollywood Heist [tr]


  1. db says

    You are soooo wrong Jimmyboyo, she has never stopped working. She’s still touring with a one woman show. She is amazing. She’s always had a great sense of humor about herself and she’s always been a good friend to gay people. I think she’s still fabulous.

  2. Joshua says

    She’s 86 y/o and still as funny as always. A good friend to the gay community all of her professional life.

    The above is from my Uncle who is also older than dirt and gay…

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