1. Chris in Seattle says

    sweet lord this is getting old already. This is just like after Blair Witch Project came out and everybody and their mother made a video of themselves with the video camera closeup on themselves with snot hanging out of their nose pretending to be scared about something.

  2. jimmyboyo says

    me thinks chris and tread are log cabin repubs. Boo Hoo
    Even better news recently

    ADMIRAL FALLON the head of Continetal command and thus Betrayus’ superior is reported as saying that betrayus is “a bootlicking chickenshit ass licker.”….”I hate those people”……”We will NOT attack Iran on my watch”

    The last of course being my personal favorite since any attack on iran must come from our aircraft carriers and subs. The guy in charge of them all says he won’t allow bush to utilize them in an another iraqesque fiasco via iran. betrayus will get a medal of honor from shrub and Admiral Fallon most likely will get forcibly retired.

  3. jimmyboyo says


    dem senator Jim Webb has called for Admiral Fallon to testify before the Senate armed forces comittee.

    YIPPPPPEEEEEDE! expect a lot of rebuttals against betrayus’ propaganda lies (his report was written by the white house and was not indipendent)

  4. nic says


    and to “Chris in Seattle” and “TREAD”:
    you tragically hip poseurs are not nearly as sophisticated as you presume. when did bitchiness replace wit in your minds?

  5. Tread says

    Nic: After the 4th or 5th iteration of “LEAVE SO-AND-SO ALONE!!!one!1″ it get’s pretty old.

    Just because I don’t think it’s funny doesn’t make me a bitch. Go pound some sand.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    I think it’s wonderful how we gay people are influencing the behavior of the rest of the country. Aren’t we proud? It’s like Miranda Priestly said, “Don’t be ridiculous, Andrea–everybody wants to be like us.”

  7. nic says

    chris crocker’s meltdown has been mainstream fare for what, a couple of days? yet, you declare it haggard. whether you find it funny is beside the point. it is your blase’, ho-hum attitude that is tedious, not the reiteration of the concept.

    YOU should go dry hump sand or whatever. as it pertains to this topic, your attempt would be as effete as your manner.

  8. Chris in Seattle says

    What the fuck are you people talking about? My comments were about how there are 100 videos on youtube right now mocking Chris Crocker. I didnt even watch this video because I dont think any of them are funny.

  9. nic says

    chris in seattle,

    don’t try to back-peddle now. to remind you:

    “sweet lord this is getting old already. This is just like after Blair Witch Project came out and everybody and their mother made a video of themselves with the video camera closeup on themselves with snot hanging out of their nose pretending to be scared about something.”

    this is in no way similar to the blair witch project phenomenon. most americans don’t have the time to watch 100s of videos on youtube. this may be old to you, but to most people it’s not. the chris crocker breakdown happened only a few days ago.

    perhaps you should watch the video. it is funny.

  10. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED Organization says

    The buzz and posing of candidates of the Democratic and Republican Party about Iraq, withdrawal, the ‘surge’ and General Petraeus’s ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ delusions are a fraud. They carefully pass over talking about the basic truth of why Bush went to war.

    The oil industry in Iraq used to be nationalized but Bush and Cheney wanted it privatized in American hands. They invented lies about WMDs and Al Qaida connections to justify a horrific ‘shock and awe’ campaign of mass murder against Iraqis. According to the journal of the British Medical Association LANCET about 655,000 Iraqis have died so far because of the invasion. The told the French and Germans, who wanted in on the action, to get lost because they were too squeamish to chip in on the mugging of Iraq.

    The troops are not there to defend us or anyone from terrorism; they are there to nourish the gluttony of the insanely rich owners of oil companies. That’s why the Democrats in Congress, who were elected to end the war, refuse to do it or to impeach Bush and Cheney and to convene an International War Crimes Tribunal.

    The goal of Bush and the Democrats is to force the Iraqis’ to pass a new oil law giving oil industry to American Big Oil. The Kurds gave in and already Hunt Oil of Texas is at the trough, snorting and gobbling the slops. That’s why H. Clinton, Obama and the others stubbornly reject total and immediate withdrawal and disguise their opposition with nebulous timetables. When she spoke at the American Legion recently H. Clinton said the “surge” in Iraq is working. She and the others voted for the war and keep it going.

    Meanwhile the Iraqis, even after 655,000 deaths, are having none of it and continue their epic fight to defend their country and its assets in a struggle organized by Iraqi trade unions. Recently the Anti-Oil Law Front led a carried out a gutsy mass demonstration in Baghdad despite the scare tactics of a massive presence of GI’s and quisling police. The Front is led by the Federation of Workers Councils and Unions of Iraq and the Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions.

    They promise to keep at it. We can support them by building the antiwar movement and refusing to vote for the slaughter of Iraqis’. Don’t vote for war criminals like Bush or his partners in crime like H. Clinton etc. of the Democrat-Republican Party.

  11. Gregg says

    Hey Nic – get over yourself. Humor is an opinion. You may think it’s funny. I, along with others here, think all these mock-vids of Crocker are getting old. I did laugh at Seth Green’s take, but Crocker’s is a very easy video to mock, and you can basically plug in anyone’s name. The Blair Witch analogy is dead on.

    If you find it funny, good for you. Laugh on! But there is no need to belittle others who don’t share your opinion.

    (and just to head off YOUR bitchiness, no, I’m am not a Repuglicunt)

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