Hillary to Heckler: “Were you invited to speak here this afternoon?”

Hillary Clinton was heckled by peace activist Tyghe Berry of Code Pink at a campaign stop at the Wadsworth Theater in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Shouted Berry before being ejected: “How can you say you’re for the environment when you are always voting for war?”

Clinton kept her cool and kept on talking, but not without recognizing her heckler. Said Hillary: Were you invited to speak here this afternoon?”

Kucinich and Edwards also spoke at the event, which focused on the environment and global warming.

If you’ll remember, Code Pink was the group responsible for confronting Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice last month.


  1. Gregg says

    Andy – Hillary actually said, “Were you invited to speak here this afternoon?,” as you note in your headline. You probably want to fix this post. She didn’t just repeat the heckler’s line as you wrote.

    I do like the question though. Hillary is such an extreme example of a lying politician.

    OK Leland – jump all over me. Go!

  2. jimmyboyo says

    Sletter she has admitted giving bush the authority to bungle the war was a mistake. She has stated that iraq was the right war with the wrong leadership. She has also publicly stated that she would keep a large force there. No total withdrawal.

    As for the above bruhaha. When the great Czarina passes by, the unwashed masses better keep their peasant mouths shut. The czarina does not like to be bothered with the concerns of the people.

  3. woodroad34 says

    Code Pink doesn’t force Americans to vote Republican. If that were true, then Fred Phelps, Pat Roberts, Phylis Schlafly, and other religious extremists like them would force America to vote Liberal and secularly. That’s like saying sexuality is fluid. 😉

  4. coolblue says

    I am independent voter…ya, Iraq sucks…but since 9/11 there has been NO attacks on our mainland…can Europe,Africa or Asia say the same. Code PIMK and Obama do not get it and until they do I will vote for the person who will protect this country and my family.

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