News: Oprah and Obama, iPhone, Kid Rock, Neo-Nazis, Jane Wyman

road.jpg Oprah event raises $3 million for Obama campaign: “Among those present at the event featuring two of the most famous Chicagoans in the world: actors Lou Gossett Jr.; Cicely Tyson; Forest Whitaker; Ellen Pompeo; Sidney Poitier; Linda Evans; Tyler Perry; Chris Rock; Hill Harper (who attended Harvard Law with Obama); music producer Kenny ‘Babyface’ Edmonds; Holly Robinson Peete and her husband, football quarterback Rodney Peete; Winfrey beau Stedman Graham; radio personality Tom Joyner; sports legends Ernie Banks, Bill Russell and Dave Winfield; tennis great Jimmy Connors, and model Cindy Crawford and husband Rande Gerber.”

Cobarashoesroad.jpg Harrod’s department store in London brought in a live Egyptian cobra on Monday to guard a pair of $120,000 ruby, sapphire, and diamond-encrusted Rene Caovilla sandals at their unveiling. The snake has since been returned to its owner.

road.jpg Reagan ex-wife and actress Jane Wyman is dead at 93.

road.jpg Apple sells 1,000,000th iPhone, 74 days after introduction.

road.jpg Woman found shot dead outside gay nightclub in Bethlehem, Pennsyvania: “Bethlehem Police Lt. Joseph Kimock said Robberson’s body was found at 7:16 a.m. Saturday when officers responded to a report of a person passed out in a vehicle behind Diamonz. Lehigh County Deputy Coroner David Krause pronounced the woman dead about 45 minutes after officers found her. Krause ruled the death a homicide. An autopsy will be conducted Monday.”

Neonazisroad.jpg In Jerusalem, police arrest cell of cell of young Israeli neo-Nazis accused of attacking gays, religious Jews, drug addicts and foreign workers: “Eight immigrants from the former Soviet Union have been arrested in recent days in connection with at least 15 attacks, and a ninth fled the country, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said, in the first such known cell to be discovered in Israel. All the suspects are in their late teens or early 20s and have Israeli citizenship, Rosenfeld said. A court decided Sunday to keep them in custody.” More from the Daily Mail

And more from the VMAs:

road.jpg Trent hits the VMA party circuit.

road.jpg Britney Spears damage control team goes into action.

road.jpg Kid Rock and Tommy Lee show what grown-ups they are


  1. Derrick from PHilly says

    Wyman was an exquisite screen actress. When she was young she belong to that group of “sweet and sensitive” angelic ladies : Dorothy Maquire, Theresa Wright & Louise Rainer…they could make you cry. How she stayed married to that…oh, well, she was a wonderful actresss.

    Nazis in Isreal. Hang them, or deport them to California –they got a governor there who seems to share their views.

  2. EmmaG says

    Why aren’t these Nazi’s brave enough to show their faces to the world?

    If those are their die-hard beliefs why do they need to cover themselves so people can’t see?

    Or is it only okay in dark alleys where they can get away with being brave little uncovered Nazi soldiers where nobody can see anyway?

  3. Bill Perdue says

    The chickens come home to roost…

    The state established by zionists in 1948 immediately began to use terror, including wanton attacks that killed whole villages like Dier Yassin. Roughly 1,000,000 Palestinians fled under fire into permanent exile to create lebensraum for about 900,000 european colonists who took their homes and land. The establishment of this state has many striking parallels to Nazi actions in Poland and other conquered regions.

    A series of Apartheid laws, including the infamous ‘Absentee Property Law’ and the walling off of the Palestinian camps have shoved the Palestinians into destitution and reduced them to a super exploited layer of marginal workers.

    The treatment of Palestinians, non-combatants resitance fighter alike, is brutal. They’re regularly attacked by colonialist police, military, and security services who utilize murder, beatings, torture and wanton anti-civilian rocket, tank and artillery attacks. More than a few victims of these attacks, including children have died while their ambulances are ‘inspected’ for hours at the Apartheid walls.

    Zionists also mimic the Nazis in their approach to ‘peace’. Theirs is a policy of devouring neighboring states, gobbling up a ‘piece’ of Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, or Syria, and maybe later a slice of Turkey.

    There is no irony in the appearance of Nazis in the zionist colony, these skinheads are just mimicing the culture around them.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    I never thought of Zionists being as bad as Nazis, Bill. I think American foreign has been stupid in blind support of the Zionists for 50 years, but they aint Nazis–they aint trying to take over the world. ‘Course, I might feel differently if I were a Palestinian.

    But with the Islamic fundamentalists killing gay people, and the Arab oppression of black Africans that’s gone on for centuries, I’m never going to call for the destruction of the Jewish state–they aint that bad.

  5. Sami says

    Derrick, as a Palestinian, I can tell you wholeheartedly that I do not think that Jews or Zionists are trying to take over the world. There is no comparison between unjust actions committed by the Israeli government and the unjust actions committed by the Nazis. The latter are on wholly different level.

    I would also like to correct a misperception that, based on my reading of your post, you seem to have. I assume in your second paragraph that you are referring to the genocide in Darfur. Just so you know, most Arabs in the Sudan are black, and everyone involved in the conflict is Muslim. The conflict is not a racial one but rather an ethnic one. I understand that the distinction is a relatively small one but one that I felt needed to be made.

  6. Michael Bedwell says

    One keeps anticipating during all of the coverage this event’s gotten for someone, anyone in mainstream media to remember that O’s touch is not as consistently golden as they portray. But, I guess, once again Celebrity Reality trumps actual reality.

    No less passionate than she is for Obama was her promotion of the movie “Beloved” which she both produced and appeared in. She devoted two shows to it, as well as hyping it in every other way, every other place she could. It was from a Pulitzer-prize winning book by popular author and Nobel laureate Toni Morrison, was directed by the pedigreed Jonathan Demme of “Philadelphia” and “Silence of the Lambs” fame Ebert, “The New York Times,” “The Los Angeles Times,” “The Washington Post,” and “Rolling Stone,” praised it, and yet it lost roughly $60 million dollars. Of course, that’s pocket change to her, but she said its failure broke her heart.

    Endorsements by any celebrity have proven little help over the years, and this shouldn’t prove that much different regardless of all the media swooning.

    Still, I’ll take every vote for a Dem candidate available.

    Again, only 537 Florida votes in 2000 changed History.

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    Thanks for your response/comment, Sami. That’s the wonderful thing about this and other blogs: you get diverse perspectives from a diverse group of folks from all over. Back when I was very pro-Palestinian/anti-Isreali, I had some Africans chastise me for not knowing about the extent of the Arab involvement in the African slave trade. They felt that I should know that (historically) Arabs were no more friends of Africans than are Isrealis or any Europeans.

    But I still think Palestinians are incredibly handsome…oh, I can’t stay serious for 10 seconds.

  8. Chris in Seattle says

    Michael: Beloved came out in 1998. Its been almost 10 years. While Oprah was popular back then, she was nowhere near as popular as she is now. If as many people vote for her presidential candidate choice as purchase her book club choice, she will single handedly decide the next election.

  9. Bill Perdue says

    Derrick, I don’t think a ‘drive ‘em into the sea approach is feasible. But if the US turns its back on them, then watch for a bloodbath. They have nukes and I have no doubt that they’d take out as many cities as they could if they were invaded. If the Truks are afraid of them that’s good enough fo me.

    What I think would be best is for them to be forced to accept citizenship in a democratic, secular socialist Palestinian state or regional state. How we get there given the presence of large American armies and American oil pirates in the region is for now, problematical.

    I don’t think they’re Nazis either. I said ‘has many striking parallels to Nazi’ and ‘mimic the Nazis’. But just mimicking is plenty bad enough – they have brutally murderous policies against Palestinians and the other nations in the region.

    Here are some links to historic and current data and analyses relating to Palestinians and Zionism.

    Online free entitled The Jewish Question
    by Abram Leon available at this link

    Online free entitled The Hidden History of Zionism by Ralph Schoenman available at this link

  10. Joshua says

    revisionest history dosen’t count Bill Perdue. Nor does anti-semitism. The Palistians have it bad, but they had a choice when Israel was formed, stay and live equally with the Israelies or leave, they chose to leave, thinking that they would be back after their mighty armies committed the second genocidal massacure of Jews……well, it turned out a bit differently.
    If I had to fight everyday of my life for the last 60 years just to keep from being killed I might resort to hardball tactics against my enemies just like Israel.

    I might suggest you learn ALL of history, not just the parts that fit your neo-nazi views Bill.

  11. Michael Bedwell says

    “If as many people vote for her presidential candidate choice as purchase her book club choice, she will single handedly decide the next election.” You really should work for People magazine, Chris. Really you should. Or “When Pigs Can Fly Weekly.”

  12. Sebastian says

    May Jane Wyman rest in peace, she was one classy lady. I worked at a hotel in the Palm Springs area years ago and she would appear at fund raisers, always so sweet and nice to all the guests and to the employees as well, something you don’t find too much these days with the Hollywood types.

  13. midniteblueca says

    I find it interesting that Bill Purdue doesn’t mention the many Jews whose land was confiscated and who were forced to flee Arab lands in 1947-48.

    The anti-Semites consistently target Israel as a human right violator but never mention the much more egregious human rights violations of the surrounding Arab and Muslim nations.

  14. Jordan says

    I was under the assumption that Jane Wyman had died years ago too. I wonder how she and Nancy got along? Probably like 2 cats.

    And speaking as a true WASP, I don’t understand antisemitism at all or why Jewish people have been so persecuted by so many for so long. Some of my best boyfriends have been Jewish! Jewish men are hot! And for god’s sake, doesn’t anyone realize they own the ENTIRE fashion industry? (and most of retail?) Is it mostly why people hate each other and is just pure jealously? Probably.

    I’m sure most of the people in the Middle East couldn’t tell you why they hate each other either, they’ve just been brought up to hate.

  15. says

    It’s sad that Jane Wyman dies and then has to be defined as Reagan’s ex-wife. She was way more than that and had an extremely successful film career in her own right, that far exceeded her husband’s fame as a film actor. Reagan was but a small chapter in her long life.

  16. nic says

    omg, jordan, i don’t get it either!? i mean gosh, how can someone hate hot men of any race? those hitler youths were so dreamy. me and you are for world peace and sexy men. me and you sooooooo totally deserve our tiarrasssssss. what can your jewish boyfriend get for me wholesale? hmmmmmmmmm? those arabians and iraqians are soooo silly, don’t you think?

  17. Jordan says

    YES, I do think hatred is silly and stupid and a total waste of time. I have far better things to do with my time (shopping, travel, & spending time with friends since I’ve been blessed with not having to work for a living).

    Hatred, Jealousy and Stupidity, also like Religion, seems to be the opium of the people.

  18. Joshua says

    Purdue….what I am is not a blinded by hate neo-nazi. I read history…but I read ALL of it, not just the parts that make my anti-semetic heart twitter like you.
    Your a phoney…plain and simple…a bigot in your thoughts and writings. And if your gay….which I seriously doubt, you probably hate yourself.

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