Kentucky Voters Not Swayed By Gay-Baiting, Elect Steve Beshear

The ugly gay-baiting going on in the Kentucky gubernatorial Race between incumbent Republican Ernie Fletcher and Democrat Steve Beshear failed to sway voters in the state.

BeshearBeshear crushed Fletcher, winning nearly 60 percent of the vote.

The Courier-Journal reports: “The election was clearly a repudiation of Fletcher, who was seriously damaged by a scandal over his administration’s hiring abuses in the state merit system. Fletcher refused to testify before a grand jury, was indicted on three misdemeanor counts — later dismissed — and pardoned those around him who had been charged.”

In the end, the only place Fletcher felt he could find support, apparently, More Robo-Calls and Biblical Scare Tactics in Kentucky Gov Race [tr]
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(image courier-journal)


  1. john says

    He not only pardoned his staff that had been charged in the hiring scandal–he issued a blanket pardon preventing any of them from being charged.

    The really wonderful thing about Fletcher, though, was that he rescinded our previous (Democratic) governor’s executive order protecting GLBT indivuals who work in the state government. On “Diversity Day,” no less. Nothing says diversity like taking protections away from minorities.

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