News: Herbert Muschamp, Utah, Dexter, Britney Spears,

road.jpg Russian gay activist Nikolai Alexeyev to speak in Chicago on Saturday at Matthew Shepard March.

Grizzardroad.jpg Noted Broadway actor George Grizzard dies at 79: George Grizzard, a versatile actor who achieved his greatest renown on the stage, playing everything from Shakespeare to Shaw, from Neil Simon to Edward Albee, died yesterday in Manhattan. He was 79 and lived in Manhattan. His death, at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center, was caused by complications of lung cancer, said his partner, William Tynan, who is Mr. Grizzard’s only survivor.”

road.jpg New York Times architecture critic Herbert Muschamp dies after cancer battle.

road.jpg Prosecutors will seek the death penalty for Harlow Raymond Cuadra and Joseph Manuel Kerekes in the January slaying of gay porn producer Bryan Kocis: “Prosecutors said they have two legal reasons to put the two Virginia Beach, Va., men to death in the slaying. One, they said, is the men killed Kocis while perpetrating another felony. In this case, the other felonies are robbery, arson, theft and criminal conspiracy, the prosecutors said. Two, they said, is that the men created a grave risk to other people while committing the killing.”

road.jpg Harvey Fierstein reinvents A Catered Affair.

road.jpg Republican state Senator Jeannemarie Devolites Davis and Democratic challenger J. Chapman Petersen battle for the gay vote in Virginia: “Davis is fighting for her political life against what all agree is an overwhelming Democratic advantage. As a result, her race with Petersen at times looks more like a nomination fight between progressive Democrats than a Virginia general election. Davis talks often of her support for greater gun restrictions and increased transportation funding. And in front of some audiences, she talks about her belief in gay rights.”

Miloroad.jpg More Milo all tied up.

road.jpg Pianist Marc Peloquin premieres work based on gay sadomasochism: “Its rigor, its rugged insistence and its almost painful pianistic difficulties bring to my mind the intensity of the S-M experience.”

road.jpg University of Utah Pride Week images censored by school in agreement with the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center for being overtly sexual.

road.jpg A group of San Diego clergy protest at City Hall over the city’s support for overturning same-sex marriage ban: “The group was led by Bishop Roy Dixon from Faith Chapel Church of God in Christ, Pastor Timothy Winters of the Bayview Baptist Church and Bishop George McKinney of St. Stephen’s Church of God in Christ. They touted the 2000 passage of California’s Proposition 22, which defined marriage as between a man and a woman only.”

road.jpg Director Q. Allan Brocka (Eating Out) documents the recent art gallery opening of “Just Britney”.

Dexterroad.jpg Michael C. Hall’s Dexter returns for second season with record-breaking ratings: “Showtime’s ‘Dexter’ returned with a vengeance Sunday, becoming the cabler’s first series to score more than 1 million viewers with a premiere seg. Skein’s second-season opener snagged 1.09 million eyeballs at 9 p.m., a whopping 67% above the serial killer drama’s 2006 series premiere. More impressively, seg was up nearly 40% over the show’s 2006 season average of 624,000 viewers, according to Nielsen data.” Dexter is great. If you have a chance to watch it, do.

road.jpg Second death twist in mysterious case of NYC club icon Dean Johnson.

road.jpg Britney Spears is not a Chris Crocker fan: “She thinks he’s creepy and that all his videos are an obvious attempt at fame. She finds it insulting and difficult to watch.”

road.jpg Ubisoft, makers of a Scrabble game for the Nintendo DS, has apologized after some users became offended that the game contained the word “lesbo” as an allowable word choice: “In the game there is a ‘junior’ version that omits offensive words, but lesbo is not considered an offensive word in the Scrabble dictionary. Ubisoft merely apologized if offense was caused, they are not pulling the game.”

road.jpg Finding a letter from Joan Crawford in the trash.


  1. Paul says

    Wait, does that mean that Britney actually has a remote sense of taste? My world has been turned upside down!

  2. Sean H says

    I’m actively involved in the Democratic party in VA.

    Both have had their problems with gay issues. Both voted for the marriage amendment which made Virginia the worst state in the nation regarding gay rights.

    However, Petersen realized he was wrong and campaigned against the marriage amendment when it was on the ballot last year. He’s been endorsed by the Virginia Partisans Gay and Lesbian Democratic Rights Group.

    What’s worse for Sen. Davis is that her district voted overwhelmingly against the marriage amendment in 06. Seeing this, she all of a sudden became a huge backer of ours and even introducted anti-discrimination legislation.

    Anyone could see through the fact that she is only trying to save her seat. Luckily, Chap Petersen will win and the voters of Fairfax, Va will have a real representative of their values.

  3. Becks07 says

    Great little bit about the Crawford letter — and glad to know there’s a Chelsea Hotel blog although, for the life of me, I can’t see how the entry would change from day to day: “Woke up penniless, did some drugs, hung out with washedup/never was artist friend, did more drugs, prospects grim, got drunk, to sleep”

    The Muschamp news is sad — anyone who dedicates their lives to improving the public’s understanding of architecture is a friend of mine. I enjoyed his “Man About Town,” a study of Wright’s experience in NYC. Good little book.

    Thanks, Andy.

  4. Davey says

    I saw a little bit of Dexter on Sunday…pretty good. The dudes kinda cute in a scary kinda way

  5. Derrick from Phlly says

    Damn, that’s a damn shame: Chris put all that love into his idol Britney and she calls him a “creep”. Years ago, if Tallulah had ever done that to me, I’d’ve found that Alabama bitch and beat the Bourbon smelling shit of her.

  6. Jordan says

    Michael Hall is a cutie, but the premise that a psychopath serial killer would kill only the “bad guys” is laughable. They wouldn’t differentiate between the good or bad, and would kill whoever got in their way.

    Besides, not all psychopaths kill people, regardless of how Hollywood portrays them. They just don’t have a conscience, can’t love, and are true predators. Believe me, I should know.

    I’m glad to see that even after all these years, Mommie Dearest can still reach out from the grave. That was a great story! I just saw “Queen Bee” not long ago…what a classic! She was the ultimate bitch. (Talk about psychopath!)

  7. Michael W. says

    Hm. What Britney says about Crocker is exactly the same thing I’ve said about her…

  8. Shawn says

    Milo Ventimiglia doesn’t get that a lot of his appeal and charm ISN’T as a beefed-up muscle man, but as a youthful pretty-boy who’s HOT. Not all pretty-boys are hot, but he used to be… Now he’s just like every other beefed-up body.

  9. says

    Dexter is a great show. I started watching it from the beginning… at first I was like “I don’t know about this show,” but pretty soon it pulled me in.

    And Milo Ventimiglia is hot and there ain’t nothing wrong with him putting on a little muscle.

  10. JD says

    Is it just me, or does Michael C. Hall look absolutely adorable in that promo pic, what with the splattered blood and all…

  11. Scott says

    I hope that there were more eyeballs watching Dexter (~2 million, not 1 million), unless the viewers were multi-tasking. Just saying…

  12. queendru says

    SeanH: so you say Petersen (D) had a legitimate change of heart and was not making a cynical political move but Davis (R) changing to better reflect her constituent’s views to “[become] a huge backer of ours and even introduced anti-discrimination legislation” is not a good enough?

    At least you admit to being active in the VA Democrat party.

  13. Sebastian says

    Go on now Brit, Brit, the first lucid thing out of your mouth in about 10 years!

    I guess that Gop’er must really need her job, going after the gay vote, even though she sounds as phony as “compassionate repugnant’s” did in the election.

  14. peterparker says

    Can anyone tell me why Trent from Pink is the New Blog uses the word ‘Woot’ for hotties? Where in the hell did that term come from?

  15. nic says

    although i think brit is a major mess, it’s good to know that crocker-shit’s object of his affection think’s he’s as creepy as i do.

  16. Sean H says


    Here is why Petersen’s is a hell of a lot less transparent than Davis’. She changed AFTER the election. It was only when she saw the voter turnout against the marriage amendment that she changed her tune.

    Petersen was campaigning against it before the vote.

    An obviously big difference in character and integrity.