Fred Thompson on Gay Marriage: “So Be It”

Fred Thompson talked to the Des Moines Register editorial board about his position on gay marriage:

“My approach is to look at it as a, as framing the constitutional amendment as narrowly as you can and still achieve the purpose you want to achieve. It’s a judicially-created problem and mine would be a judicially-created solution. Which could say, in effect, that a judge couldn’t impose this, state or federal. Unless they had the acquiescence or unless the state legislature moved on its own to put it into law. If a state chose to recognize it, and the governor signed off and signed it into legislation, so be it. My opinion – that would be a very bad thing, a very surprising thing.”


  1. peterparker says

    No one who has bags under their eyes like that will ever be elected President of the United States. It just won’t happen.

  2. Nikk says

    huh what? Did anybody catch the license on that mumbling wreck that just went by? If it was half as incoheretnt to hear as it was to read, kudos to the editorial board for making the attempt.

    Oh lazy.

  3. Hephaestion says

    Stop rocking in the rocking chair while you talk, Dumb Fred!

    And oh yeah, maybe you ought to go read the fucking U.S. Constitution.

  4. jake says

    Fred Thompson, as crazy as they come. I guess he’s never heard of the constitution. I like how he wants to enact discriminatory legislation, and touts it like it’s a great idea. I have to wonder if we’ll finally take to the streets when they enact laws saying we ARE second class citizens and everyone can now treat us as such without fear of prosecution. Sadly, I doubt it.

    Now I know why I stopped watching Law and Order. And here I thought it was just because I lost interest.

  5. peterparker says

    Mike…why would you vote for someone who seeks to make you inferior in the eyes of the law?

  6. stolidog says

    As if Civil rights and women’s rights would have ever been legislated into law. That’s one of the reasons the judicial branch is there, to override the prejudices of the people and interpret the Constitution as it was meant to be, not as bigots would like it to be. Duh.

  7. peterparker says

    Mike…my apologies…I misinterpreted your comment…after viewing the video I now understand you to say that you would NOT vote for him.

  8. anon ( says

    Actually, for playing a DA on TV he should know that the US Congress already has the power to take jurisdiction away from the Supreme Court through legislation. They can also enact federal legislation to greenmail states into enacting DOMA like laws. His amendment proposal is worthless.

  9. Jonathon says

    Fuck you, Fred, and the rented truck you drive too. You are a fake, a phoney who is gonna be just another bump in the road when the Democrats clobber the GOP next year.

  10. Michael W. says

    Fred Flinstone needs to drag his sorry carcass out of the stone age and join those of us living in the 21st century…

  11. Michael W. says

    Fred Flinstone needs to drag his sorry carcass out of the stone age and join those of us living in the 21st century…

  12. Michael W. says

    Fred Flinstone needs to drag his sorry carcass out of the stone age and join those of us living in the 21st century…

  13. Michael W. says

    Dammit, sorry for the multiple posts…why can’t you go backwards from a comments page? Is it my browser???

  14. Oscar says

    He is against it. He’s just being wishy-washy about. Not wanted to commit to any position is a poor position. Voting for Fred is a waste and a disservice to the political process. Don’t be fooled. Romney is against it and says it. Guilliany is against it but will go with the flow, like in NY, but will not help or support it. McCann is neither here nor there, another lost vote for another hipocrite.

  15. Leland Frances says

    The reason he’s rocking in that chair is to better feel the Jeff Gannon Butt Plug he has up his fat ass. On special occasions he inserts the Matt Sanchez Butt Plug at the same time. I’m sure some of his inbred relatives back in Tennessee are among the vigilantes entrapping those gay “cavemen.”

  16. Jordan says

    Another Reagan in the works….He’s stupid, a bad actor, and probably already has early alzheimer’s.

    This one just has a slutty trophy wife instead of a power-hungry, grasping, wanna-be wife like Nancy.

  17. Rik says

    Fred should have used a more nuanced approach like John Edwards did regarding gay marriage:

    “I want my children to understand everything about the difficulties that gay and lesbian couples are faced with every day, the discrimination that they’re faced with every single day of their lives,” Edwards said. “I suspect my two younger children, Emma Claire, who’s 9, and Jack, who’s 7, will reach the same conclusion that my daughter Cate, who’s 25, has reached — which is, she doesn’t understand why her dad is not in favor of same-sex marriage.”

    “I don’t want to make that decision on behalf of my children,” he said. “I want my children to be able to make that decision on behalf of themselves, and I want them to be exposed to all the information, even in — did you say second grade? Second grade might be a little tough, but even in second grade to be exposed to all those possibilities, because I don’t want to impose my view. Nobody made me God.”

  18. says

    Why this rule for gay marriage? I mean, really, courts overturn laws that violate constitutional law many, many times a year. But they can’t do that in cases of marriage equality? Homophobia at its finest – I mean worst.

  19. DC Arnold says

    That “So be it” means that the hollywood liberal is seeping out of his few brain cells left. The Evilgelicals will slowly back away from this carcass.