Straight VT Woman, Hit by Anti-gay Hate Crime, Turns Activist


Alexis Smith found her car spray-painted with homophobic slurs in a Montpelier, Vermont Park-n-Ride lot upon returning from a three-day weekend in Maine, the Times Argus reports:

“Smith, 41, said she isn’t gay and is unsure why her vehicle was targeted. She said she worries the epithets, painted in large, yellow letters on the hood, driver-side windows and rear of her 1986 Corolla, were intended for someone else.”

There is concern in the community because less than three weeks ago the home of a Jewish family in the area was burglarized and swastikas were left spray-painted on the walls.

Smith told the paper: “I feel like because of what else has gone on, this is a really big issue in Montpelier. This is not OK. There’s somebody driving a white Toyota Corolla right now who could potentially be in danger. I’m not gay. I’m not a gay activist. But I am now. I’m going out to the flag store right now and putting a big rainbow flag on here.”