Mitt Romney Attacks Same-Sex Marriage in Iowa Radio Ad

MittflyerA new radio ad from Mitt Romney running in Iowa attempts to pull in support from Christian conservatives, using as bait the recent decision by Polk County Judge Robert B. Hanson to strike down the state’s ban on gay marriage.

That decision has already prompted one conservative Iowa group to call for the judge’s impeachment.

Wonder if they’d believe Mitt after seeing his Gay Pride flier?

Here’s the transcript, via The Caucus.

ANNOUNCER: “In 2004, a judge in Massachusetts tipped the balance – paving the way to same-sex marriage for the first time in history.

“But the Governor of Massachusetts stood up, defending conservative values in our most liberal state.

“Governor Mitt Romney – he stood up for traditional marriage and fought the activist ruling every step.”

GOVERNOR MITT ROMNEY: “The courtroom should be a place where laws are interpreted, not made.”

ANNOUNCER: “Now, Mitt Romney is standing up for traditional marriage in Iowa, opposing the Polk County decision to permit same-sex marriage.”

GOVERNOR MITT ROMNEY: “The court ruling in Iowa is just another example of an activist judge trying to find things in the Constitution that aren’t there. As Republicans, we must oppose discrimination and defend traditional marriage: one man, one woman.”

ANNOUNCER: “That’s why Mitt Romney is supporting a Federal Marriage Amendment to the Constitution.”

GOVERNOR MITT ROMNEY: “Not all Republican candidates for president agree, but defending marriage is the right thing to do.”

ANNOUNCER: “Mitt Romney.”

GOVERNOR MITT ROMNEY: “I’m Mitt Romney and I approved this message.”

ANNOUNCER: “Paid for by Romney For President.”

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  1. Adam says

    This makes me so angry! “…just another example of an activist judge trying to find things in the Constitution that aren’t there.” Right. Like marriage being defined as “one man, one woman”? Oh. no. That’s not in there either! Hmmm. Guess that’s why we need an amendment.

  2. Matt says

    Hum…I would probably care if I voted or lived in IOWA. I have to say though, I really don’t think this marriage ammendment will ever pass. It’s just a tool they use to bring out their conservative base. It’s kind of like how democrats pander to the gays and then leave them in the dust after they are elected.

  3. Larry says

    But why is it only the blogs that are covering this further example of him totally flip-flopping? He can pander to the conservative base as much as he wants, if no one reminds them he had promised to support gay rights a few years back, they’ll think he’s serious.

    It gets so tiring getting thrown under the bus all the time for political gain…

  4. Bob-E says

    Wow, are you kidding me ? Christ i’m only 20 and this makes my bullshit meter go off stronger than when everyone thought Lance Bass was straight.

    oh and, not only is that “end discrimination” line severe propaganda spewing, but “not all other republican candidates agree”…?

    what, is he like the lonely republican calf not sucking enough off the Christian conservative teat ? So much so that he’s trying to show off how much more hateful he can be to the Queer Community than the others ?

    sickening. i’d almost prefer anarchy at this point…it’s just so much sexier :)

  5. Jamie says

    This from what some would call “a religious kook” who believes some MEN will one day have the right to marry more than one polygamist wife (again). Who believes blacks are dark skinned because of a curse from God – a cursed people as a result of Cain killing Abel and therefore, less worthy in the sight of his God…

    Seriously. Mitt, don’t get me started on your “one man one woman” Mormonism lies. You are a wolf in an a**hole’* clothing. Completely unelectable and wasting your church’s money to quietly sweep you into office to help forward their extreme religious agendas. Everyone is wise to your lies and hate-spreading and dividing. Not one word that comes out of your mouth attempts to unite our country, but increase the chasm even further. You are a monster as far as I can tell, and this latest attempt to malign gay people is yet another example of your “one of us or against us” attitude. Check your hate. Besides, get a real name.

  6. FizziekruntNT says

    Hey, Jamie, you’ve got some very valid points you noted, and thanks for posting a few of them. I don’t really know anything of value about Mormonism and the whole polygamy thing that, as far as I knew, went out the window a while back since apparently it’s really supposed to be illegal to have more than one “spouse”, even though we all know it still happens and personally, I could give a flying fuck.

    BUT, If people that have any knowledge of the Mormon faith, and some of its less savory aspects (like what was that about curses from god and less-worthy people?), and made those very public, I think the Mormon machine would find itself rather unwelcome by a large percentage of the population. I could be completely wrong, and I do plead current ignorance about it, but Romney is a liar, a hypocrite, and most frightening of all, loaded.

    Money supposedly can’t buy you happiness, but it sure as hell can buy you a seat in the Whitehouse.

  7. tjc says

    Mitt fucked over my state and he’ll do the same for the country if elected. Day after he won the election he was bored and looking to move on up (I’m fuzzy on the details, so it might have been a week after the election).


    And as reluctant as I am to play dirty in politics, I think maybe we’ll have to do that to fight him. (See Jamie’s post above)

    But after all, he started it with this bullshit and his lies.

  8. Stephen says

    I’m in a bind here. I like to think that Christians are always right and never have to flip-flop, but this Romney guy has some serious explaining to do. See, I like how he’s against tainting our sacred institution of marriage, but I don’t like his past of “All citizens deserve equal rights, regardless of their sexual orientation.” I mean, he’s got it right now, but flip-floppers are prone to change their minds later when/if the gay mafia completes its infiltration of American politics. God, what would happen if my pastor flip-flopped on me? I don’t know about this Romney guy. What should I do?

  9. Leland Frances says

    Don’t know if “Matt” is the same Matt who has frequently posted superficial thinking/nonthinking in the past but, whomever: pay attention!

    This item is NOT about the fight against marriage equality in Iowa. It is about the fight for every aspect of gay equality nationwide.

    Nor is it about the federal marriage amendment’s chances of passing but the fact that exploiting the subject to “bring out their [slobbering, inbred neo-nazi] base” could get him elected President with, among many other opportunities to do damage, the opportunity to further pack the court with fascists like Benito er Anthony Scalia.

    As for your broadbrushed “democrats pander to the gays and then leave them in the dust after they are elected” one can only say you’re willfully stupid if you believe that. The federal marriage amendment was only stopped because of Democrats, along with a handful of slightly less Repugs.

  10. Vi Agara says

    Those darned activist judges…. Ever dawn on you all that the judges are activists when the religious right doesn’t like the decision. WHen conservative judges render homophobic, fascist, racist decisions they are supporting God and country.

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