Ja Rule: Gays the Problem with Society, Not Hip-Hop

Rapper Ja Rule is upset that Congress is set to hold hearings regarding the exploitation of women in hip-hop lyrics. He tells Complex magazine:

Jarule“They got my man Doug Morris under fire and sh-t, they got him going down to go speak to Congress about hip-hop lyrics, are you f–king serious? There’s a f–king black kid right now about to get 25 years for having a fight with some white kids over hanging the nooses over the white tree, let’s get to that. Let’s get into sh-t like that, because that’s what’s tearing up America, not me calling a woman a b–ch or a h-e on my rap songs. And if it is, then we need to go step to Paramount, and f–king MGM, and all of these other motherf–kers that’s making all of these movies and we need to go step to MTV and Viacom, and lets talk about all these f–king shows that they have on MTV that is promoting homosexuality, that my kids can’t watch this sh-t. Dating shows that’s showing two guys or two girls in mid-afternoon. Let’s talk about s–t like that! If that’s not f–king up America, I don’t know what is….There’s a lot of issues we can address besides hip-hop, but they want to put everything on us like we’re the problem. This is going to be a shameless f–king plug, but I said, ‘when everyone wants to point the finger, and ask why there’s so much corruption, they only need to look in the mirror.’ It starts with themselves.”

Perhaps Congress should add homophobia to its agenda.


  1. Angelo says

    A fine african american example. If this turd can have kids and raise them with his garbage, it’s obvious we can make a way better job.

    lets start creating families people.

  2. says

    “Music”? What “Music”?

    Rap is CRAP!!!!

    It is the antithesis of music.

    ANd the success of its practitiones is gauged by their autopsies.

    If Mr. Rule is sucha n important “Hip-Hop Artist” why is he still alive?

    Shouldn’t he be a rotting stinking corpse by now?

  3. Tread says

    Ya know, I disagree vehemently with what Ja Rule said, but I’m not going to advocate for his death. That’s stooping to his level.

    Seriously people, you scare me sometimes.

  4. Paul says

    What surprises me is that we still regard this genere as an actual category. but, then again, even Kanye West cannot come up with something original…look at how many rap artistc, if you will, sample other artists.
    Ja Rule is just uneducated trash…there is this whole machismo attitude associated with Rap and the black community which put women down. the women in some senses are pretty bad for letting them put them down.

  5. John Beene says

    Will Rep. Bobby Rush bring this up during the hearings? Will anyone …anyone… in the community of black leaders address this? I’m not holding my breath but this has got to stop!

  6. sugarrhill says

    Rap/Hip Hop is as much an actual musical category as Rock, Heavy Metal, House, and Country, you dumbfuck. It’s entirely at your discretion whether or not you like it, but just because you don’t doesn’t invalidate it. Machismo attitude isn’t just indicative of Rap/Hip Hop. Plenty of other popular music are just as derogatory. If you don’t like it don’t buy or turn the fucking dial.

  7. says

    it’s so easy to play the blame game when the finger is pointed directly at you. he’s incapable of taking responsibility for his behavior. he is incapable of being a better human being. instead of rapping about bitches and hoes, instead of rapping about fags and homo’s, instead of rapping about guns and gangstas, why not rap about the things that are directly affecting his community. discrimination, injustice, poverty, a lack of education, indifferance by our government, etc. oh, i see. he doesn’t because that would require the actual engagement of some cognition. ja rule is a pimple on the ass of society. seriously, who listens to this gutter snipe?

  8. Reality says

    Music taste are individual

    clearly, if you’re over 50 then rap is not your thing, but I can’t begrudge those who do like it, while at the same time laughing at people who enjoy Mika and Scissor Sisters-style gay music.

  9. Eric says

    Does he have a new CD coming out that he needs some type of hype for? I guess he’s trying to stir up support from the Hoe and Bitch loving Fag hating hip hop artists out there. He’s a has been and obviously not teaching his children anything other than hate. If you are what you eat I guess that makes him a Pussy.

  10. Eric says

    Does he have a new CD coming out that he needs some type of hype for? I guess he’s trying to stir up support from the Hoe and Bitch loving Fag hating hip hop artists out there. He’s a has been and obviously not teaching his children anything other than hate. If you are what you eat I guess that makes him a Pussy.

  11. Eric says

    Does he have a new CD coming out that he needs some type of hype for? I guess he’s trying to stir up support from the Hoe and Bitch loving Fag hating hip hop artists out there. He’s a has been and obviously not teaching his children anything other than hate. If you are what you eat I guess that makes him a Pussy.

  12. Eric says

    Does he have a new CD coming out that he needs some type of hype for? I guess he’s trying to stir up support from the Hoe and Bitch loving Fag hating hip hop artists out there. He’s a has been and obviously not teaching his children anything other than hate. If you are what you eat I guess that makes him a Pussy.

  13. JR says

    Is it me or does he just seem REALLY stupid? It’s weird. It’s like at times he seems on the verge of making a point, then resorts to sounding like a f–king idiot.

  14. So Left I'm Right says

    Is Ja Rule even still making records? Where did he even crawl out from? He had some catchy songs a million years ago, but does anyone even care about his music or opinions these days?

  15. says

    Ouch, I felt like he had a point at the beginning there when he was talking about what’s going on in Jena, Louisiana and how that’s more important than hip hop lyrics but then….

    Ja Rule is a wankster anyway, does he even still make music?

  16. says

    Would be nice if people would deal with his comments as opposed to going on some anti-rap diatribe.

    It would also be nice if comments about the black community weren’t stolen from some stereotype text-book.

  17. Please says

    Most guys on here only listen to songs by full figured woman who hit high notes…that way they can channel their own feminine sides….

    and David Ehrenstein, your opinion of rap or any other music that doesn’t involve judy garland is about as relevant as you would be in a gay bar with your shirt off. (and at your age, I hope you know better).

  18. BHcolin says

    First of all — let’s hope he doesn’t just sit his kids in front of the TV . The dating shows in general are not suitable for little kids. Don’t know his kids ages, but actually most of what MTV has on isn’t for the little ones. But for teens it’s okay, not for little kids. But if he doesn’t want them to watch it — there’s stuff like parental locks, v chips or God forbid sitting down and watching TV with his kids and he can click the remote to another channel.

    I for one am very proud of MTV for including gays in those dating shows. I think it shows we’ve come a long way. And I hope it does influence those teens that even if someone is gay — they are normal people.

    I’d like to ask Ja Rule his thoughts of different races dating — is that okay. Cause not too long ago that was “wrong”. I was born gay. Just as he was born black. I didn’t say, hmmmm let’s see how can I be hated. how can I have someone beat me up. What could I do that would have people say vile, hateful words at me oh, oh I’ll be gay that’s it
    No, I was born gay — and happy to be (btw)

    What’s his thoughts on the rap music that promotes women being sex objects, hated, violence and foul language – does he permit his kids to listen to that
    Or movies with violence, does he let his kids watch

    I know some like to think that us Gays are the cause of all the worlds problems like floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, bridge collapses, disease , famine, war and such
    but I think we’ve learned that Hate brings more harm to the world than anything

  19. Joshua says

    The guy(whoever he is) is a rapper. You expect Shakespear from him?
    Until he started on homo’s being bad, he actually had me on his side. He does bring up some valid points. Rap is crap, but it’s the street jargon of the inner city, and face it, **bitch and hoe** are like y**yes and no** to everyone else.
    I have to agree with him, there really are far more important things Congress should be addressing than the words in music, of any kind. Congress has no business legislating morality, we seem to think that as well, when it’s our morality thats being gored, but not when it’s someone’s that we may not like.
    I wouldn’t want him to teach civics at my University, but I thought he was right on when talking about corruption and Congress.

  20. Toto says

    Yes Ja Rule is a rapper however when you compare him to other artists who have tried to increase understanding of homosexuals as of late (small they may be) he comes off totally archaic. I dont like hip hop at all and I do believe that it does encourage an entire demographic of people to value ridiculously useless “bling” and consider women “hoes”. I have found increasingly graphic “dance” songs becoming the norm on the radio that basically boil down to “let me fuck you and I’ll cum in your face”. This is of course accompanied by the sample of an older non-rap artist who would be considered very fruity in its original form.
    I dont believe hip hop was always this ignorant or at least exposed it but its a joke now. Fine, its an “art” form. I just dont think its one that currently sparks real thought or idea.

  21. anon (gmail.com) says

    Is he being real though? Is he takin’ it to the streets? Is he tellin’ it like it is?

    He’s being doubly defensive, first about rap music (his bre’d and butta) and second about being a homophobe. I’d call that classic misdirection.

  22. says

    The problem isn’t hip hop (Hip Hop CDs were 2 of my Top 3 CDs of 2006 – Ghostface Killa, Bob Dylan and Clipse) – it’s illiteracy. And to overuse an ancient, overused old joke, if you look up illiteracy in the dictionary…you know whose face you see!

  23. nic says

    aww, li’l jeffry atkins (ja-rule) has got his manties all in a knot! look at hims huffs and puffs. who’s the big bad rapper? yes him is. hims the big bad rapper.

    when did respectable black society surrender to rap “artists”? these sub-literate, macho-bullshit cretins need to be got rid of. they are destroying our country.

  24. el polacko says

    coming from a ‘culture’ that glorifies and wallows in ignorance, degradation, and hatred, is it really any suprise to hear what a rapper has to say ? in his defensiveness over having his ‘culture’ criticized, he simply resorts to attacking a group he feels is beneath him in the social strata. that being said, however, one would hope that congress could find more pressing issues to address than whether jump-rope ‘songs’ are too nasty or not.

  25. Raimund says

    Jah Rule has been saying this for years. Seems he hasn’t learned his lesson. He lost a lot of money years back for spouting the same crap. I have always said gay people should not travel to Jamaica and give that country any of our money. His opinions are very common among Jamaican men. I feel sad for his children.

  26. Jonathon says

    How sickening. I am offended as a gay man, and as a native speaker of the English language. English is an elegant and beautiful language, and “Ja Rule” should try to learn it. Perhaps he’d find other words than “bitch” or “ho” or “faggot” to use in his so-called music.

    Practically every television set sold in the United States has the damn V-chip. If he’s worried about what his children are watching on television, maybe he needs to figure out how to use it. He could also call his cable company and lock out channels that contain content he objects to.

    Machismo? Whatever. My opinion is that he’s just another ignorant, bigoted jerk.

  27. Derrick from PHilly says

    Well, the racial insults were a little toned down this time, which they should’ve been because the homophobic fool didn’t slur white people. With the exception of his stupid rant against homosexuality everything else he said about the hypocrisy of this gun-loving society is true.

    As far as his use of the English language. There are many Americans who don’t speak Standard English–from blacks in inner cities to Apalachian whites to Cajuns in Louisiana. Some of it is ugly, but some of it is as beautiful as the speech of Louie Armstrong, or Billie Holiday, or Hank Williams Sr, or Minnie Pearl, or Fannie Brice.

  28. Sly says

    This “hip-hop” joke. He would be lucky if anyone buys his albums, much more less listen to his retarded explantation for societies’ wrongs. It doesn’t matter though, cuz most of the hip-hop community think he takes it up the ass anyway. Not that there’s anything wrong with that..

  29. Oscar says

    The problem with America is the Black Civil Rights of the 60’s. That was when America started the slide down to hell. Retards and uneducated blacks made to think that they are people. The black race was the first and so it is the most primitive. That is pure logic and pure science.

  30. Derrick from Philly says

    Oscar, liebling:

    You’re a real beautiful piece of work. You ought to teach public schools in the inner city–Nazi uniform and all. You could even bring your porn collection of skinny white guys being gang-banged by horse hung primitive Negroes–real sexy dark ones. Actually, you remind me of Kenneth Mars in “The Producers”–you remember, “It’s springtime for Hitler and Germany.” But you know, you really ought to try joining us fem queens rather than trying to be a gay man, then penis envy wouldn’t be such a major issue in your life.

    Well, may Satan and the ghost of Der Fuhrer be with you always, liebling…why you wannabe shwartze, you.

  31. JL says

    Nothing much to add here that hasn’t already been said. But isn’t it interesting that the ‘moral values’ republicans have nothing to say about pieces of garbage like this? Men like these are creating 13-year-old mothers and 30-year-old grandmothers. That makes me want to vomit. These men impregnate women faster than lightning. I cringe to think what urban America will look like in 15 years.

  32. Alex Sarmiento says

    For those of you not in the know, Ja Rule was a rapper from the MURDER INC. label or something like that. Would-be singer Ashanti, whose “Foolish” was a monster No. 1 hit in 2002, basically got her big break from appearing on one of his tracks. Ja Rule hit his peak in 2001 and 2002, when twice he collaborated with Jennifer Lopez on two bastardizations (remixes) of the hitherto J-Lo album tracks “I’m Real” and “Ain’t It Funny”. The former went to No. 1 just after 9/11, and the latter hit No. 1 in early 2002.

    Not only can he not rap, but he can’t sing a tune either.

    Fuck him with the LA Raiders.

  33. says

    Well, some of you think the opposite of Shakespeare is “a rapper” regardless of his talent(or lack of thereof). But let me remind you that the English language itself is one of youngest languages spoken in the World right now. Only just a few centuries old. Rap as a genre derives from a form of poésie that griots of West Africa are historically famous for. And this goes back thousands of years. Long before Germanic tribes invaded northern Europe and imposed their dialects. Queens just kill me with their self-righteousness. Ja is a morron and it’s sad that he’s actually raising children without the government intervening and taking them away. He does NOT speak for all rappers and he certainly ISN’T the moral authority on anything. If y’all want to diss rap music then go right ahead but please do us(those who enjoy it) a favor and take that creep out if it.

  34. Bklynsfynest says

    Wow I was going to get on JA Rule and his ignorant statements but then I started reading the comments and some of you people are just as bad, with your derogatory comments towards African Americans and how if you’re a hip hop artist you only important when you dead. Hmmmm I see what society’s problem is and has been since the Dawn of time – IGNORANCE. People fear what they don’t understand and Hate what they fear. How about we all just keep our little ignorant comments to our selves.

  35. cgg says

    GREGOIRE: I doubt he has to worry about getting shot. “Has been” rappers usually aren’t targets and Ja Rule “has been” at the bottom of the rap heap for several years now. He just needs publicity to help sell his new cd.

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