Oscar de la Hoya: Pretty in Pink


Those of you with fishnet stocking and high heel fetishes may enjoy these very fake shots of boxer Oscar de la Hoya that have suddenly cropped up around the net, however, this shot of the boxer in a pair of pink gloves is definitely sexier, and not Photoshopped.

De la Hoya was donning the gloves, which he signed, for a breast cancer benefit at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood.

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  1. phredd! says

    I have to agree Patrick. Even the best Photoshop work is fairly easily detected. These look very real to me, too. We could be wrong, but we seem to learn new and interesting things about the famous everyday now. And besides, if Oscar likes to dress up every now and then, who’s to judge?

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  2. gabriel says

    Not sure how true this is, but this is what I read somewhere else:

    “It’s all part of his TV show “the Contender.” If his boxers lost, he had to dress up like a girl.”

  3. bullcrap says

    There are so many photos of Oscar all over the place undressed where you can see his body. These pics are not his body, the legs are obviouslty a females. Jeez people, get a clue!

  4. Joshua says

    My God people…..are you blinded by lust and hope????
    These pics are sooooooooooooooo photoshopped, even a 5 y/o could spot the glaring screw ups.

    Get real boys.

  5. Claude says

    My latino boyfriend tells me these pics are ooooooold news (about 5 years ago). In fact, the were a factor in one of his divorces. There is another series according to BF.

  6. sketchartist says

    “PATRICK” asked, “Why are there no shadows in any of them and why do the head positions look so wonky then?”

    Because they were taken with a FLASH. The light source has to come from an angle other than that of the camera for there to be significant shadows.

    I am very experienced with Photoshop and am a widely recognized in drawing and painting the human anatomy, with over 35 years of experience.I can absolutely GUARANTEE the pics are REAL.

    As for the head positions, there is nothing unusual anatomically or optically. Oscar is scrunched in a corner over a bathtub in one of them, for heaven’s sake, with the photographer right over him. Amateur flash photos are frequently less than flattering, as most of us who have had a driver’s license or Christmas party pic can attest.

    I know that some people will NEVER believe the pics are real, no matter what – and in spite of the fact that the Vegas dancer that took them still has them in her camera.

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