News: Britney Spears, Yale, Plaza Hotel, Lou Pearlman, Lost

road.jpg High school student paper editorial “characterizing homosexuals as victims of reproductive error or an unwanted upbringing” causes firestorm in Georgia: “Principal Trudie Donovan said Monday that she had reviewed the article before it was published last Friday, but said she had no authority to censor it. ‘My job is the safety and security of the school, not censorship,’ she said. Cobb County schools spokesman Jay Dillon said principals have no legal standing to say articles of student opinion can’t be printed. Under court rulings and school district policy, students can express their opinions and ideas publicly, privately, orally and in writing. ‘There may be no interference with that, even if a student’s opinion is unpopular,’ he said.”

Plazaroad.jpg New York’s Plaza Hotel celebrates 100 years: “After the park-facing façade of the Plaza Hotel had glowed with the number ‘100,’ after white and gold jets of light had been launched from the roof into the dark October sky, and after a pigeon and a heart-shaped balloon had flown past the 12th floor, suddenly flashes of white light, syncopated to the strains of ‘One’ from the Broadway hit ‘A Chorus Line,’burst from the windows of the venerable hostelry-turned-hotel-and-condominium.”

road.jpg Sexual orientation hate crimes bill launched in Scotland.

road.jpg Britney Spears has what some might call her darkest day yet but goes out partying anyway.

road.jpg Queer Eye stages “Straight Guy Pageant” to kick off new season.

road.jpg Elton John asks gallery to shutter exhibition that showcased the Nan Goldin portrait seized in a child pornography probe.

road.jpg Lost writers/producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof give up some tidbits about the show’s upcoming season.

road.jpg After appeals court ruling, Yale to allow military recruiters on campus: “At question is a statute called the Solomon Amendment, which allows the federal government to withhold funds from universities that do not extend the same welcome to military recruiters as they do to other recruiters. Since 1978, Yale Law School has required recruiters to sign a pledge of nondiscrimination. Military recruiters would not do that because of the Defense Department’s ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy, which permits homosexuals to serve in the armed forces as long as they keep their sexual orientation private.”

road.jpg Vanity Fair to tell the completely unsavory and unsurprising tales of boyband manufacturer Lou Pearlman.

road.jpg The next 25 years of video games.

road.jpg Chris Crocker speaks out about nude pictures circulating on the net: “I obviously did this behind my parents backs and I am truly embarressed for myself and my family at this time, but I just wanted to clear the air and let anyone and everyone know, that has saved these pictures that it is illegal seeing as though I was 17 at the time, so when you brag that you ‘saw Chris Crocker naked!!!’..what you’re really bragging that you saw a 17 year old me naked.”


  1. resurrect says

    Wow – sure seems like a happy day here on towleroad. Anything out there that’s at least somewhat optimistic about gay life?

  2. peterparker says

    I say let the homophobes publish their hate speech. At least then we know who the haters are.

  3. Davey says

    I was by the Plaza yesterday on my way to class and saw them getting ready for the celebration. The hotel has been looking pretty run down the past few years so it’s nice to see them paying tribute to such a great NY landmark. I’m sure when all the renovations are completed it will look amazing. Chris Crocker has nude pics on the internet???? Eww

  4. Leland Frances says

    “I am truly embarressed for myself and my family at this time” – Chris Crocker.

    It is SOOOOO too late for that and has nothing to do with showing her mangina.

    Memo to Oscar De La Hoya: Quick! Send out a press release claiming that’s Chris Crocker’s body in fishnet stockings to which your mug has been photoshopped.

  5. thin mint says

    I would actually support the school’s free speech argument in principle, but the fact is, the courts have repeatedly ruled that students have no right of free speech whatever when they’re minors writing for school publications, and that the school is indeed authorized to assume the role of censor.

  6. tjc says

    I had no idea* who Chris Crocker was. Now I wish I could return to that ignorant state of bliss.

    I think he put the pics up on the web to prove he actually HAS a penis — we already know he IS one, after all.

    *Actually, I’d done a nice job putting his whole crappy 15 minutes out of my mind.

  7. Jordan says

    Poor Britney. But I’m glad to see that nothing stands in her way of partying and having a good time. After all, that’s all that truly matters. You go, girl!

    And yeah, Chris Crocker was SO last week’s news. Isn’t his 15 minutes up yet? Who wants to see him naked, anyway?

  8. beergoggles says

    I say let the homophobes publish their hate speech. At least then we know who the haters are.

    Posted by: peterparker | Oct 2, 2007 12:37:14 PM

    Homos have learned nothing from the previous activist groups and reacting when hate speech gets published. When these newspapers self-censor like they do with pictures of Mohammed and Op-Eds by the KKK, you know that Muslims and African Americans did something right in their rioting.. ,umm sorry, PROTESTING is the right word for that – since I don’t want to get arrested for inciting a riot.

  9. Zeke says

    It’s amazing that principals have ABSOLUTELY NO problem with censoring free speech when a kid in Michigan writes an article saying that gay people should be treated with respect and dignity In fact they had NO problem FIRING the teacher for NOT censoring the “inappropriate” and “offensive” piece.

    But when a student prints a purely unscientific, offensive and inflammatory piece such as the one in Georgia all of the sudden they’re all about free speech.

    What the hell?

    And I wonder if Peter LaBarbara and Tony Perkins and all the other foaming at the mouth homophobes will come out of the woodwork to condemn this Georgia school the way they did the one in Michigan.

  10. anon ( says

    Thin Mint is correct. Trudie Donovan may institute a policy where she will not censor speech (though I suspect she has her limits), the courts have ruled that principals are responsible for school publications as in situ publishers. Likewise, schools can punish students now, thanks to Bong Hits for Jesus, for non-school related speech activities (and perhaps even in theory to the speech activities of parents when their children are included–such as anti-war rallies or something). The simplest conclusion is that she wouldn’t not censor the article because she supports the statement. The only way to be sure is what happens with articles published in rebuttal or with past articles to the contrary. What is her track record?

    In principle, though, it would be acceptable if the free speech policy were maintained if fairly administered.

  11. peterparker says


    I have three words for you: freedom of speech.

    ZEKE, you make a very good point about when school personnel do/don’t censor speech.


  12. Ben says

    Apparently Chris Crocker has about as much grasp on the english language “..that has saved these that it is illegal seeing as though I was 17 at the time..” as he has on reality. Of course now Britney will be posting a video of herself pleading with us to just “…leave Chris alone”. I’d like to.

  13. invisiboy says

    “so when you brag that you ‘saw Chris Crocker naked!!!”

    I refuse to beleive that anyone would ever ‘brag’ about that. Cry to their therapist, maybe. And by the way, Chrissy, it’s about 14:59. Tick. Tock.

  14. jmg says

    Perhaps the writer of the Georgia high school editorial could kindly tell Vice President Cheney and his lovely wife Lynne that they raised their daughter wrong?

    Or any of the seemingly endless number of right-wingers who have gay kids….

  15. Joshua says

    Britney has no one but herself to blame for her problems. The stupid hillbillie has damn near 200 million in the bank, everything life could offer and she has crapped all over it. Now, she has just made future mental cases of her son’s, when they are old enough to realize that Mom was more interested in snorting than taking care of them.

    Interesting article I read today….written by a person with no ax to grind….they aren’t real thrilled with K-Fed, but said they have it on the best of authority from someone at the court, that he has never asked for more money to go along with the kids custody. All he wanted was the boys out that enviroment. I actually believe it.

  16. Zeke says

    I’m offended by all the headlines that are saying “K-Fed takes custody of BRITNEY’S kids”. NO, K-Fed took custody of his own damned kids, custody that he probably should have had all along but for our sexist, anti-father/male family courts.

    And why should he not get a lot of money from Britney now that he’s taken full custody of the kids? Can you imagine a woman divorcing a multi, multi millionaire, getting the kids and NOT asking for the bank?

  17. beergoggles says

    Posted by: peterparker | Oct 2, 2007 2:28:46 PM

    Peterparker, I have a reply to you: Doesn’t apply in cases where it’s considered that such speech could lead to a riot or disturbance in that school.

    Basically how it works is, if said speech leads to kids acting up, the school can censor it. Yes, this means that it’s a capitulation to bullying, but FFS, grow a spine and consider such articles as ‘fighting words’ when it appears in your school’s newspapers.