Tom Ford is a Towel Snapper


Tom Ford, whose latest ads have extolled the power of his masculinity over red-nailed women, takes an entirely different turn in the forthcoming issue of OUT, showing that he has just as much influence over the boys. Well, at least he tries to get their attention by snapping their asses with towels.

According to New York magazine, “Ford said he made sure to compliment his fellow models’ natural endowments in the shower but assured the mag that it didn’t make the pair uncomfortable. ‘They sense from me that I’m not going to give one of them a blow job,’ he said. ‘I just don’t do that.'”

Photos by Terry Richardson for OUT.

Click here for the uncensored (WARNING: NSFW) towel-snapping action.



  1. Leland Frances says

    Yawn. The darker young man on the right seems to be thinking, “I am NOT getting paid enough to let this old queen slide his shit-stinking tongue all over me!”

    Ford is the white fag male version of pathetic Mariah Carey: so insecure about his sex appeal and accelerating aging that he has to rub his body in the world’s face. Carey does it with her ever-skimpier drag and ever-enlargening boobs as if we’d never seen any before; Ford with his increasing acreage of exposed skin. Too bad he doesn’t have an ass. As for the flip side, ladies and germs, place your bets about how long it will be………..before we see Little Tom. Or is he like that other tireless meat puppet, Reichenella, so metrically challenged that that Ford will never be taken out of the garage?


  2. Turtle says

    Yeah, yeah, you’re a handsome guy. We KNOW. Jesus Christ, already.

    Do you think if we all get together and sit down with Tom Ford (and Marc Jacobs, for that matter), hold hands, and firmly and lovingly tell him we really, really do like him and we aren’t going anywhere, we could then get him to promise to KEEP HIS DAMN CLOTHES ON (shirts buttoned up, too) for a minimum of six months?

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    Let me understand: Ford is a high-fashion model whose claim to fame is that he is out of the closet? Well, that’s nice.

    I don’t think Leland likes him.

  4. says

    Frankly, the worst photos of him ever taken. It’s not Tom Ford particularly although I agree that he seems to want us to want him.

    It’s Terry Richardson’s talent free photography that cheapens everything it touches. It’s not porn, it lacks any depth, lighting quality or composition.

    Gross, makes even body fat free models seems disgusting and cheap.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    All right! All right, Homer. How many time you got to tell me. Jeeez He can get in the pictures with the slender pretty boys, I don’t care.

    And middle-age means more than likely you wish were still in the 20th Century.
    Maybe 1979…30″ waistline, baby. The only way I’ll ever have a waistline like that again will be about 8 days after I’m dead.

  6. michael says

    As much as Tom (foolery) Ford annoys me, I actually like these pics. He does nothing for me, but the model boys are hot. It should have been Marc Jacobs naked in the shower with them instead.

  7. peterparker says

    I always said I didn’t see why everyone thought Tom Ford was so hot. I always maintained that he was far too daddy-ish for my taste. And I always said he was completely uninteresting to me. And then I bumped into him one day as we were both leaving the same restaurant in Beverly Hills.

    He was wearing a navy pin-striped suit and looking like a high powered business man. And right then and there I developed a serious suit fetish that lasted only until he was out of my sight. Dude was hot. Smoking hot.

  8. Derrick from PHilly says

    I just looked at the full length shower photo, and I’ll tell you Mr Ford sure is smart: he must have demanded that the two young models couldn’t have plump, juicy bubble butts–so his wouldn’t look so bad. Child, please, give a back shot of Tyson Beckford or Brad Pitt or Pexico Burris anyday.

    I bet Calvin Klein’s booty has more umph to it than Mr Ford’s.

  9. Joss says

    I agree that Ford chose models who wouldn’t make him look like a total troll.

    But who is this Leland fellow and why is he such an angry fag? So self-loathing…

  10. Jordan says

    He is annoying, but not just for his massive ego. I met him years ago in Palm Beach at a party while his fame was peaking at Gucci, and he couldn’t have be more cocky or arrogant, (nor could I have cared less…especially since there was a member of royalty at the party as well).

    Granted, he does look elegant in black tie, but his over-emphasis on sex constantly is a turn-off, unless you’re a nympo. Plus, at that time I was much more into British tailors. He needs to learn that understatement is what makes true classics…just ask Armani or Chanel.

    While his attitude might be attractive in someone much younger and much more attractive, in him it is rather creepy. God knows how it will make one feel when he continues to do it 20 years from now!

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    Of course, Soulbrotha, I meant to say Plexico Burress. He’s the only thing I like about the New York Giants. NOBODY wears the bottom of his uniform like Plexico.

    I’ll be damned if the damn Giants aren’t 3 and 1. Only temporary.

  12. Derrick from Philly says

    I meant PLAXICO. If John Madden would just learn to pronounce these ball players’ names correctly, then I might have a chance at the correct spelling…it’s all Madden’s fault.

    The point is Plaxico has the most unusual booty in the NFL, but it’s cute.

  13. Jaimie says

    So Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs: this is the kind of desperate behavior that comes from being a vain old fag hanging around gorgeous young models. I’m so embarassed for them.

  14. Rafael says

    “So Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs: this is the kind of desperate behavior that comes from being a vain old fag hanging around gorgeous young models. I’m so embarassed for them.”

    So an older fag is to do what? read a book next to the fireplace? or feed the doves in some urban park? Come on he is just having fun, let him be and hope you will be able to have fun of your own when you reach that stage …

  15. Peter Pan Power says

    The quickest way for a gay man to age himself literally overnight is to hang out with hot guys half his age…
    The worst thing is he prolly things they are his peers…

    Tom looks great compared with most men (gay and straight) his age..but when he tries to stand next to these guys is when he looks like “the old dude”.

    lesson: make peace with your age and hang with contemporaries (ie. gay guys like yourself)

  16. Where's the Butt? says

    Ok, I just saw the NSFW pics..and all I can say is WHATEVER HAPPENED TO MEN’S ASSES?…

    first off these guys are FAR too young to have such flat butts..and Tom’s butt looks like a salad bar after a tourist bus has been through it…all the good stuff has been eaten.

  17. resurect says

    the bigger dick dropper for me from these pics are all the “tee-hees” and “go girls” I can hear just looking at this shoot. towel-snapping? sheesh – how about butching it up and go all out for a pillow fight next time??? its simply pseudo-AF rehashes circa 92. doesn’t matter if you’re old, middle-aged or twink – it’s been done before ad naeseum- albeit much better earlier.

    brion – a ‘hell yeah’ to your callout on t. dickerson. photography that makes even a truck stop’s menu look glamorous. an ugly man w/ an ugly worldview.

    would SOMEONE revist Ray Petri’s “buffalo boy” if we’re gonna pluck the 80s? THAT was a creative take on masculinity – this is just silly.

  18. el polacko says

    all i see is hot nekkid men in a fun pic … none of this ‘his ass it too flat’ or ‘he’s OLD’ crapola. didn’t know so many backward and bitchy queens were reading this site… sheesh.. lighten up, fellas.

  19. FunMe says

    What is it with designers wanting to show off their body? Who cares if they are in “shape” … they are NOT models!

    Did that other designer guy, you know the one who quit (?) his meth addiction, has a 20 years younger “boyfriend” and is now showing off his body in magazines, start a new trend?

    These photos of Ford are actually pathetic!

  20. Wheezy says

    ‘They sense from me that I’m not going to give one of them a blow job,’ Tom Ford said. ‘I just don’t do that.'”

    Huh? WTF? Why photograph some cheesy Coach-seduces-jocks-in-locker-room porn-esque tableau and project nobody’s-getting-any?

    In any case the lads are probably afraid they’ll be required to blow Tommy.

  21. roby says

    Nobody is interested in watching this middle aged desperado and his saggy ass cheeks towel snapping Chelsea queens in the shower or anywhere else for that matter. He and Marc Jacobs need to get back on drugs and into clothes pronto. They give gay male designers an even worse name.

  22. John says

    I for one thought Tom looked pretty damn good for 40-something. Much prefer him than the twinks in the pic. People like Ford make is easier for those of us with brains and a waist of 34 and over the age of 30 to realize, Hey, we are 30-40-50 Plus and can still look good.

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