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Carol Channing's "Diamond Dress" Returned

Those of you who spent your weekend worrying about Carol Channing's "diamond dress" theft, you can rest easy. The garment was returned over the weekend by a homeless man (who is apparently not the LAPD's "person of interest" in the case) and will now be headed to the Smithsonian.

Carol Channing: "I'm So Grateful!" [tmz]

Carol Channing's "Diamond Dress" in Hollywood Heist [tr]
Carol Channing Wants Her Dress Back [tr]

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  1. Gosh, good thing that they didn't release the name of the "person of interest", seeing as how it was another random dude to begin with.

    Posted by: Brian | Sep 17, 2007 4:34:06 PM

  2. A pox on the people who said Channing was behind the theft for the insurance money!

    Posted by: Marc | Sep 17, 2007 4:49:52 PM

  3. I'm so happy for Carol. I'd get pissed, too, if somebody stole my drag! And real diamonds no less. Me and my husband saw her in "Hello Dolly" in Pasadena some time ago. I thought she was going to fall into the bass drums but she was magnificent and really worked that stage. Natch she got a standing ovation afterwards and gave a 15 minute speech and we we're still standing for her. "Oh you poor people, you're still standing. Sit down, dears." She was a scream. Gotta love her. One of the greats.

    Posted by: the queen | Sep 17, 2007 4:50:24 PM

  4. HA! i found the comments amusing the other day because this woman was a special guest playing to 45 THOUSAND people over three nights at the hollywood bowl, and in her two numbers, its clear she is aged, but the lady's still got it!

    Posted by: JJA | Sep 17, 2007 5:00:11 PM

  5. How I love her. I just LOVE her. She's fantastic!

    Posted by: Dave | Sep 17, 2007 5:49:45 PM

  6. She's anti-gay and I hope she dies

    Posted by: JLS | Sep 17, 2007 6:00:36 PM

  7. JLS, you're a nasty, uninformed jerk but I don't want you to die.

    Posted by: db | Sep 17, 2007 6:09:11 PM

  8. I'm with DB. Dave you need to relax your hate muscle its going to choke you.

    Posted by: gavin Elster | Sep 17, 2007 6:20:04 PM

  9. "The Los Angeles police department, they just care for us as if we're all family."
    Girl, what have YOU been smokin'?

    Posted by: soulbrotha | Sep 17, 2007 8:09:05 PM

  10. I guess by "us" she meant the (seemingly) white and wealthy.

    Posted by: soulbrotha | Sep 17, 2007 8:11:57 PM

  11. I guess Seacrest returned it after the Emmy's.

    Posted by: Matt | Sep 17, 2007 10:11:40 PM

  12. I have yet to figure out who she is (but kinda guess she's very old).

    Posted by: Jordan | Sep 17, 2007 10:35:56 PM

  13. Omigod, I typed "Carol Channing" into the search field at and I ended up watching the most hypnotic, stunning performance I've ever seen... this woman is bizarre but intoxicating!

    Seriously, you will freak when you see this performance. Talk about energy!

    Posted by: Mike | Sep 18, 2007 12:45:23 AM

  14. I hope Channing or someody throws the homeless guy some bucks for his good deed...

    Posted by: Miles | Sep 18, 2007 4:44:13 AM

  15. Mike. I saw what you were talking about, and it's true.

    She must not be as old as she looks. A bundle of energy, that one! Probably the meth.

    Posted by: Jordan | Sep 18, 2007 1:23:24 PM

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