Rita Cosby Served with Howard K. Stern Lawsuit at Book Party

Former MSNBC host and author Rita Cosby was served with the $60 million libel lawsuit from attorney Howard K. Stern yesterday at her own book party, according to The Insider. Stern is suing for $10 million in compensatory and $50 million in punitive damages over allegations made in Blonde Ambition: The Untold Story Behind Anna Nicole Smith’s Death including claims that Stern and Larry Birkhead were sexually involved and conspired to share Anna Nicole Smith’s estate.

Cosby told US Magazine: “What crossed my mind…they knew I was walking into a big book party. It just shows you that with these guys it’s all just smoke and mirrors. It’s all PR and spin. And that’s what I write about in my book. So I’m not surprised that they used this opportunity. This is par for the course for these characters.”