News: Hobbits, Marcia Brady, Gay GOP, Nude Sunbathing

road.jpg Remains of human “hobbits” discovered in Indonesia.

Boygeorgeroad.jpg L.A. Times no fan of Boy George’s fashion line: “Been wondering what clever Boy George is up to lately? Of course, you haven’t. Despite that, here’s a sneak peek at his latest endeavor — a retro punk clothing line called B-Rude. We don’t really want to hurt him (or his feelings), but this bright neon, ripped, safety-pinned sportswear is so been there/done that. It’s a blatant rip-off of the late designer Stephen Sprouse’s ’80s collections…he only person I could see wanting to wear this stuff is teen idol/punkette poseur Avril Lavigne. Hey, she’s already got the crass finger flip down pat.”

road.jpg Political fallout for San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders unclear following his tearful press conference yesterday in which he changed his position and threw his support behind a resolution urging the California Supreme Court to overturn the state’s ban on same-sex marriage.

road.jpg Provincetown beachgoers receive retroactive nude sunbathing tickets from Cape Cod National Seashore undercover police.

road.jpg The Bahamas Christian Council battling to keep LOGO off the air on Cable Bahamas. BCC PrResident John Humes: “I don’t think it would be in the best interest for Cable Bahamas to proceed with incorporating this channel. There may be a market there but we already have enough problems with what we have now [in terms of channels on Cable Bahamas]. And to bring a gay agenda into the mix, we will not stand by idly and allow that to happen, for sure.”

Fingerroad.jpg Britney Spears’ patience with the media is wearing thin.

road.jpg 200 rally in Hollywood marriage equality protest at Arnold Schwarzengger’s Walk of Fame star.

Salongoproad.jpg Salon‘s Gay Guide to the GOP: “On one end, there is Rudy Giuliani, a former New York mayor who has lived with gay friends, favors gay domestic partnerships, and sometimes dresses in drag. At the other end, there is Alan Keyes, who calls lesbians ‘selfish hedonists,’ even though his only daughter is a lesbian. There exists, shall we say, a veritable rainbow of variation in between.”

road.jpg Brady Bunch shocker: Behind-the-scenes “sexual hijinks” between Marcia and Jan.

road.jpg World Cup of gay soccer to kick off in Buenos Aires.

road.jpg 20/20 to cover “ex-Gay” conference Love Won Out tonight: “It’s about people who have to make tough choices in their lives.”

road.jpg UK schools urge police intervention in cyber-bullying cases: “The threat of legal sanctions on top of school disciplinary measures, including the confiscation of mobile phones and temporary bans or restricted access to the internet, is recommended in far tougher guidance to combat the increasing incidence of this form of bullying. Research for the new campaign found one in three 12-15-year-olds reported having been cyberbullied, a higher proportion than other surveys. Teacher unions, too, say members are being subjected to demeaning and offensive attacks through pupils’ videos and comments on websites.”


  1. Zeke says

    These main stream media depictions of “ex-gay” programs are always one sided, disturbing and dangerous. They never ask the tough questions and always leave the average viewer with the impression that this is a matter of homosexual activists trying to take away people’s rights to self-determination rather than people challenging unscientific, ineffective and politically motivated snake oil treatments.

    The Focus on the Family commissioned, fundamentalist Christian “researched” study on “ex-gay” therapy success rates and whether such therapy might be harmful is already being widely quoted and misrepresented in the media (ie the Denver Post) as if it is an unbiased and purely scientific study and as if its “findings” are clear, the last word and unquestionable.

    I just don’t understand why the media is such a willing assesory in this crime against humanity

  2. Gregg says

    Boy George is really stuck in the 80’s, isn’t he? Poor thing.

    I’m interested to see the 20/20 segment, though I’m expecting to be very disappointed with it.

  3. John says

    Ummm… your blurb about the hobbits makes it sound like they were just discovered. That was four years ago they were unearthed. The news is that it now looks like the controversy over whether they are really a species of their own or just a deformed human is over – wrsit architechture seems to prove they are definitely their own species and not a mutation of ours.

  4. Robert In WeHo says

    The answer, Zeke, is that the media is lazy. James Dobson and his hate-mongering brigade of Focus on the Family bigots knows it and know how to easily manipulate the media into presenting their agenda in such a way as to give their made up junk science legitimacy where it deserves none…

  5. Jordan says

    That story on hobbits was scary, but I am scared to death of little people for some reason. Dwarfs, midgets, munchkins, and hobbits scare the hell outta me!

    Boy George’s fashion line….one word: “tragic”

    C’mon Britney…it’s time to go streaking thru a mall while holding sparklers and screaming obscenities or something! Give us more!!!

  6. Jimmyboyo says

    Robertnweho to zeke’s question


    A different subject sums it up

    Jena 6 reported on by the BBC months and months ago while our own media just started reporting on it like last week at best.

    US media and tv execs think electricity is still a new invention.

    BBc, canadian, and even australian news sources are far more up to date, quicker, and better educated.

  7. Joe T. says

    They protest at Arnold Schwarzennegger’s Hollywood star..? Okay, but meanwhile, back in New York, the President of Iran is speaking at Columbia University. Any protest?

  8. Leland Frances says

    Why the fuck are our “gay leaders” allowing mainstream media to keep painting that flaming asshole Giuliani as a wonderful friend of the gays? He supports DADT. He’s attacked both gay marriage and New Hampshire’s version of domestic partners.

    Jessica H. Christ! Why the fuck are our “gay leaders” demonstrating on the fucking Hollywood Walk of Fame? Take it to where ARNOLD is–not his fucking “star” you lazyassed dumb fucks. You’re almost as worthless as Joe What Time Do I Suck Coors Cocks Again? Solmonese at the Human Rights Champagne Fund! Read some goddamn gay history why don’t they? Like that of NY GAA and the changes they created by their zaps. Like that of Frank Kameny, Barbara Gittings, et al. INVADING conventions of the American Psychiatric Association until they stopped calling us officially sick in their manuals. Like that of ACT UP who changed the way AIDS was being studied and treated in the US by disrupting Wall Street and the offices of drug manufacturers, et al. Disrupt his LIFE! AND Maria’s! Haunt them everytime, everywhere they appear in public.

    Queen Fucking Victoria! Why is anyone in the gay community and press still giving that fat thief Boy Georgie Girl attention. Did he finally pay back the AIDS agency in Florida the thousands of dollars he ripped off from them when I wasn’t looking?

    I guess too many of us luv being walked on by the MSM, politicians, and pig gay celebs. No wonder nearly FORTY YEARS after Stonewall we’re still third-class citizens!!!! Dance on……………..

  9. Gregg says

    A bit screechy, Leland, but I can’t say I disagree.

    Though, I was slightly impressed by the 20/20 segment, perhaps because I was expecting so little. But at least it focused on the failure of the “therapy” and also the fact that it is rejected by all mainstream medical science.

    Plus, that wife of the gay guy seemed like a very cool lady. Nice to see centered, sane, rational people being interviewed along with the “ex”gay idiots.

  10. Zeke says

    I agree if people wan to sunbathe nude, but all the rampant sex going on in the dunes of Herring Cove is way out of hand. We won’t even go to Herring Cove, but prefer other more quieter beaches around Provincetown and Truro. There’s a lot more going on other than sex and the growing drug problem in Provincetown that you can enjoy. We saw plenty of condoms and needles in the dunes last time we were there to last a lifetime. Get a room!

  11. Leland Frances says

    What probably saved the “20/20″ segment about phony gay conversion was that the retarded, homophobic card carrying cunt Esleazybeth Vargas didn’t produce it. The Mormon wife was remarkable and letting her have the last, loving say almost made up for the Nascar-like voiceover at one point a la, “Hear from others who talk about deciding to change.” Of course, the “change” that too many viewers will “hear” is changing desire rather than stopping acting upon it.

    But it was great that they emphasized verbally and visually how much money these pseudo Xtian con artists make from their fake-conversion racket. What next—coffee enemas?

    And I was shocked that one of the “Let’s Pretend ‘Love Won Out'” leaders admitted that he STILL wants men. The interviewer was far kinder than [surprise] I would have been. I wanted her to push him harder, and say, “So you’re telling people, CHARGING them to tell them, that they should choose to lead a life of miserable loneliness like you? Where’s the sanity, where’s the love that Jesus taught in that?”

    Danger, Will Robinson: Oprah’s producers are looking for transgender children and their families for a show. One of the questions they’re asking is whether they talk to others about their “sexuality” as IF being transgender had anything to do with that per se. As much as I think she’s overrated and essentially homophobic, her show with very young trans children was remarkably positive. But this one sounds dangerously misguided and inflammatory from conception.

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