Boxer Mayweather to Hatton: I’d Make You My Prison Bitch


Two undefeated boxers, Brit Ricky Hatton and Floyd Mayweather, Jr., will face each other in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand on December 8. The two have been in a war of words since the fight was announced, but Mayweather recently took the conversation to a whole new place:

Mayweather: “I wish I was in prison with you. I’d make you my bitch.”

Hatton: “What Floyd doesn’t know is that I don’t get insulted. But he was very offensive. He told me he wanted to buttf*** me. Trust me, it was the biggest load of nonsense and crap that I could ever wish to hear — but he needs to came (sic) out with all that rubbish. It’s just mind games with him. I just think he is very, very insecure. He tried to get under my skin but he can’t. Another time, he was saying all kinds of other stuff and I was hitting him back with slick one- liners. When he realised he couldn’t annoy me, he walked to his car screaming ‘F***, f***’.”

Hatton’s team is apparently taking Mayweather’s tough talk, as well as his fanbase, quite seriously: “The psychological war between the world’s leading welterweights moved up a notch yesterday with the Las Vegas Police Department drafting in extra armed security to watch over British fighter Ricky Hatton in his rented house in the suburbs, while his management team have been warned to get a food taster. There are fears in the desert city where fortunes are won and lost that Hatton could fall foul of fanatical Floyd Mayweather fans hell-bent on upsetting him before the fight on Saturday week.”

Mayweather most recently defeated Oscar de la Hoya on a split decision after 12 rounds.

Sportrait: Floyd Mayweather and Oscar De La Hoya [tr]