Australian PM Candidate Kevin Rudd Avoids Gay Question

Kevin Rudd, the Australian politico who appears likely to defeat PM John Howard in an election next month and was lately the subject of a humorous “ear wax” viral video, appeared on an Australian talk show but failed to answer the host’s trademark query:

“All the audience wanted to see was Rove’s signature question: ‘Whom would you turn gay for?’ Almost everyone knows giving an answer is not an admission of homosexuality but a sign that the participant is cool enough not to dismiss the question with a stammering defence. But 99.9 per cent of people are not politicians. Mr Rudd gave a run down on the helpful suggestions Rove viewers had sent to his office including Dame Edna and Kell Knight from Kath and Kim. But then came the answer: ‘There’s only one person for me, and that’s my wife Therese.’…’Is she a man?’ McManus shot back.”

Rudd also disappointed the audience by refusing to describe for them the taste of ear wax.

Rudd still looks set to smash Howard in the election, and said he’ll make “the fight against catastrophic climate shift” his top priority and sign the Kyoto Treaty.

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