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Fred Thompson on Homosexual "Deviancy", Gay Marriage

From his campaign bus over the weekend, here's video of Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson clarifying his position on gay marriage.

Salon also wrote about a campaign event at which Thompson was specifically asked about homosexual "deviancy", gay marriage, and a federal amendment banning it. Michael Scherer of The War Room notes that Thompson's position appears to have changed:

Thompson"In the past, Thompson has opposed a federal amendment to ban gay marriage on federalist grounds. Like Arizona Sen. John McCain and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, he has said that he does not believe the federal government should be involved in an issue that should be left to the states. But on Friday, he said he would support a different type of amendment to the Constitution. "I would support a constitutional amendment which says some off-the-wall court decision in one state that recognizes the marriage in one state, like Massachusetts, just to pick a state, cannot go to another state and have it recognized in that state. You are not bound by what another state does." He was not done. "The second part of my amendment would also state that judges could not impose this [gay marriage], on the federal or state level, unless a state legislature signed off on it." This second part of his amendment is novel, if a bit ponderous. He has said before that he is against the federal government inserting itself into state matters like marriage. But he supports the federal government inserting itself into state courthouses, when they take up the issue of marriage. He did not immediately explain this conflict."

DocGonzo at DailyKos offered his analysis: "My analysis: these Republican spokesmodels don't care about gay marriage, gay people, Iowans, the Constitution, or anything else. They care about grabbing power, no matter what they say or do to get and keep it. Thompson is the worst kind of bigot: the opportunist bigot who doesn't even care who he hates or persecutes. Those kind are the hardest to catch and break, because they can melt into any background when bigotry is inconvenient."

And AmericaBlog notes a resemblance between Thompson and a villain from Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.

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  1. Fuck him...and the campaign bus he rode in on.

    Posted by: hill_w | Sep 10, 2007 1:40:55 PM

  2. Well he's certainly in good company.

    Posted by: Zeke | Sep 10, 2007 1:48:48 PM

  3. How does one legally define "off-the-wall"?

    Posted by: anon (gmail.com) | Sep 10, 2007 1:55:24 PM

  4. He said that no state legislature has passed a gay marriage bill, but he is wrong. California did it and Arnold vetoed it. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that he plays fast and loose with the facts, since he is apparently amoral.

    Posted by: sam | Sep 10, 2007 1:57:45 PM

  5. Ah, it's so refreshing to have another actor running for President. But then he was never much of an actor anyway!

    Posted by: learn your lines you stupid actor | Sep 10, 2007 2:03:24 PM

  6. And of course let's not forget the the Repub Spokesmodels have no respect for the US Constitution.

    So will straight marriages in one state no longer be recognized in another state??? Currently the US Const. protects that...

    Posted by: dc-20008 | Sep 10, 2007 2:18:16 PM

  7. and this this pathetic old fart is the repugs great, white, conservative hope? (spit take)

    Posted by: nic | Sep 10, 2007 2:26:03 PM

  8. What this should teach those who haven't yet realized it is that attempts to exploit homophobia and homohatred are still—despite some gay "leader" and mainstream pundit assertions to the contrary—very much a part of the Repug playbook in trying to keep control of the White House.

    And mainstream media are not going to be any more objective or informed than they have been before. When they don’t ignore us entirely, they frequently reveal their indifference by their lack of fact. “Time” magazine National Political Correspondent Karen Tumulty recently described Giuliani on “Washington Week in Review” as an “ardent supporter of gay rights”—apparently oblivious to the fact that he supports DADT and has backtracked from his support for “civil unions,” saying that New Hampshire went too far. Yesterday, NBC’s Tim Russert flatly stated, Giuliani was “pro gay rights.” “Liberal” commentator Mark Shields said on “The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer” that the Democratic candidates were “pandering” to gays by participating in the HRC forum. On “This Week with George Stephanapolous,” Georgy Boy referred to the Human Rights Campaign Fund, though it dropped the “Fund” over a decade ago. And the entire MSM industry still has failed to challenge the absurdity that the Right has been trumpeting for years—that gays marrying will destroy straight marriage.

    The conclusion: continuing to demand “all or nothing” from Dem candidates is only going to play into the hands of the Repug Reich by leading some LGBTs not to vote at all or throw their votes away on symbolic-only candidates.

    Again, only 537 Florida votes changed History.

    Posted by: Leland Frances | Sep 10, 2007 2:31:25 PM

  9. Fred was probably for separate drinking fountains at one time, so this isn't much of a surprise.

    This is the best you can do, Republicans? Good luck in 2012.

    Posted by: Marco | Sep 10, 2007 2:36:34 PM

  10. If Reagan was an empty suit, at best, it is horrifying to think of how useless this dope would be.

    Posted by: dc-20008 | Sep 10, 2007 2:51:38 PM

  11. Fred Thompson doesn't give a shit about homosexuality or gay marriage - he just knows that, to win the Republican nomination, he has to pander to the politically active ultra-conservative base. It's exactly what Giuliani has been doing. Political whores. It's just disgusting.

    Posted by: Jordan | Sep 10, 2007 3:01:15 PM

  12. So Fred Thompson wants to get rid of the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the Constitution? He's off to a great start in filling the shoes of our current president.

    Posted by: Matt | Sep 10, 2007 3:53:49 PM

  13. That's it...I am NOT voting for Thompson! And yes, Zeke, you told me so.

    I just wish that a candidate would give me a reason TO VOTE FOR THEM and not me voting for the one that hits 80% of what I am looking for. However, I have voted for Thompson in the past for senate, but I will NOT vote for him again. For what it is worth...

    Posted by: RB | Sep 10, 2007 5:01:21 PM

  14. I'm not sayin a word RB my friend.


    Posted by: Zeke | Sep 10, 2007 5:47:49 PM

  15. Promises to end the oil piracy in Iraq put Democrats in control of the Congress in 2006 and for now the Republicans chances of getting it back are slim to none, but given the Democrats track record of losing a sure bet that could change. They refuse to end Bush’s adventure in Iraq, while Reid and Pelosi keep repeating Standard Tall Tale No. 14-J, i.e., “We want to be good, but our hands are tied”. Meanwhile the killing and horror multiply exponentially.

    Freddie Thompsons entered the ring and within a few days grabbed 12-13 points from McCain and 5 points from Giuliani, leaving McCain and Romney even. Not that it matters – they’re all our enemies and one of them will face another of our enemies, likely Hillary Clinton, whose lead in the polls is a bone-crushing 40% and steadily rising. She’ll be the Deceitocrat Party standard bearer and duke it out with whoever the Repugnant Party picks. Yea, etc.

    My best advice for living through the campaign without barfing your life away is to relax, sit back and enjoy watching the hoopla escalate to fever pitch. Just don’t take it seriously.

    If you find yourself reduced to belief in the deceit, distortions, and promises just remember what Elmer said, "Be afwaid, be vewy afwaid”, when snake oil dealers like the like HRC, or the stoneheads and logheads cry out ‘ but it’s a crucial election, hold your noses and vote XYZ, Our Savior.”

    All the leading candidates of the twin parties are two faced opportunists. One week they support prolonging and expanding Bush's unlawful oil piracy in Iraq and his strategy (nearing execution) to use nukes against Iran. By the next week, with a different crowd, they’re for a ‘feasible and secure’ pullout. They all oppose same sex marriage and full equality; although a few go for cosmetic changes like EDNA (which will likely be gutted by Congress before it’s passed). Some want to apply pancake makeup to Bill Clinton’s DADT and DOMA and some just ignore questions about them.

    The truth is Republicans are baboons in people suits (with a totalitarian christian attached at the hip) and Democrats are Republicans in drag. Voting for them is a vote for war, antigay bigotry, racism, mysogony and for the unremitting attack on the standard of living of working people. The question is not so much how do we choose between a rock and a hard place, but why should we?

    A vote for the Democrats or the Republicans is a frivolous vote, a wasted vote Instead vote for socialist or communist parties, the anti-capitalist greens, or join and build the trade union led US Labor Party.

    There is no middle ground here. It may be difficult and it may take awhile but we have to break out the political closet of dependency on the Repugnants and Deceitocrats to legislate equality for us. That’s not going to happen; only mass independent political activity can accomplish that.

    Posted by: Bill Perdue | Sep 10, 2007 5:55:04 PM

  16. Wouldn't it be easier, Bill, to move to North Korea?

    Posted by: anon (gmail.com) | Sep 10, 2007 6:13:14 PM

  17. anon(gmail.com)
    And miss all the fun of bringing down the ruling rich, confiscating their wealth,'reeducating' them and their toadies and redeeming them as productive members of society instead of leaches? Not on you life.

    Posted by: Bill Perdue | Sep 10, 2007 6:47:06 PM

  18. Huffpo providing this link now that connects to an article implicating Thompson via billing records of providing legal services to convicted libyian terrorist.


    Before his campaign even started he is sunk

    Bye bye

    Posted by: no excuse for the fat, but | Sep 10, 2007 6:55:40 PM

  19. What an incredibly ugly man... and he's physically unattractive too.

    Posted by: Robguy | Sep 10, 2007 6:58:57 PM

  20. http://tpmelectioncentral.com/2007/09/thompson_provided_legal_counsel_for_pan_am_103_bombers.php

    The full link didn't seem to post, here it is.

    Posted by: jimmyboyo | Sep 10, 2007 7:02:25 PM

  21. damn!!! the php etc are not posting in the post.

    Just go over to Huffingtonpost.com

    Front page scroll down and click their link.

    Posted by: jimmyboyo | Sep 10, 2007 7:03:32 PM

  22. Ignore Bill Perdue who is either 1. a Stealth Republican pretending to hate them equally when his real intent is simply to persuade people not to vote for Dems or 2. merely has shit for brains a la "vote for socialist or communist parties, the anti-capitalist greens, or join and build the trade union led US Labor Party."

    Repeat: ignore.

    Posted by: Leland Frances | Sep 10, 2007 7:35:49 PM

  23. No Excuse: I thought everyone deserved legal representation. Thompson billed a paltry 3.3 hours for helping another lawyer in the same firm who was advising the lawyer for the Libyan suspects. Are we playing six degrees of Kevin Bacon here?

    To reduce that billing to Thompson supports terrorists is bullshit but it's the kind of bullshit I expect from DailyKOS, MoveOn.org or WorldNetDaily.

    Posted by: queendru | Sep 10, 2007 7:39:39 PM

  24. Leland Frances, your Mr. Bluster act doesn’t impress. The shriller you get, the more people dismiss you. You're a sycophantic shill for frauds who support the oil piracy in Iraq, antigay bigotry, union busting, and etc. With politics like you might want a lower profile, but if you enjoy pillorying yourself go right ahead.

    Posted by: Bill Perdue | Sep 10, 2007 7:48:25 PM

  25. Queen

    Everybody does deserve representation.

    But this is the repub primary and in repub land it is an unforgivable sin. This will nix his campaign.

    Posted by: jimmyboyo | Sep 10, 2007 8:00:24 PM

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