NASDAQ to Lance Bass: Ring My Bell

BassLance Bass is set to hit a bell with a hammer today at 4pm, to mark the close of trading at the NASDAQ stock exchange in Times Square.

Bass is banging the bell to promote Broadway on Broadway, a free concert in Times Square on September 16th expected to attract 50,000 people and feature stars and numbers from Broadway shows.

Bass is currently starring as Corny Collins in the Broadway production of Hairspray.


  1. dc-20008 says

    This is cute and all, but there is NO bell at NASDAQ. It’s all computers, and the whole thing is based in NJ and Connecticut.

    This is fluff.

  2. Ari says

    Sorry, You are wrong. This is directly from the Nasdaq website….. Guess you think you know something they don’t…

    Live Audience – Be a part of a live audience at NASDAQ’s Opening or Closing Bell Ceremony.
    NASDAQ is offering an exciting new opportunity. We are currently offering public groups the opportunity to attend and view the NASDAQ Opening or Closing Bell Ceremony from our studio located in the heart of Times Square.

  3. PHILIP says

    I wish I had a chance to meet Lance because I know we would make the most amazing couple. The boyfriend I have now needs to go. So RING that bell Lance, I’m sure you will be very adorable in doing it!