Larry Craig: Romney Threw Me Under Campaign Bus, Ran Over Me

Larry Craig and his wife have talked to Matt Lauer in an interview to be broadcast Tuesday evening. In excerpts published by CNN, Craig discusses his arrest, saying it was a “tough call” on telling anyone about it:

Craig“I didn’t want to embarrass my wife, my kids, Idaho and my friends. And I wrestled with it a long while. … I should have told my wife. I should have told my kids. And most importantly, I should have told counsel.”

Craig also laments the fact that Mitt Romney, for whom he served as Senate campaign liaison, turned and ran when the scandal hit: “I was very proud of my association with Mitt Romney. And he not only threw me under his campaign bus, he backed up and ran over me again.”

Craig’s wife used an interesting metaphor when describing her reaction to the news of her husband’s arrest: “I felt like the floor was falling out from under me. … And I felt like almost like I was going down a drain for a few moments.” Flush!

In another interview over the weekend, Craig told KTVB Boise that he would file an appeal of his case Monday morning: “We don’t know what the appellate court will say to me. Honestly, the appeals courts tend to defend the courts below them. It is my right to do what I’m doing. I’ve already provided for Idaho certainty that Idaho needed, I’m not running for reelection. I’m no longer in the way. I am pursuing my constitutional rights.”


  1. says

    Sen. Craig is pretty pathetic…still blaming others for his actions.

    Good move for Romney to terminate Craig, despite Craig’s bathroom behavior he obviously has problems taking personal responsibility and being a decisive and effective leader.

  2. mike says

    I think this story is about screwing up Romney and nothing else. Its really sad. So Craig does the bad thing and then Romney what ? is supposed to stand by him? Then Romney is characterized as not a stand up guy? This is so lame and NBC is culpable in this move to discredit Romney. Why is the toe tapper still representing his State?. If these guys want to campaign as gay fine, live a gay lifestyle , fine, but to hide and lie? Thats the deal here, lying. Can we move on please?

  3. FizziekruntNT says

    I can’t wait to not see that interview. What an ASSHOLE.

    Larry, you can wish in one hand and shit in the other…

    “I’m not running for reelection. I’m no longer in the way. I am pursuing my constitutional rights.”

    I’m sure there are a lot of people quite happy to know you’re ‘no longer in the way'”, myself included. While you’re at it, pursue a little dignity and shut the fuck up. And way to go, Mediawhore Lauer, for giving this piece of work some more publicity. I hope for everyone’s sake, he’ll get the double-edged sword interview. “Look at what LYING about what you are makes you do. SEE? SEE???”

  4. Leland Frances says

    “gay lifestyle,” Mike? Sorry, if you spent a little less time with your tongue up the ass of the AntiChrist, er, Romney, you would understand it’s not a “lifestyle” it’s a life. If you’re actually gay and not JUST a Net stalker for Romney, maybe you’re too young to understand that. But there’s NO excuse for supporting the Stepford candidate for Prez.

    As for Craig pursuing his Constitutional rights, too bad there’s not a clause in the Constitution that cancels your rights the moment you do anything to oppose the Constitutional rights of others as Craig repeatedly did with gay rights. But that was just one of his long list of sins. He could come out as proudly gay, vote for every pro-gay bill that comes up, ride in a Pride Parade and his votes on just about everything else would still make the day he humiliated himself out of power a National Holiday.

  5. Zeke says

    Leland, you beat me to it my friend.

    How infuriatingly ironic that a closeted gay man, who twice voted to enshrine discrimination against gay people into the Constitution, wants to use that very same sacred document to defend himself against charges of publically propositioning a man for gay sex.

    Just when you thought a person couldn’t get any lower or more pitiful than reaching for fleeting affections underneath the partition of a toilet stall, Larry Craig shows us that there is in fact a level of shame below that.

    Something tells me that, before this is over, he will have discovered and reached new depths of shame and loathing heretofore unseen by human eyes.

  6. Jodi says

    There is no proof that Craig was soliciting sex. What we have is a Police Officer who CLAIMS Craig was soliciting sex by tapping a foot and reaching his hand toward the floor. Had this gone directly to court Mr. Craig would have been found inocent due to a lack of any credible evidence.

    I for one would never vote for a person for President when he clearly bought the Officers version of events with no evidence other than the Officers word. A President like that would be no different than the poor one we have now. Under Bush we have allowed a high school boy in Georgia to serve more than a year of a ten year sentence for oral sex between high school teens and he still sits in jail waiting for common sense to kick in. We held another teen in the Jena 6 group for 9 months and attempted to charge/convict all 6 on attempted murder for a school yard fight that had its’ victim back at the school functions that same night. We need a President that understands and fights for equal justice for all and against abuse of power not one that will run away from the issue. A President that reacts without evidence gets us involved in war.

  7. rudy says

    It is well known “inside the beltway” that Larry Craig frequently cruised the mens rooms looking for sex. One stall in Union Station (train Station near Capitol Hill) is even jokingly referred to as the Larry Craig Memorial. He is despicable and deserves everything that is coming to him.

    The ethics hearings will be a spectacle of denial of disgusting behaviour. I am, however, looking forward to it and hope that the hearings are open to the public. The more middle America sees of the tragic effects of self-loathing and hypocracy, (a/k/a life in the closet)the better out and proud gay men will look. I believe that someone should be allowed to remain closeted and not outed UNLESS he votes against my family and our rights. Deny what you are to yourself and I do not care, but use your denial as a weapon against those I love and you should be called to account in a maaner at least as public as your voting record offenses. Game on, Larry!

  8. RB says

    Way to go Rudy!!! I could not have said it better myself. Funny how those that preach the loudest always fall the hardest. He is clearly in denial and his voting record on gay rights clearly secures him the hypocrisy spotlight!

    I have said it many times, coming out should be done WHEN THE INDIVIDUAL IS READY. However, if you live the life of Larry Craig you should be drug out and exposed for all to see!

  9. Zeke says

    And who the heck is Craig to cry about someone who should be supportive of him throwing him under the bus and running him over?

    Gays to Craig…Pot/Kettle much?

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