Everyone’s Compass Points in the Direction of Daniel Craig


British TV personality and comedian Russell Brand told chat show host Jonathan Ross that he secretly harbors a crush on actor Daniel Craig, who appeared later on Friday night’s show, promoting his upcoming film The Golden Compass.

Daniel_craig_1Said Brand: “He’s a challenge to my heterosexuality. He’s effortless. If I knew I was about to die, I’d be out there chatting up Daniel Craig. “I’m going to give him such a big cuddle, that man. I could be a vicious Bond girl!”

Ross later joked with Craig about his own admiration for the Bond hunk: “You’ve got a very distinctive looking face. If you don’t mind me saying so. You’re a very handsome man. I think you’re a very handsome man. And I hope you find me a little bit handsome as well. You’ve got a craggy old face — in a good way. You’ve encountered this before, I’m sure.”

Here are clips of Craig’s appearance…

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