Brian Williams: “Marriage is Under Attack”

Jeremy at Good As You caught this bit from Brian Williams on the NBC Nightly News picking up a few right-wing talking points.

Jeremy notes: “…even if the gays are not the specific destructive force to which Williams or his writer are referring in this intro, the hyperbolic idea that this institution is being “attacked” is one that is most often associated with anti-gay marriage campaigns. So at best, this was bad news writing; at worst, it’s a prominent journalist and news outlet taking some irresponsible rhetorical bait.”

Glenn Greenwald also picked up on Good As You’s tip on Salon, and notes: “None of this is to say that Williams is concealing some sort of right-wing ideology. But would it ever be possible to compile enough evidence to force an abandonment of that most scared, petulant and patently false Article of Faith among our right-wing warriors and their media allies — namely, that our establishment press is a “liberal media” that is hostile to conservatives?”

Video: Is this NBC News or ‘The 700 Club’?! [good as you]